Welcome to Monday ~ 2nd May 2011.

It’s May!!! How terribly exciting.

Please enjoy the following list of what feminausts were reading this week. Some real beauties. Remember that we don’t necessarily endorse the content, just find it interesting and worth discussing.

Feminism, Socialism and the Meat Market: An interview with Laurie Penny

The darker side of the furore around the J Crewe ad

Quotas in Tunisia. But not on appointments, on candidates.

10 year old girl tells boys to pipe down.

Which outfit makes you feel sexy vs which outfit makes you feel safe?

An interesting one from “Blogging when the baby isn’t looking”. I think this is worth commenting on as I’m not sure what I think.

Safe spaces at a science fiction and fantasy conference.

I support abortion rights. Because I’m a lesbian!

A gay woman in Damascus talks about her father the hero

Art and gender. Do we devalue women’s utilitarian art?

Nothing to do with feminism, but Pres Obama is funny!

Let her eat cake

Dated gender messages from the Boy and Girl scout handbooks

Sexy toys, little girls and the big picture

Slutwalk London. Organise a Slutwalk in your home town.

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