Welcome to Monday ~ 25 July 2011

Happy Monday dear feminausts! We’d like to take this chance to welcome Flora to the feminaust team! She has joined us to help with the ‘Welcome to Monday’ weekly round-up. How lucky you are!

So, without further ado, please see below to discover the feminist articles that have tickled our fancy this week. Enjoy!

Why are we afraid of male sexuality?

Rachel Hills discusses sex drive after reading Erica Jong’s article “is sex passe?”

Sexist beer advertising, and more on beer for women

More on male sexuality by Rachel White Rabbit, and if you’re still curious The Man Project

More on the Women’s World Cup!

Norway wins when it comes to supporting board diversity

More sexist advertising

Men disagreeing about Porn.. wooo hooo.

A review of How to be a Woman

Revisiting our favourite childhood book: Eloise

CEDAW concept paper on women in conflict and post-conflict situations

Read about Femen from the Ukraine

MILFs and happy endings

An excellent article by Anna Rose on sexist smear campaigns against women in the political spotlight

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