Welcome to Monday ~ 20th June 2011

Image by Brian Brown

Welcome to Monday!!

We hope you’ve had a great weekend. Here’s some excellent links to get you through the first day of the week. We don’t necessarily endorse the content but we endorse any discussion that comes out of it!

An american export that we really don’t want.

Revenge of the feminerd!

The diversity of femme – quite the stunning speech.

hexpletive points out what she thinks is wrong with the WA prostitution bill

Urine odor-prevention, be very scared ladies and gents

Women’s health is a citizenship and democracy issue

In defence of fathers – good men project

For those who want to read a rant about ‘independent ladies’

Day 30 – Indigenous rights

A poem from the fbomb – sick

The disappearance of pubic hair – from a male perspective

Porn, or just advertising?

An excerpt from “Men can stop rape” – well worth a read!

Baffling rhetoric that fuels violence against women.

Enjoy feminausts! xx

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