Welcome to Monday ~ 27th June 2011

Artist: Vernon Grant.

Welcome to Monday dear feminausts! Hopefully it’s not too painful, but here, let us help you deal with it by providing some excellent feminist reads from around the world.

Ps. Half of the feminaust team is currently in Istanbul hanging out with some seriously cool and diverse people from around the world, all passionate, active and outspoken about sexual and gender rights. Stay tuned for posts!

ENJOY! (and don’t kill the messenger, just write a rant for us instead!)

Subverting the dominant paradigm on female beauty

Clem Bastow on the issue of motherhood… or not motherhood

Response to Clem’s piece

Feminist Hulk meets Ms Magazine, the sequel

Gay Pride to be found everywhere. This week in Istanbul

When being who you are challenges the norms

Neil Patrick Harris quick to take advantage of New York’s newest law

Wal-Mart employees blocked from collectivising to bring a class action

Last night at Stonewall

Mothers in America who miscarry are at risk of murder charges

Abortion changes in the UK to be snuck in without a vote

We will not go quietly

Press release: ILO adopts landmark convention on domestic workers

Get your hands on the Young Feminist Wire e-learning sessions!!

Mark Zuckerberg is engaged, and naturally people discuss what’s wrong with Asian women

Sarah Wilson confronts her own racism

love feminaust xx

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