Welcome to Monday ~ 13th of June

Welcome back to another Monday public holiday! We hope you’re all enjoying your day off and that the weather stays glorious.

The feminausts were crazy busy again this week preparing for our official launch. We’ve managed to line up Raven to perform burlesque for us, for a taste check him out here: http://tiny.cc/nrmh9. We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday at Loop in Melbourne! Be sure to RSVP to info@feminaust.org to get your name on the bar tab.

Below is a little of what we had time to read this week. Please a) don’t shoot the messenger and b) feel free to add what you were reading to the comments section. See you on the other side. xxx feminaust

Why men are superior writers

Had to take this opportunity to throw in another photo from the roller derby

Vengeful woman syndrome. To be included in the DSM5?

Aboriginal Women vs Feminism

Gaddafi orders troops to rape.

Hexpletive was at Feminist Futures TOO! Check out what she has to say.

Yes our kids are growing up too soon, but blame capitalism, not sex.

Would women in power behave in the same way as men? A great little discussion which generally avoids too many gender sterotypes and talks about science and research instead.

The continuing story of the Texas cheerleader forced to cheer for her rapist.

If Lady Gaga says it, it must be true! Full equality for same-sex couples!

Gay Girl in Damascus is a man called Tom

Feminists for Choice tell us about wedding planning

Nearly 10,000 people have signed up to stop child marriage. Have you?

Indigenous Feminism and Cultural Appropriation in the US, if anyone knows of anything similar to this in Australia please drop us a line at info@feminaust.org.

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