Welcome to Monday! ~ 16th May 2011

Welcome back to another Monday of insightful, interestings, engaging and thought provoking articles, content, letters and comment that we at feminaust were reading this week. With the global movement SlutWalk that’s been making ripples and WAVES all over the world, this roundup is pretty SlutWalk heavy. Enjoy it ladies and gentlement, whether you subscribe to reclaiming the word, or just living your life free from violence SlutWalk is for everyone. My dad’s basketball team are marching and one of my colleagues is taking his wife and children. This isn’t just for the short skirts and thigh high boots girls, it’s for everyone who believes in a woman’s right to live free from the threat of violence.

Used under Creative Commons License from Flickr user sijeka.

Remember we’re just putting the info out there and don’t necessarily endorce the content. Please feel free to comment if you have something to say!

SlutWalk Melbourne and the SlutWalk Melbourne site

You should all buy this cushion

Ethical debate on deserving what you get

Plug for a friend: The Victorian Roller Derby League 

Sex, lies and SlutWalking by Melbourne’s own Lauren Rosewarne

It’s been shown before but I’m in this Age article about SlutWalk. I’m the one in the back in the orange… no not the orange beard, the orange cardigan! Oh and we may as well throw in the HS one too. Actually worth checking out the journalists blog on this issue. Some good debate… well HS readers saying stupid things followed by the journalist (and me) telling them they’re wrong.

What DFAT says about not getting raped in a foreign country… very handy… maybe?

In honour of SlutWalk and Eve Ensler, here’s the fabulous verse MY SHORT SKIRT wear it!

Canada’s in for a long four years

Girl’s Report on gender as a lived experience

Peace Corps volunteers speak out about rape

No justice on earth until there is justice for women

You thought it was bad here? 1,100 women raped EVERY DAY in DRC

Why we need more women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Are you having Amelie Sex??

On being relevant: Sexuality Gender and Nationalism in Palestinian Society

How Jane Austen taught me to be a man

Gender in Islam: It’s not just about women

Anne Summers address to the National Labour Women’s Conference

Most Mentally Sexy Dad competition Support men who are great in the bedroom AND all the other rooms of the house.

Image taken from Flickr user sijeka under Creative Commons Licence

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday! ~ 16th May 2011

  1. I think your men and feminism site has died since this post was made – it now advertises breast enhancement, beauty products and makes claims like ‘women are vain by nature’.

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