Welcome to Monday! ~ 9th May 2011

Happy Mother’s Day for yesterday to all the mothers reading this. We hope you had an inspirational day.

Below is what we, at feminaust, were reading, listening to and watching this week. There’s some interesting stuff so please feel free to comment and get the conversation started on any of the topics we’ve brought up. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Topical from the NYTimes; Mothers we could save

Julie Zeilinger at the New York Endangered Species summit

Women’s suffrage in Saudi Arabia

Deaf not Dumb: muslim girls “speak” out

100 years of sex ed posters

Think rape jokes are just jokes? Think again.

The story of a survivor contacted by her rapist 20 years after the event.

How to be a public feminist: and we here at feminaust can take heed too

US Girl Scouts censored on environmental activism

Is the real reason women struggle to hold high office in the workplace, men’s struggle to exit it?

Top 10 most powerful women in the UN

Child beauty pageants in Australia?

Damon Young shows us his feminism (look out for Damon’s contribution coming later in May to feminaust)

Thanks to Jenny from YWCA Australia for bringing this article about women in movies to my attention

Is feminism about lipstick and fashion now? An insightful article on missing the point from The F Word

The “forcible rape” debate continues in the US

Women behaving boldly

Hilary photoshopped out of Situation Room photo

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