Review – The Talk DVD

The Talk – A sexual health and ethics dvd aimed at parents, carers and teenagers.

I went to the launch of this DVD today, basically a room full of comedians and health professionals at the Melbourne Town Hall… my idea of heaven! Nelly Thomas has hit the right note once again with this dvd talking about sex and sexual relationships in a fun and interesting way, without trivialising the important stuff or ignoring the awkward stuff. As a community worker I love the section on “doing it right” best, an opportunity to talk about sexual rights and responsibilities that is sorely needed in sexuality education whether in the home or at school. I had pretty good sex ed when I was at school but sexual ethics were still missed from the equation and when I talk to young people about it I find they either have no idea what I’m talking about or are completely blown away that I would even bring it up!

I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more in the DVD that I might be able to draw out and use in my own work currently but it’s not aimed at health professionals and as a starting block for parents to talk to their kids about sex it really does the job.

The cut aways to short snippets of stand up are a brilliant way to lighten the mood and give anxious watchers some breathing space (although I’d love to see the unedited versions). There’s a mock family trying to discuss sex and failing spectacularly, a great way of showing how not to do “the talk”. The animations and amusing and original and Nelly Thomas is an engaging and amusing host. Good to see some recognisable professionals doing their thing and I was very chuffed to see a text book I actually own in the backdrop of one of the scenes!

I think a lot has been left out but anything longer and there would be too much to talk about afterwards. I think Ms Thomas has left it wide open for a sequel dealing with more awkward and uncomfortable conversations and I look forward to what might be produced.

Get your copy at

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