Welcome to Monday! ~ 25th April 2011

Happy ANZAC day and Easter and all the rest, we hope you’re LOVING the loooooooooooong weekend but the ladies here at feminaust never sleep so we’ve put together this collection of articles, titbits, videos etc for your Easter Monday pleasure.  As always, we don’t necessarily endorse all content, just want to start the conversation.

Girl Germs! My brother’s girlfriend sent me this article from March. Well worth a read UNTIL she starts talking about biological determinism and totally loses me.

Little Red Riding Hood shrinks from female sexuality

Women FINALLY allowed to compete in Olymipic level ski jumping: were they kept out all this time because they’re probably better at it than men?

A Tunisian girl talks about blogging under a repressive regime

16-19 year old girls are at the highest risk of intimate partner violence in the UK

The UK schools supporting teen mums

We lost a legend ladies and gentlemen

How green is your contraception?

If The Shoe Fits – fashion and feminism

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