Bio – IsBambi

Date: 16 April 2011

Name: IsBambi

Title: Co-founder and editor of feminaust


Born in Melbourne, grew up on the better side of the Yarra (North, obviously) and have experienced every privilege possible: private school education, excellent University degree with honours, great friends, mostly great lovers, worked as a ski instructor in Japan, went on exchange to France, went tubing in Laos… where to stop really?!

How did you come across feminaust?

I googled “Australian feminism” one day, after gorging myself on international feminist websites like UK Feminista, Feministing and The F Word, hoping to find something similar but Aussie-based. Unfortunately nothing came up, nothing that was a) easily found, or b) operated as a ‘hub’ like the aforementioned websites do. It seemed strange to me, primarily because in Melbourne alone I knew of a vibrant, unapologetic, grass-roots feminist movement. I decided it was high time there was a web-based platform for feminist communities like that. Luckily MsElouise (who’s going to be a dictator of a small country and by small country I mean the world) had the same idea. And now that feminaust is off and running, there’s no going back! WOOP WOOP!

What does feminism mean to you? Is it different from your mum’s?

Feminism means to me: breaking down the gender stereotypes that disadvantage all people. Gender stereotypes are pure evil because they operate on a subtle, unconscious level to prejudice one sex against another for the sake of perpetuating a patriarchal system. I bite my thumb at you patriarchy! Privileging and rewarding men, just because they aren’t women, IS NOT OK!

My feminism is different from my mum’s – or my mum’s generation rather – because now that *most* gender equality laws are in place, we need to look at cultural change and we need to ‘go deeper’ in order to really fix this patriarchal mess. Also, we need to get all those wonderful, beautiful, intelligent men and boys involved who also want to live in world of gender equality!

What is the number one 21st century challenge feminism needs to meet?


Boys and feminism, what d’ya reckon?

Hell yes, feminism can be a boy’s best friend. We’ve just got to show them why! Also, the idea that boys can’t comment on feminism or women’s rights just because they don’t have the right body-parts is absolutely preposterous!

Your goals for the present and future:

Hm, for the present it would be to get feminaust up and running. And book myself in for a massage. Goals for the future would be to make feminaust a household name amongst feminists, pro-feminists and feminist-curious-ists in Australia. And partner with Captain Planet to save the world, one feminist-enviro-friendly love fest at a time!

Inspirational feminaust moment, aka shit that keeps you feminist:

Two things: 1) Getting a tour around Parliament House from a politician who we (Young UN Women Australia Melbourne) engaged during a violence against women campaign in 2010, and being told how awesome our group is and being offered a partner in our pro-gender equality activities. 2) ANNE SUMMERS IS FOLLOWING FEMINAUST ON TWITTER!

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About IsBambi

IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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