Welcome to Monday ~ December 19th

So! Six days til Xmas! Sorted out pressies yet? Had that once-a-year screaming match with a sibling? Heard a sexist joke from a drunk uncle? Gotten too drunk and the company christmas party and ended up in an argument about the concept of “home” in discussions of Aboriginal ownership of land? (that’s just me, isn’t it? Darn working in a university). Oh tis a MARVELOUS time of the year!

What is strange though is this –  traditional media is full to the brim of Christmasness (fav so far: “How to Christmas Proof Your Relationship” which included the excellent advice to “not argue”. Brilliant). But in the feminist blogs and news that I read….there’s very little focus on Christmas. There is reflection on what I would think of as “Christmas issues”, like family, friendship, the meaning of life, and what we are grateful for today, and what we want to change next year. Makes me happy. Now! Links!

Essential Reading

Can’t bring myself to call this the Panther Award; nearly one in five American women report being raped: one in five, that they have been attacked (sexually or otherwise) by intimate partners. One in seven men report intimate partner violence as well. The full report, from the respected American Center for Disease Control, here.


Young women are the majority of those who access homelessness services. Highest rate? Young women, ie, those between 15-19. One in forty women in this age bracket accessed homelessness services. What. The. HELL.

New money from the Aussie government for the National Women’s Alliances!

There was a silly article in The Age this week about how we shouldn’t enforce our fashion values (“leggings are not pants” is a value now, not a statement of fact) on our children. This is Fat Heffaump’s eloquent response, where all I could muster was a groan and a head-thwack.


The story of two twin boys – and the experiences of their family when they realised one was transgendered. (from Skepchick)

Finally; how to prove someone is a witch in Saudi Arabia. Yeah, the religious police have a “sorcery hotline”. Good times.

Zoya Patel has an interesting post up about why the objectification of women is treated as a problem, and the objectification of men is often treated as a joke.

Record low number of births among US teenagers. (Note that this does not take into account levels of abortions or miscarriages in this group).

A feminist defense of friendship from Lisa Wade.


So my vagina is NOT the reason I’m crap at maths! nuts, what will i blame now? Science proves there’s no link between gender and mathematical ability. (from Skepchick)

Fighting back: a scientific way to see just how much airbrushing has been applied to images. Which will come in handy next time I see one of those “non-retouched” photos …

Merry Xmas dearest readers!

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