Welcome to Monday ~ 6th June 2011

Welcome to Monday is a bit underfed this week. The feminausts have been CRAZY busy preparing for interviews and attending the Roller Derby and getting ready for trips to Europe.

This is what we did read this week though!

Nigella: Baking is a feminist act

On women and humour… an interesting analysis

Gay men create shit storm  if you haven’t noticed this public issue you’ve clearly been asleep. By the time this post goes live it will probably have blown over but I think it’s worth noting that as of 11pm Wed 1st June, nearly 70,000 had joined the FB group canning Adshel for taking the ads down and they had already reversed their decision. Well done people!

Nigerian baby factory raided. 32 teenagers freed.

Not racist but… Now we need “Not feminist but…” “Not an arsehole but…” ahhhh, the possibilities!

Support has a new website!

Not one, Not two but THREE plus sized models on the cover of Italian Vogue (if you consider a size 12 plus sized!)

Rhianna on rape and violence. Man Down

Looking like Senator Barbie takes a whole lot of effort

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