The Official Launch of feminaust

feminaust co-founders Josie and Cath

On Wednesday night at 5:30pm Cath and I were nervously preparing for the official launch of feminust. Loop, the venue, had been so flexible in helping us organise the event and provided lots of support to us on the night. So… at 5:30pm, there we were, Cath all dolled up and looking gorgeous, I was still in my work clothes with unwashed hair and rapidly growing sweat patches, but nevertheless we were ready. We had a glass of wine in one hand (always) and a whole lot of ‘this is what a feminaust looks like’ badges to pin on our guests in the other.

Luckily people turned up. A lot of people. Happy smiling people. People who made good use of our bar tab. People who had heard about the website came to learn more. People who were obliged to attend because they were our friends. It was a great mix.

Cath with feminaust contributor Gina

Once I’d managed to stop my computer reverting to screen saver mode, thus projecting photos of my friends in aprons (don’t ask) on the big screen, I stopped panicking and actually started enjoying myself. The vibe was friendly and energetic and people seemed to be having a good time. A number of our contributors were there too; Gina, Bryn, Liz and Tori to name a few!

We had Sanjay quizing people about their feminism, which we will hopefully make into a podcast for your listening pleasure. We also had Flora handing out badges, and Lachlan, Colin and James were our photographers for the night! A big thank you to all of these people for helping to make the night run so smoothly.

feminausts Colin and Ian

At about 6:30 we kicked off the ‘formalities’ with a performance by Raven. Maybe it would have been better to give him a bit more of an introduction, but nevertheless, Ravan strutted out on stage with his heels, corset and fans and proceeded to wow the crowd with a beautiful fan and contortion routine performed to a song by Adele. There were lots of comments about his flexibility and fantastic eyelashes afterwards. We want to thank Raven for such an amazing performance and we urge all of you to check him out at Burlesque Bar!

feminaust Danielle

Following such an amazing performance we only felt it was fair if Cath and I spoke next. On the one hand we hadn’t had much time to prepare our speech but on the other, we have worked together a lot and had spent so much time talking about the website that the speeches were probably the easiest part of planning the whole event! Luckily everyone laughed when we attempted to crack jokes and paid very polite attention to what we were saying.

feminaust supporter Jane Garrett

Then we were fortunate enough to be able to invite Jane Garrett, member for Brunswick, up on stage to say a few kind, passionately spoken words about our website and how important it is to reclaim the word and idea of feminism. We are very grateful that she spoke at our launch, and have received many positive comments about the cailbre of her speech! Go Jane!

Following Jane Garrett we brought out our very high-tech, cardboard TNT box that we proceeded to use to ‘launch’ our new logo! After a similarly high-tech slideshow “explosion noise” and “dissolve” transition combo our new logo was unveilled! We are very very very proud of it. The logo was very kindly designed by Meg Reilly, who is an architecture student and design whiz. And with that the formalities concluded!

feminausts Ian, Tara and Jamie

A big thank you to everyone who came along, who helped out/performed/spoke before and during the night and of course to Loop for being an amazing venue. We look forward to collecting on all the promises of “yes I’d love to write something” we received on the night. Look out feminausts, we weren’t kidding when we said in our speech that we want this website to be full of your content and your voices!

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