“shit that keeps me feminaust” bad feminism

Hi all, this is my first post to the “Don’t Leave the House” page and I’m ready and raring to break ALL the rules. Starting with our very clear one about not defining what feminism is and not insulting, abusing or attacking anyone who has a different version of feminism to us… so here I go!

A fine and noble friend of mine recently brought my attention to this post responding to this post. At the time I didn’t have time to look at it properly but just assumed it was a good response to an anti-feminist agenda and filed it away for future attention.

Then I sat down and read it… and nearly needed to be admitted to a psych ward.

Now I know there are people out there that think they’re clever and know shit that don’t, but honestly, this was a big long line of stupid people making stupid comments about stuff they knew nothing about. I warn you, if you read on, you’re inviting hatred, bile and swear words into your life, continue if you dare! 

First up in stupid comments of stupidity was from the original pos(t)er himself

“Modern feminists are wrong about everything”

I’m just gonna let that simmer and marinade for a lil while now.

Yes, we modern feminists (whomever we are) are wrong about EVERYTHING!!!! Which is really unfortunate as it means that I was wrong to think that baking a cake for my parents this afternoon would be a nice gesture considering that they’ve let me live with them for the past 6 months, I guess I’m getting the whole cake to myself now! It means that anyone who is a feminist now, and therefore modern and feminist, is living a life of wrongness in everything they say and do and think and consider. We are apparently wrong about EVERYTHING.

Second up in stupid comments of stupidity is again from the original numb skull and it goes a little something like this…

“in every human society, women are slightly better off than men are”

Yup, I think I’m gonna let that one simmer a little while as well. While you’re sitting there thinking and contemplating I’m going to rattle off a few basic and very boring statistics for you.

women do 75% of the world’s work

women earn 10% of the world’s income

women own 1% of the world’s means of production (land, property, business etc etc etc)

My god, I see now, women really ARE slightly better off than men in every human society… women have BOOBS! Which is where we allow entry into this conversation, the world renowned sage and social expert, Sarah Wilson.

According to Wilson, the entire basis for Kanazawa’s argument is that women are failing as humans because they’re giving away their “feminine” power. I would try to explain how absurd that idea is… or I can let a friend of mine explain it to you;

… the author accepts the idea that “feminine power” equals being sexually appealing to men. Is that really it? I’m relatively sure even in the times of awful female oppression there have been alternative avenues to power. Like the whole running the household, looking after the kids stuff….

and in reference to Kanazawa’s argument…

… this wankers whole thing is bascially a biological argument – that because in nature most males compete for the female attention, it therefore must be the same in human society. Ok officially everyone involved in this article has pissed me off. I’m going for red wine …

I would like to follow Ranty Pants towards the bottle of red, but I do have further arguments to make. Most importantly that despite this being an opportunity for Wilson to give rise to some interesting debate around the role of feminism in modern society, she’s instead decided to just go along with Kanazawa and make some insipid rebuttals of some of his less abhorrent comments. In response to Kanazawa suggesting that women really hold ALL the power EVERYWHERE, Wilson says;

Which I think is a bloody good point. But he ruins things by suggesting “feminism” is what caused women to lose their feminine power in this way.

Hmmm, actually Wilson, saying that women actually hold all the power in all societies is NOT a bloody good point, it’s what I would call, a really stupid point based on stupidity and stupidness and general inability to understand the basics of society. Even my 10 year old students can see that men hold all the cards, today, yesterday, last week, last year and all the years before that. And what’s more, you have just outed yourself as a pathetic excuse for someone who has a basic understanding of feminism, BY PUTTING THE WORD IN INVERTED COMMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe Breathe Breathe

OK. so Wilson completes her stupid rambling post by saying this;

I guess he’s suggesting we just go back to controlling men. As WRONG as all this sounds there is an element of truth in it all.

Women never “controlled” men in the first place so I’m not sure how we’re going to go back to it, and anyway, considering that most feminists and general liberal thinkers consider that the right to self determination is paramount, maybe we should avoid controlling anyone beyond our infants and pets…

* Women need to remember their feminine power. It’s a still, sturdy power that anchors. It doesn’t control, but it attracts and guides.

Feminine power is a sturdy power that anchors… this sounds a bit like a message from a self help book about loving your menstrual cycle, you know what, bleeding from my uterus is not something that I find sturdy or anchoring, it’s exhausting, debilitating and makes me want to vomit, sort of like the way these arguments make me feel, so the connections keep on growing. Basically Wilson is suggesting we use our “feminine power” eg: our pussies, to attract and guide men into doing what we want.

* Women would do well to hold this feminine power as time passes. That is – get stronger as we get older. Get more feminine – still, sturdy and anchored. I think many women do – they get graceful as they age. And they get happier.

Ok, if I’m going to follow on with the pussy analogy then I agree, we should hold on to our pussies as time passes however if I’m going to read Wilson’s comments for what they really are, then she is suggesting that either a) we get more sexy as we get older, use our feminine wiles more and more to get the attention and power we need and want, OR b) that only women who are graceful as they age (eg: start wearing cardigans and attending book club) are valuable and happy. I don’t know about you, but I kinda want to grow old DISgracefully, go to more protests and rallies, get my tits out more often and tell men exactly where they can shove their over-inflated sense of self worth. Eva Cox remains one of my greatest heros and role models, and as she ages she looks more and more like a man, so I’m going to avoid Wilson’s advice to get more feminine as I get older and try actually having a brain and using it instead… revolutionary I know! I close with another comment from Ranty Pants:

Have you ever studied Mary Wollstonecraft, the big feminist form the 18th century? She is mightily awesome, but exactly the same arguments came up about her stuff – she wanted women to be like men, she wanted to remove the respect of women, women are happier when they dont have to compete with men, women’s brains are likely to catch fire if we teach them to read…so irritaiting that three hundered years later is the SAME FUCKING ARGUMENT!!

So there you go. It’s not “modern feminism” at all, but the same old shit from the same narrow minded and intellectually challenged stupidheads. Now can we all go back to talk about SlutWalk and arguing over whether we should reclaim the word slut or not?!

7 thoughts on ““shit that keeps me feminaust” bad feminism

  1. I resent the idea that I’m only driven by primal vagina magic.

    Also, his criteria for equality are odd, to say the least. Women do more of the labour, earn less of the cash, and are under-represented in government. But they live longer and have more offspring. How very liberating for them.

    • You should be resentful Damon and so should your wife. The idea that men and women can only interact on a manipulator/manipulatee level is insulting to everyone. And where do his theories leave single and queer women? Are they lost in a world of male/female interaction that leaves them with no power or value?

  2. In this theory, single women have power. For example, they can probably get free drinks just for flirting. They can score clothes and cars if they play their cards right. If they’re really magical sexwise, they can get men to build rockets and start wars for them.

    Now, queer women, insofar as they’re women, still have this power. But they squander it. But: perhaps they’re men. Hence: all the lesbian writers, artists, sportswomen – they’re basically men, striving to please women.

    It all fits, Ms Louise.

  3. Oh dear. So I followed the link and got as far as the first photo in which it was demonstrated what ‘feminine power’ looks like. Remarkably it looks more like ‘being pretty and passive and standing around waiting in impractical attire’ and less like ‘power’. Is this the only power I (being a woman) am allowed to properly exercise? What about athletic power? Intellectual prowess? Good grades? Career competence? Wit and humour? Power to call out bullshit wherever I see it? Power to think and strive for something better? I mean the woman in that picture does look like a *very* elegant doily but, like a doily she doesn’t seem like she’d be of much use for anything other than standing around looking lacy.

    I made the mistake of reading the comments – I’m not sure if I’m more horrified by ‘gss’ the crackpot, or the discussions of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energy, and that (of course) ‘masculine’ energy is all that is driven, competitive, hardworking, fiery, strong, opinionated and forceful, and ‘feminine’ (apparently ‘healing too’) is all meek and quiet, kind and caring, shivering with fear about entering the workplace but rejuvenated if wearing sexy lingerie underneath the ‘man clothes’. There’s also apparently only JUST ENOUGH of this masculine/feminine energy to go around and one saps the other. Expend masculine energy and you’ll lose your femininity – get it back by exercising your feminine energy – also while you’re exercising ‘masculine energy’ your poor (assumed male) partner can’t be his masculine self – you’ve STOLEN all the manliness!!

  4. What I think when I think of Sarah Wilson: “the Cosmo editor after the one that everyone still talks about”.

    Irrelevant point I know, and probably makes me guilty of some kind of sisterhood bashing, but it does serve to taper off my anger and frustration. I’m reading a lot of articles of late that are not only showing that women’s lib has stalled, but that it’s actually back pedalling. How fucking dumb can people be to not realise that this is the kind of shit that then validates those archaic, backward views that we’re still pushing against?

    “But I read an article saying that women used to control men and that because feminists are basically just angry lesbians, that’s why they have no control anymore. It just makes sense.”


  5. Hello

    I was so sad and angry when my daughter showed me this http://www.facebook.com/12YearOldSlutMemes
    the face book page is disturbing on so many levels. most simply because it encourages the sexulisation and vilification of young women, moreover it encourages facebook uses to “like” and make abusive, sexually violent comments about the young woman who’s pictures have been reposted here.

    No one should be abused and threatened for the way they dress, that this facebook page focuses this sexualised abuse on 12 year old girls is even more disturbing.

    could you support the closing down of this on Jezebel?

    I think its very important not to normalise this sort of behoaviour. they have 200,000 likes!

    i made campaign here


    thank you


    Veronica Kent

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