Welcome to Monday ~ 18th April 2011

The following articles, websites, videos etc are things that we at feminaust found interesting, funny, thought provoking or challenging. We do not necessarily agree with everything said but think that they contribute to discussion and debate.


Let’s start with a beautiful little advert sure to make you cry here

Sex:Positive a campaign worth supporting

More on my favorite topic: Slut Shaming

What can the women’s movement learn from the gay rights movement?

Surprise Surprise, most religious women are using contraception

You can’t beat the Axis if you get VD

Girls living in poverty forced to stay home for lack of sanitary pads!

Men step out: I love it when the dudes do the talking!

France’s Sham Veil Ban

Is monogamy a feminist issue?

Keep your moralities away from our bodies

Courtney Martin: Reinventing Feminism

The news with nipples serves it to Bob Ellis and all those who think they own womens’ bodies

There’s always so much to read on Yes Means Yes and this week is no exception so I’m just gonna link straight to the blog. Check out the discussion about conservatives being anti-contraception and TUF guys cry in particular.

Pretty in Pink: Jessica Valenti on the trans and homophobia drummed up by a simple ad. And an Australian discussion of the same ad here, from Hoyden About Town. Be sure to read the comments below the article. Very Interesting!

Some supposedly intelligent people still can’t understand the simplicities of consensual sex: from Hoyden About Town

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