The Dark Side of the Mooncup

Hannah Daisy 2009

So. The mooncup. For you poor unfortunate souls who really don’t want to know about this, I suggest you tune out now. Though, for you poor unfortunate souls who have no idea of where this post is going, ah HA cop this!


The benefits of the mooncup seemed logical enough to me on paper (and by paper I mean computer screen). The mooncup is made of silicone and so it’s better for your body (and doesn’t absorb all the important stuff in the vagina that keeps it healthy, unlike tampons who, for my body, are the antichrist). Also, it’s reusable (environment tick) and puts less stress on the body than tampons do (no TSS and cramping tick) and comes in a cute calico bag (novelty factor tick). They’ve been around since the 1930s (tried and tested tick) and give you an opportunity to more intimately experience your period (gross but funny aspect, final tick). Also, the testimonials on the website are HYSTERICAL, so if you ever need a pick me up go forth to and have a giggle.

(and now if you follow this link to purchase your own mooncup, feminaust will receive a 20% commission which will go towards EDITH, our fund for Australian feminism)

After I purchased my little mooncup I awaited it eagerly in the post. When it finally arrived I tore open the packet with glee and pulled the little bugger out so that I could see what all the hype was for.

My first reaction: It’s big. Potentially too big. Oh dear.

My second reaction: There are volume indicators on the side. Gross. Now that I’m holding it, the full weight of my decision to ‘go mooncup’ is bearing down on me. It’s reusable, which means I don’t just throw it away without a care once it’s full. However that means that I have to empty it into the toilet and pop it back in. Holy moly. The website assured me it wouldn’t be messy, but now I’m not so sure I’m a believer.

My third reaction: No really, it’s huge. I don’t think it’s going to be able to go where it needs to go.

Luckily my decisions are largely made with the assumption that I can do anything (thanks to a private school education and a largely harmonious life) and I don’t like to back down once I’ve set myself a challenge. So, hand in hand with my pride, I took my mooncup into the bathroom for the first test run.

Well. In two words: Struggle Town.

To insert the mooncup you have to fold it so that it’s small when it goes in, but can pop open once it’s in its proper place. Then, once it’s in there it makes a seal around the vagina wall and becomes leak free and you can forget about for the next 8 hours. However, this whole process is contingent on being able to insert the damn thing in the first place. The trick here ladies, is to persevere. After a few failed attempts I got quite frustrated, throwing my hands in the air thinking ‘I’m too old to feel this inept with my body’. After a while I got much better, though it did take a lot of practice.  Also, I found that it’s a very good opportunity to get to know your vagina better. Even if you didn’t really feel you needed to in the first place.

Also, a friendly tip, when practicing the removal process be mindful that if you drop your mooncup it will need to be sterilised. Post haste. Especially if you forgot to flush.

So, after a few practice runs I felt I was ready to send the mooncup on its first tour of duty. And that was nearly a year ago.

All in all I’d say I’m a satisfied mooncuper. Once you get used to the idea that you will become in constant physical contact with your period it’s actually pretty cool to be able to see how far up the measurements you made it in the last 8 hours. Also, it feels great to not have to run to the supermarket for tampons, or dig around in your bag for one only to find it’s been decimated by a leaky pen. However, on some days it’s all a bit too hard and the mooncup gets left at home. I’d still never go back to tampons though, that’s for sure.

So essentially I’d give the mooncup a resounding thumbs up and I’d encourage everyone to get one, baring three things in mind: 1) you will need to be prepared to get to know your vagina better than you did when you used tampons, 2) period blood is actually not that gross, it’s normal, 3) the choice to go mooncup is the choice to care for the environment and for yourself.

Allons-y ladies!

For more posts on feminaust about the mooncup visit here (for first-timers) and here (for sexy timers) and don’t forget your purchase of a mooncup via this link will support young Australian women with awesome ideas. Want more advice on how to get yours in? Try this on for size.

122 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Mooncup

  1. Thanks for sharing this article and your experience using the mooncup. I started using my menstrual cup about 5 years again and it has been such a lifesaver, particually camping and for long travel and work!

    What I really value about my cup, and how you highlighted above, is having the opportunity to learn about my own body. I actually feel that this has been the best thing about the cup instead of disposable products that I used previously.

    I think that if women and girls were more open to speaking about menstruation, including the different products availaible, we would be able to further gender equality and celebrate menstruation as a postive aspect of our lives, rather than it being something that we just sweep under the carpet.

    Thanks again for sharing – keep them coming!!!

  2. I bought my Mooncup today. Coincidentally, my period arrived a few hours later.

    It’s not going well. It feels like I’m trying to shove an upside-down toilet plunger up there. I’m reminded of my clumsy teenage experiments with tampons, only this is worse. I was also unprepared for the size. I’m finding that it pings open too soon or I don’t get it far enough in. How do you stop that from happening?

    • My tactic for dealing with the too soon opening problem is putting my foot on the bathtub and giving it a good shove as deep as I can. You sort of have to work with the suction cup action so break the side of the seal with your finger and then and give it a good push as far north as you can go. You can then adjust exactly where it is sitting with the little knob to ensure that it’s not sitting crooked and causing you any discomfort. You get very used to “going deep” with these mooncups but one key thing to remember is that millions of women around the world use these things successfully so the chances of your vag being incompatible are very low. Just keep playing with it and remember that it shouldn’t be painful and that a) you will get better at it and b) NO MORE TAMPONS! Yay!!!

      My first ever day of using my mooncup I was hiking in the Black Forest in Germany and I have a VERY heavy first day so I was in the bushes emptying it and reinserting half a dozen times over the days hiking (yeh gross but at least I wasn’t leaving tampons lying around for dogs to choke on!). I think one of the keys to successful mooncup use is perseverance. By the end of that day in Germany I was an expert but it was mostly driven by desperation, I really didn’t have a choice (but I did have baby wipes so I didn’t emerge from the bushes covered in blood). Too many women give up on mooncups because it’s a bit tricky, they’re not used to being incompetent with their menstrual control and there’s that box of tampons just sitting their waiting to be effectively used without the hassle.

      Be brave, fight on, you will win out in the end and your vag will thank you for it!

      • Thank you for the tips! I think I’ve got the hang of inserting it now. In the end it was by necessity – I took a calculated risk when I went to stay with friends and did not pack any pads or tampons. That left me with no choice but to get the damned thing up there, unless I wanted to walk around with wadded-up tissue in my knickers. Once it was in, it felt comfy and I did a little dance of excitement round the bathroom.

        The next problem came with removal: My friends and I had a nice day out, and public toilets were involved. They looked like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre had been taking place in them by the time I’d finished. It was even worse in my friend’s house. What sort of idiot carpets his bathroom? In beige and pale pink? I may have to send him a bottle of heavy-duty carpet cleaner in apology. I think I’m going to have to get in the shower to remove this thing until I’ve got the hang of it, but yes, I will fight on!

      • The shower is a good place to learn to remove it. I recommend a similar approach to the one I suggested for inserting eg: break the seal, fold in half, remove as delicately as you can. Also remember that there’s nothing toxic up there so if your flow as lightened off and you’re struggling to get a hand hold, just leave it until it’s full enough to lower down a bit.

  3. I bought my mooncup about 5 months after my daughter was born (basically when my periods returned) & I haven’t looked back. It’s such an amazing idea & I may be wrong but the one thing you didn’t mention it saving in your blog is money. I’m guessing that I would have easily spent at least £25 on tampons per year in the past but my mooncup cost me less than that & has already lasted over 4 years. Yay to the mooncup! You’re right though, it does take a little getting used to. I was impressed that I could nip down to one of the larger Boots stores to buy mine rather than having to order it online.

  4. My main problem with Mooncups is that they’re hard to get out. Sure, I know about releasing the suction with your finger and all that sort of thing, but to be honest, this was hurting my hand quite a bit (index finger stretching to get a hold on it, or something?) Anyway, I suppose it’s all about getting the technique right.

    • Try bearing down, it will help the cervix drop and make it easier to grab hold. Sort of like how you might imagine pushing a baby out feels like (without the agonising contraction pain).

      • I think that might just be a personal experience Lynne, I’m sorry you’ve struggled with it, I could suggest trying a different brand but for some people they just don’t work. I love mine, my girlfriend tried and hates it. No persuasion from me will change her mind and her aomplaint is also the removal.

  5. I got mine several months ago.
    I didn’t really have too much trouble getting it in or out ever. But I did have that initial thought that it might be awkward to work out but I believed the testimonials and had faith in myself and the product. I am fearless lol. My mother and sister saw it and being ones who never even used a tampon but both pushed out 4 babies between them, they thought it looked frightful and had no faith in my ability or its safety, comfort factor or its efficiency. Thankfully never dropped it or made a mess. It is easy to forget you have it and couple times in one really heavy menstruation it over flowed only within couple hours. But I am just a little more vigilant now. I took it for vantage that it would be fine.
    Issues in first go was that I had to keep cutting the stem shorter and shorter till it was all gone because it was pinching. But no issues it taking it out. I think maybe some of you are inserting it too deep. It really only needs to be just inside the opening where you can still easily feel it if squatting. If it isn’t popping out to create a seal contract your muscles or squeeze the base and rotate it. First few times I was wondering why I was getting a twang feeling in my pelvis and it scared me thinking my ovaries had burst lol but I realized it was just that it hadn’t opened up from its folded state. That I am careful about now so I don’t have anymore issues.
    I am so happy I don’t leak anymore or have to be stressed I have leaked when I am out, unless I forget it a little too long on heaviest day.
    I have had hard time convincing my friends though some of the western girls and those no longer virgins and or used tampons before are more willing to consider the possibility. I have attempted to assure them that it isn’t anywhere deep enough to risk breaking your hymen, and the benefits are far more exciting than any possible risk that would be greater from any other activity (had a friend loose hers on a bike!).

    So final note: Don’t be scared. It is safe and reliable and very easy to use once you give it a go.

    • Their website actually clearly states that it will break your hymen and not to use it if you have any cultural/personal issues with this. However most western girls will probably have already broken it through sport. I love mine, just an important note!

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  7. I am looking at getting my first moon cup – been thinking about it for years but now my environmental and personal health conscience is too highly tuned to allow me to walk out with another plastic wrapped pack of plastic backed pads to then “dispose” of in no doubt another plastic bag. Can you only get them from online in Australia.

  8. I feel lyk havin’ a mooncup for my birthday(it’s soon) but I don’t dare to ask… 😦 I’m only 12 and should I use it for my period? I don’t like the feeling of pads and I’VE NEVER TRIED A TAMPON AND I KNOW ABOUT TSS. Mooncup seems nice to use + all the benifits lyk spending less money on pads.

    • Hi Vivian! If you’re keen to explore options other than a pad for managing your period, I would encourage you to try the mooncup. Generally speaking, mooncups carry a lower risk of TSS than tampons do. However, like with using tampons, you’ll need to make sure your hands are freshly washed whenever you handle it and that you take good care of your mooncup and keep it clean. I suggest talking to someone you’re comfortable discussing period stuff with, like an older sister, cousin or aunty (and of course your mum!). Ultimately, I think the mooncup is safer to use than tampons, and is better for your body. But that’s my personal opinion :). It may take you a while to get used to it (and use water-based lubrication the first couple of times you insert it!) but once you get the hang of it I believe it will set you up for a happy life of menstruating!

  9. When you take it out does it leak? Wouldn’t it squish out the blood on removal? I am considering getting one but just need to know if it is worth it.

    • It can take a few tries to master taking it out without spilling the blood everywhere – but it’s surprisingly easy. Also, if you do it on the loo or in the shower it doesn’t really matter if it leaks or spills. I would definitely say it’s worth it and with a little bit of practice it’s as convenient (if not more) than tampons. Just read Sammy’s comment below…

    • VERY Rarely (as in its never happened to me) will the up be so full as soon as you pinch it to take it out blood goes all over the place. I rarely get more than 1/2 way after 12 hours and all i do is gently pull it out (down) trying not to spill it.

      Also remember its got the consistency of raw egg (i.e. sticky) so its not just going to swoosh straight out either.

  10. I have used my mooncup for a couple of years now and I think it is the best thing ever. I was sceptical to start with but I was doing it for environmental reasons and the health safety… it didnt take long to get used to. YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT NOT HAVING TAMPONS OR PADS HANDY! Just pop it in when you know your period is due and check it whenever you get a chance. I have never had a leak and sometimes leave it all day without changing (dont mormally have a very heavy flow). And I was worried about sleep-overs? Especially with a boyfriend…. no problems! So much more comfortable than lying there with a pad or a string hanging out that might overflow… I trust my mooncup completly not to leak or become noticable. The worst thing about it for me is that sometimes I panic that I might have forgotten to put it back in after my shower because you CANNOT feel it inside you. It’s quite bizarre because it does look quite big… but we have room up there! I would never have done the sports, activities, socializing or even felt comfortable wearing whites during my period if it wasnt for the Mooncup. But you can do ANYTHING without worrying. I LOVE MOONCUP!

  11. I have used a mooncup for about 18 months and love it! Use tampons rarely now and when I do, I don’t like it. For ease of insertion, run under warm water and then insert whilst wet. Helps to crouch low too. Shower is a good place while getting the hang of it.

  12. i’m 14 i use tampons but it’s simply too big i can’t get it in at all any advice? ? anyone know any other alternatives ?

    • When you’re young and just starting out with menstrual products it can be really hard to find out what works best for you.
      When I was 14 I used pads mostly because I also found tampons too big or too hard to insert. If you’re really keen on using tampons a good idea can be to buy ones that come with an applicator. This is a shiny cardboard tube which is much easier to insert and helps put the tampon up where it’s supposed to be. If you’re worried about leakage, doubling up with a pad or a panty liner can be a great option.
      Alternatively you can start to experiement with some of the reuseable products on the market such as the mooncup. These can also be hard to get used to and sometimes feel uncomfortable or in the wrong place, my main advice on this is if it is uncomfortable, it’s not placed properly. Try again, push it up further, move it around, any tampon or reuseable cup product shouldn’t move or become uncomfortable if you jump, run, ride a horse, do handstands or ride a bike so keep playing until you find the right “fit”.
      As a young person, a reuseable product is great because tampons can be expensive, especially if you have a heavy flow and use a lot of them each month. This is a time when you will have to experiment to find the best option for you. My final advice would be to write to various manufacturers stating that you’re young and struggling with good options and ask for some free samples. I did this when I first started my period and got loads of free samples to mess around with.

  13. The Mooncup was incredibly huge for me, I’m 95 lbs, 5’1″, and 14 years old and there was literally no way that I was ever going to insert it (I tried many, many times with lots of pain and failed results) For younger girls, I would not recommend it because it is simply much too large to insert.

    • Hi Ellie, Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with a menstrual cup.
      I wouldn’t give a blanket recommendation that younger women can’t use cups though. I know 12 year olds that comfortably use menstrual cups and 40 year olds that have pain on insertion.
      My advice would be to use the method that works for you, your body, your lifestyle and your budget. I would also recommend being very familiar with your body and any changes that happen during growth, puberty and sexual development.
      I like and promote the use of menstrual cups because they are body friendly, environmentally friendly and budget friendly but they don’t work for everyone.
      If you are keen to be able to use a menstrual cup perhaps you could write to the manufacturer that you purchased yours from and share you experiences. If there is a common problem with younger women using cups, maybe there’s space to develop a smaller version.

      Thanks for your feedback and good luck finding a product that works for you.

    • I agree…im so happy someone else has had the same experience. Im in my 30s without children, so it is not partial. Ive just used and I am in so much pain I can walk correctly. The directions really stress birth vs no birth. I would not recommend for those with very “little action”. Our vagina’s are fragile, and our bodies vary.

  14. Hi FeminAust,

    I came across your blog while looking for information on menstrual cups. Does anyone know how to use menstrual cups when you’ve also got vaginismus?

      • Thanks MsElouise for your honest and prompt response!

        I’m not entirely happy with the information my doctor’s been giving me (menstrual-caused back-pain so strong that it interferes with your ability to move your legs? that’s normal.) or that my gynecologist’s been giving me (‘the pill is the only way’ to reduce severe menstrual pain), so I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

      • Yeh. I wouldn’t be happy with that either. If you’re in Melbourne there’s an amazing doctor at the Royal Women’s Hospital who has a very woman centred approach to any type of severe vaginal pain. I can’t remember her name off the top of my head but ill hunt it down for you. I would highly recommend her attitude although I’ve never been her patient. Otherwise other Melbourne recommendations would be Ruth Trickey Naturopath in Fairfield or there used to be a Chinese herbal gynaecologist in the city who was know for really positive approaches to menstrual pain. Sorry if you’re not in Melbourne but the RWH lady would be worth contacting for a recommendation anyway. Ill get on to hunting her down.
        From a personal perspective my period pain reduced significantly when I started using mooncups but I have no problem with vaginal penetration so not sure my experience really counts.

      • Thank you again Ms Elouise for your kind and thoughtful offer, but I’m up closer to Sydney-way. Would you have any advice on how to identify doctors who take a more woman-centred approach to doctoring, or how to begin asking questions that might elicit a more woman-centred approach? I can’t imagine I’m the only one with this kind of trouble. For ages I had the perception that ‘because I’m not a young teen any more, I should have my menstrual cycle under control by now’, and that really hindered me from getting any help.

        I’ve been researching and experimenting with some tactics with a measure of success in both areas, menstrual pain and vaginismus, (am a little afraid of ‘what if I fall off the bandwagon’, though) but I’m not sure if this is the right place to share those.

        Thank you very much, it is really touching to have such a thoughtful and kind offer from a stranger.

      • Hi there hopeful,
        i am no professional and i do not know if this still relates to you at it has been a while since you posted the question but i suffered a very similar thing to you… i have seen over priced specialists, many doctors, tried most of the ‘pills’ on offer and nothing worked until two years ago when i thankfully came across an acupuncturist who was a fertility specialist, dealing with women was her thing. she made me up chinese herbs, they worked straight away and i am thankful for her input every day.
        try googling acupuncturists in your area (there are surprisingly a lot) ask about their services, if there are women who specialise in women bits and bobs and i bet you will find one and they will help you.
        keep an open mind. whatever is natural is well…natural for a reason.
        my advice is to stay away from the pill.

  15. I am trying the Diva Cup for the first time ever and, according to other online forums, I have a low cervix. Every time I put it in, it seems my vagina pushes it out, this sometimes happened with tampons as well. I have tried inserting it so many times that I’m very, very sore.

    So, I’ve just ordered a Moon Cup because it’s shallower and apparently better for low cervix? Can someone confirm this?

    • Hi Tabatha,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I’m unable to confirm that the MoonCup is better for a low cervix although I can confirm that I have a retroverted uterus which means that my cervix is in a very odd place (papsmears are always loads of fun) and the MoonCup works brilliantly for me. No complaints at all. I would recommend however that while getting used to inserting your menstrual cup, that you try using it with a waterbased lubricant so avoid any friction from frequent insertion and removal. I also had success trying it out in the bath where I was warm and relaxed and while the angle wasn’t excellent, the initial struggles with positioning and pain were much reduced.
      You say that you have already ordered your MoonCup? If so, could you possibly report back on how it goes for you? I’m sure lots of women would experience low cervix and would appreciate your input.
      Good luck!

      • I will keep you posted. I wore a pad with the Diva Cup and good thing I did because I leaked but the cup was full. I will try inserting it in the shower but I still had trouble inserting it this morning.

      • Wow, that’s strange.
        Just so you know though, Mooncup is the brand name for the British menstrual cups that IsBambi and I prefer.
        Keepers are the American versions, so what you actually bought was a Keeper, not a Mooncup.
        If I were you I’d be asking for a refund, if the cup smells like anything this is a problem, as a silicone product there should be no odour.

  16. I bought my first mooncup today after a tampon scare (fell asleep and left it in too long, whoops, but thankfully no TSS symptoms). I was sick of tampons, partly due to the expense, partly due to my paranoia about TSS, and partly due to my lady parts being very sensitive. My first impression was, ‘wow, is this going to fit?’ but I remembered what other things we ladies put up there that are just as big, and pressed on. It was awkward, but easier than I thought it would be to insert. I got it in on only the second attempt. The thing is, I don’t know if it’s just my anatomy, but it sits a bit higher than I was led to believe it should (I put it in low enough so that the stem stuck out a little, but my pelvic muscles sucked it up deeper), so I didn’t need to trim the stem at all. No discomfort currently; can’t feel a thing. It’s even more comfortable than tampons since there’s no darn string to worry about. I’m at my heaviest flow (day 2) so I don’t think I’ll wait the full 8 hours before I take it out. That should be an interesting experience. But so far, I like it very much! I’ll definitely be telling all my gal pals that they should consider switching to the mooncup.

    • Thanks for your review Alex.
      Mine also sits very high, but I like this as it makes me feel more secure that it’s not going anywhere!
      Please do spread the word, especially that if you purchase a Mooncup via the link on this article or on our homepage feminaust receives a small commission which goes into our baby fund EDITH which will one day start funding grants to young feminausts with awesome ideas.

      • I contacted them when I received it, no response, not surprising! 😦

        Thankfully I’ve learned how to properly use the Diva Cup (which is Canadian and so am I) properly and love it! I may get a Mooncup in the future as a back-up. On my heaviest day, I had to empty it 4 or 5 times and still leaked but nothing like when I have to use super tampons, which I have to change every 2 hours!

  17. I’ve been using my mooncup for 2 days now. I stupidly trimmed the stem in half before trying it – I just figured it was too long…. It’s an awesome product, but it moves deeper once inserted and now I’m having a hard time removing it now. I’m thinking about buying another one with the original length stem, as I’m having to use my 2 fingers fully extended in there to try and remove it (bearing down) – it can be quite messy. I’m annoyed at myself for trimming it too early. I think I must have a longer “cavity” than some women????? If it wasn’t for the difficult removal, it would not be messy at all, once I can grasp it, it’s easy to remove and tip without spilling. I won’t ever go back to tampons!

    • Great to hear you’re a convert.
      I haven’t trimmed my stem but I also don’t really use it for removal, bearing down always seems to move it into the correct position for removal for me, even though it does move pretty far up during the course of the day.
      I can only recommend playing around more with your position while you bear down (one leg on the bath/toilet seat, squatting etc) however if you aren’t going to buy a new one, don’t forget if you use the link from our page we will receive a commission which will go towards our grant fund EDITH.


  18. Hello,
    I have used MoonCup today for the first time, getting it in was a struggle but managed to do it on 2nd attempt and was better every time afterwards, but I do struggle with taking it out. Inside of my vagina hurst very much, because squeezing the tip doesn’t relieve the suction so I need to insert my finger in every time I wan’t to get it out…I may have also cut the stem too much as the cup sits in too deep and I need to push it out to catch the stem to squeeze it, but still doesn’t help. Otherwise quite happy, cannot feel it (unlike tampons), no pain (except the one described above), no leakage…can you please advise me how to get it out more easily? Many thanks in advance.

    • I also have to insert my finger quite deep to release the pressure.
      I also bear down, like I’m trying to push out a very tiny baby to help lower it to get a grip on it.
      Mooncups will always be a little messier than tampons, but I feel much better in the long run because of the things you mentioned, plus better for your body etc.

      Good luck getting your technique right.

  19. I used my mooncup today for the first good go…. I got it ages ago but it looked massive and I felt uncomfortable but my period is so heavy I thought I would feel more secure with a mooncup and a pad…. I filled the dang thing up in an hour and a half! far out! and I spotted onto the pad… sorry if that’s TMI. its just a great idea, one trick I found is when I fold and insert, I insert it with the folded side against my pubic bone and it goes in no trouble. so folded side to the front… I love that its a cheaper alternative to pads and tampons…. reusable …. all that jazz.

  20. I have my mooncup (Diva) for four years now and I’m absolutely happy with it. Yes, you get in contact with your fluids, but you get used to it. And the more you practice, the better you become with putting in and taking out. I don’t feel it at all, I leave it in all day. You can do everything with it, I went even diving. No trouble at all. Because I’ve always hated the period so much, I used to take the pill for three months in a row, to avoid to have the period so often (was ok with my gynaecologist). But since I use the mooncup, I’m having my period every month, because it’s not a hassle at all. I never liked using tampons, because they were completely uncomfortable and dried my out. And the other alternatives … yuck! I’m happy and I’m always going to use the cup. Recommended for every woman!

    • Hello.

      I’m 23 and my partner brought me a mooncup for Christmas as I wanted to try one as not only do I spend a fortune on always pads but also to be cleaner and not worry about leaking. I started my period yesterday so thought I’d give it a try as soon as I put it in I was experiencing bad cramps I left it for an hour to see if it would ease, when it didnt I decided to remove it and look up advice. Many people said it might be because the cervix is more swollen and lower down on the first day of your period so I thought Id try again today, I inserted my mooncup whilst in the shower and sat on the side of the bath but straight away started experiencing pain straight away, I still have it in but I really dont know what to do. Iv cut all the stem off and the cup is low in my vagina and its fully open and its sealed. Any advice will really help me right now. I took some cocodamol over an hour ago but I’m still in pain.

    • Hello.

      I’m 23 and my partner brought me a mooncup for Christmas as I wanted to try one as not only do I spend a fortune on always pads but also to be cleaner and not worry about leaking. I started my period yesterday so thought I’d give it a try as soon as I put it in I was experiencing bad cramps I left it for an hour to see if it would ease, when it didnt I decided to remove it and look up advice. Many people said it might be because the cervix is more swollen and lower down on the first day of your period so I thought Id try again today, I inserted my mooncup whilst in the shower and sat on the side of the bath but straight away started experiencing pain straight away, I still have it in but I really dont know what to do. Iv cut all the stem off and the cup is low in my vagina and its fully open and its sealed. Any advice will really help me right now. I took some cocodamol over an hour ago but I’m still in pain.

      • Hi there, I would remove the mooncup immediately and go see your GP or gynaecologist! Also, you should be wearing the mooncup as low as possible in your vagina – I don’t think it should be anywhere near your cervix. Best of luck. IsBambi.

      • Hello

        Thank you for your message. The pain did settle after a good 4 hours but then I started leaking instead so iv had to wear a pad to. I did put the cup as low as I could in my vagina but the advice I read yesterday was that depending on the length of your vagina on the first day of your period your cervix is swollen and can be lower down so could of been causeing the pain, although I still had the pain on reinserting after emptying I dont think this is the case. Regards to leaking im pretty sure I have it in the right place as it feels comfortable and is low down I think it seals proply though I cant get my finger up to the rim to check.

        Please advise.

        Take care 🙂

      • Hi,
        We’re not experts on any of this, just avid users and I would actually disagree with IsBambi about where the mooncup should be, I find it most comfortable up high much closer to my cervix. The lower in my vagina it is the more prone to pain I am. But we are all built differently so it’s really more about finding where it sits comfortably for you. The most important thing is that it should be comfortable, pain is not a good thing.
        Personally, I like to push mine WAY up as far as it will possibly go and then I hardly notice it, swollen cervix or not (and you’re right, the cervix moves around and changes A LOT over your cycle). As with any of these sorts of things, play as best you can, use lube if you need to help in the first instance and don’t be a hero, take painkillers (according to the directions and doctors advice) if you’re experiencing cramps. I have less period pain with my mooncup but yet again, we are all very different creatures.

        Good Luck!

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  22. Hi! Thanks for your informative blog! I was wondering if you had any tips to prevent leakage?

    I’m on my second period with it and in terms of practicality and easiness it is definitely a winner. But the main problem I have now is that it often leaks. I emailed Mooncup UK (where I live) about leakage and they came back with some generic advice that I have tried, but I’m still not sure if I’m doing the right thing.

    So I was wondering if anyone had personal tips or experience with the same problem and could recommend how to solve it?

    Thanks x

    • In my experience leakage is caused by not quite getting the positioning right, I like mine up high and well suctioned in. Generally, the only time I get leakage is when it’s not quite sitting right so taking it out and starting again often solves this problem for me. Not great advice I’m afraid, anyone else have experience of leakage?

  23. Not sure if I’ll get a reply, but worth a shot.
    I bought my mooncup (UK) today, but have realised I got the wrong size (side note: when all the other brands use A, 0, or 1 to refer to their smaller size, why on earth would mooncup choose B as the smaller size? WHY?!) Anyway, my question is, does the size make a significant difference? Do I NEED the smaller size, or is it more that people who’ve had children need a larger one?

    Any advice much appreciated.

    • Hi there.
      I’m afraid I have no idea. However, as a loyal feminaust reader I can offer you a deal.
      If you contact Mooncup UK direct and ask them what they recommend and they say that you need the smaller size we will send you a free voucher on the proviso that you give your larger size to a friend/colleague/stranger on the street who is cautious or unconvinced about the benefits of menstrual cups.
      Email us at when you find out what mooncup says.

  24. I bought the moon cup today, I have been looking at them for an age and bit the bullet. I have spent my whole life suffering painful heavy periods,they were so bad that I was given a D&C at 16 years old. This worked for a few years. I had kids and then the angry period returned! I have been treated with lots of pils and injections but suffered with terrible pmt and just horribleness in general. Well today is my first day, a moon cup virgin I was. Am I a convert. Yes I think so, so far I haven’t leaked in 5 hours of using it and for the first time in my life I haven’t leaked within 2 hours just to give an idea of how bad I am, Today I have used 6 super plus Tampons in 7 hours and the same in sanitary towels! I have removed it once and the removal is strange and needs lots of practice, luckily I am comfortable with my body and I don’t mind blood so I had no icky feelings towards using the cup at all. It will be interesting to see exactly how much blood loss there is for me because I have had doctors telling me I will lose no more than 50 mls over the whole cycle. Well I removed it after 2.5 hours and it was half full. I hope I am converted and this works for me as well as it has for others because I normally can’t go far in the first 2 days. Tonight will be the real test, I will let you know how I get on, thanks for the blog it’s made me smile on a my first day of PMT! 😊

      • I love the moon cup and I am definitely a covert! It was like a badly written comedy trying to actually use it and remove it for the first few times ☺️. But having said that it is in my list of top purchase, if only to prove to myself I wasn’t being some sort of drama queen. I did still leak on my heaviest night but I thought I would so I did use protection so not too bad at all. Being able to actually leave the house during those days felt quite liberating! I did have some confidence issues with it and whilst taking my daughter to college for her first interview, I had a panic that I had leaked, in my panic I rushed into them toilets only to realise once I was there, it was the men’s hahahah, oh the shame of it!

        Having researched it, it say 60 to 80mls for heavy periods! This moon cup proved I lose each 60 to 70 mls each day for 3 days!

        I booked in with my Gp, I have now been referred to see a specialist again and I have had blood tests for iron levels! They very low and I am now on iron liquid, that’s the fatigue answered!

        I am one of the unlucky ones, but this product I would recommend to anyone, awkward at first and you really have to have no fear of delving around in the lady area, if you have no issues with that then they are but brilliant and so much more comfortable!

  25. Im a mooncup user going on now 12years! cant live without it as i have very heavy periods and try to do my best for the future of the environment. My only sadness is that not more people are using Mooncup!!

  26. Just tried my Mooncup for the first time yesterday and my immediate reaction was ‘no way’. However 24 hours later I’m fairly sold. My only question is regarding positioning. The stick is sitting pretty much at the entrance to my vagina. Do I have a very low cervix or am I just not positioning it correctly?

    • It might be a positioning problem, it could also be a low cervix although your cervix will rise and lower throughout your cycle.
      I suggest you keep trying and keep playing with the positioning. I like mine as high as I can possibly squash it but others feel differently.
      Good luck!

      • I’ve been using a MoonCup for 6 months now and I do love it.
        However, what was the name of the gynaecologist you recommend at the RWH in Melbourne?

  27. After my initial horror I’m now loving mine, but the stick sits right at the opening of the vagina. I’m wondering whether I’m inserting it far enough or whether I just have a very low cervix. I’m not having any issues with leakage.

  28. I tried mooncupping about 10-20 years ago, in my 20s/30s, and just couldn’t get the hang of it! Giving it another go now (because my flow has got less trustworthy, and I hope, if I can get this working, it should be more trustworthy for a triathlon swim I’m doing while I’m on!). While I think I’ve got much better at getting it in, the stiff rim hurts and rips the edge of my vagina on the way out – it practically feels sharp! (It’s not) I can’t seem to get my fingers in to fold it without causing the same problem. I’m sure the smaller one would be too small. Any tips (think I’m getting as relaxed as I can already!)?

    • I’ve been using Mooncup for a few years now and absolutely love it. I had no problem inserting it until one day I seemed to have problem inserting it EVERY TIME! I don’t know what happened, nothing changed, still used the same fold, still as relaxed, but it just didn’t work. Finally got it in, and yet it kept ‘slipping out’ and leaked. After reading a few posts, I then realised that the cup may not have opened fully after I inserted it in. So I kept trying and trying, still the same with no success, UNTIL I decided to change the type of fold. I used to use ‘punch down’ fold which is the most popular and easiest to insert it in and yet, that’s what was causing the problem as it doesn’t open fully most of the time. So I had decided to try the other type of fold and now find that the 7 fold is the best. I would suggest that you try it during shower and when you are menstruating so that it’s much easier to insert it in. Keep practicing with different types of fold until you find one that suits you. Also try different positions, like sitting on the toilet seat, squatting or putting one leg up. For me, I find sitting / squatting the best position to insert the cup. As for feeling the sharpness on the way out, I don’t know how that could happen, maybe it’s because you didn’t break the suction before pulling it out or something like that. I have to trim the stem off totally as it just poked me no matter how short it was, so I usually hold the bottom (even to the middle) of the cup to break the suction and pull it out while bearing down.
      It does leak sometimes when it overflows so I always use the cloth pantyliner with it, so that’s like the best combo. No pads, no pantyliners. 🙂 Hope it helps for you soon.

      • Hi – thanks for replying. Getting it in is ok (but have changed folds which has made it even better, so thanks for that suggestion :)), it’s getting it out – it just feels too wide (I’m not unusually small!). I’ve tried evenly (all edges coming out together), front edge first, back edge first, side edge first … no joy. 3 cycles in and I’ve got used to it, but it is a tad uncomfortable.

      • Ahhhh, my trick for getting it out is to push one side right in and bring it out more or less how you get it in, almost folded.
        Believe it or not, once you get the hang on it you don’t get blood everywhere. A bit on your fingers but not as much as you would expect.

  29. Hi,
    I’m just wondering how everyone sterilises their menstrual cup after each cycle. I’ve been researching and I’ve read that you need to boil the cup for 5 min after each cycle before you store it away. Does everyone have a ritual for this? eg Do you have a certain pot that you only use for the cup to be sterilised in? Can you microwave it? I’m considering buying a cup because I’m about to go backpacking for 5 months, but I can’t exactly boil a moon cup in a hostel kitchen using one of their pots!!!! Maybe I can, but I wouldn’t want to. 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Most people I know find themselves a little pot to boil their mooncups for sterilsation and keep that pot away from all other pots eg: not in the kitchen.
      Some of these people have lids for their pots so theoretically you could secretly boil it at a backpackers if you carried the pot with you (would obviously have to be lightweight).
      But here’s a HUGE secret for you that you’re not allowed to tell anyone else… I’ve had my mooncup for nearly five years using it religiously every month…and I’ve never sterilised it… with no ill effects.
      Now I certainly would not advocate that at all, if the manufacturers tell us we should be sterilising then we should be sterilising… and every month I intend on doing it… and then I don’t. So with that very confidential and absolutely un-recommended information. You can take what you will. 🙂

      • Thank you Ms Elouise for getting back to me. Your secret is safe with me. 😊

  30. Just wanted to add my 2 cents in regards to ordering from The Keeper Inc., company. I tried twice to order the Moon Cup, both times my order was put “on hold” only to disappear from the system entirely after a few days. I emailed the company twice attempting to alert them to an issue in their system (it happens). Received no response until I posted three times on their fb wall (which they promptly deleted) and four direct tweets. No explanation, no apologies, just one line email stating there was no order in their system under my name (well DUH that’s why I emailed you in the first place!) Even after I sent another email with screen shots of my previous order, their only response was that it’s a glitch and that I should order from one of their distributors. Disappointing to say the least. For a company who claims to be “for women,” they don’t treat them very well. I will be looking into another brand to try.

    • Hi Heather,
      That’s really disappointing. If it’s ok with you I might try contacting them and asking for an explanation on your behalf if that’s ok? feminaust has generated over 400 sales for Mooncup and while I’m sure that’s just a drop in the ocean for them, it’s also nothing to sneeze at and I’ve always found them great to work with. Let me know if you’re ok with that and also which product you ended up purchasing?


      • Absolutely Eloise, be my guest. Since my last email, they’ve gone back to ignoring me. I actually just purchased a lady cup, I’ll be sure to come back and comment once I’ve tried it 🙂

  31. Ok. So I’m only 16. I’ve done my research on these menstrual cups. They interest me. I personally hate pads. They’re very uncomfortable to me. I wear tampons a lot for I play basketball and am always on the go with playing 4 instruments for my school. However, on occasion tampons leak for me. At night I have to wear both a tampon and a pad for peace of mind. I don’t enjoy my period. Ever. I’m seriously considering asking my mom to buy me a mooncup. But she only wears pads. Period. (Yes, pun, I know) She has never and probably will never consider anything else. I would really like to try this but don’t know how to approach my mom about it. Thoughts? Thank you.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the message. It can be tough introducing women who are “set in their ways” around menstruation to new possibilities.
      My only advice is that you need to start talking to her about all your body stuff. At 16, having an open conversation with your parent/s about body, maturity, puberty, sexuality etc is both challenging and empowering.
      As a start though, do you have an adult friend who your mum respects that you could talk to about this first? I recommend this for all body stuff as sometimes, it really is just hard talking to our parents.
      Having someone who is of your mums generation or at least somewhere between you and your mums ages, who will be open to listening to you wanting to try something new/different and give you specific advice about talking to your mum because they know her would be really handy.
      Lastly, I just want to warn you that menstrual cups are amazing and I love mine but at 16 you may struggle with them to start with. As we age our bodies do sag and change a bit and menstrual cups are primarily targeted at “adult” women so I have had advice that younger women find them too big. That said, have a look at the different brands and find one that is marketed specifically at younger women.
      Good luck!

      • Thank you for the reply! I have also looked at the Lunette. I believe it is suited more for teenagers. Their website says girls as young as 14 have successfully used it. I may try to contact someone there as well. I’m still looking at options. I never thought of talking to someone other than my mom. I actually have a few women around my mom’s age who I think I would feel comfortable talking about this to. Thank you so much for the advice!

  32. I’ve been using my Mooncup for 3 cycles now and I can’t get it to not leak. It feels like I’ve gotten the hang of inserting it fairly easily, I always make sure the holes are clean and I rotate it after insertion to make sure it feels rounded and sealed. But it still leaks half of the time. Sometimes it’s light spotting and other times it’s just a mess. I’ve been looking everywhere for advice on how I can make it work as I really want to give it a shot and using pads with the cup is going against why I bought it in the first place. I’ve tried all the generic advice I can find, does anyone maybe have some experience with this or tips on how I can stop the leaking or make sure it seals better?
    On a side note I have a very low pelvic bone and the cup pushes itself up minutes after insertion. Having it lower down is uncomfortable even though I’ve trimmed the stem almost all the way. Does it moving up cause the cup to lose suction?

    • Hi there,

      Sorry to hear you’re struggling so badly, leaking is certainly not good.
      Personally, I find the higher up the mooncup is, the better the suction and seal but everyone seems to have different opinions on this.
      From what you’ve said in your message it could be that the mooncup just doesn’t suit your bodyshape. After 3 cycles it sounds like you’ve really been perservering.
      I probably can’t give you any more than just generic advice but mine is always to try and push it up as high as it will go so that it seals around your cervix rather than around your vaginal opening.
      Other than that I’m sorry but my boring advice is just keep trying or try a different brand. Not ideal I know.
      Maybe other readers will have more/better advice.

      Good luck

    • Hi – though I’d say you’re not alone! (And I’m 3 cycles in – I think this is what happened last time I tried mooncups, some 20 years ago). I can’t seem to make it leak free, and it’s not to do with it being full; it happens regardless. I have a retroverted womb, so I don’t know if that’s contributing? I’ve double-checked and sure it’s ‘popped’ into the right position, so I’m experimenting with higher/lower, and tilts (though it seems to find its own spot anyway), and will persevere. Also, I tended to use pads with tampons anyway, just to be on the safe side, so although it’s not quite stopped me needing to get those, I no longer need to buy tampons, which is a big plus point. And there’s no dangly string to contend with, which I personally find a bonus! It also feels much more natural – I don’t feel dry and contaminated (probably too strong a word!) like I did with tampons.

      • I also have a retroverted uterus and a weirdly positioned cervix (pap tests take days while the doctor hunts around for my cervix) and I have no issue whatsoever BUT we’re all different in a myriad ways so who knows!

  33. Hello
    I enjoyed your post. I just want to warn people about the possible consequences of emptying and washing the mooncup in the shower. After a few years, the blood has soaked into the unglazed edges of the wall tiles and stained inside the rubber trim on the glass doors. I have addressed the former to some extent with a correction fluid pen, I don’t think there is a simple solution to the latter problem.

  34. I was 13 when I got my cup and am 14 now, and I can honestly say that it was a life saver!
    I have a heavy flow so my mooncup is full after 8 hours on the first two days of my period, but as a pose to 2 hours with tampons its great!
    I can also say that my cramps have gotten noticeably less painful and my periods shorter since using the cup, but this could be more due to my age… Eather way I’m not moaning.
    Being rather Young it was difficult for the first week or so, but now (after a few months) I feel almost pro.
    Definitely worth the money if your thinking about it, but I would do my research for folds ect. (I find the 7 fold works best for me)

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    • Hi Jane,
      I couldn’t comment on whether it makes any difference however I can say that they only thing that I can guarantee will make having penetrative sex for the first time as painless as possible is your personal desire to have penetrative sex. The more excited you are, the more turned on you are and the more fun you’re having, the less it will cause you discomfort. The majority of first time pain comes from nervousness, being tense, not being well enough lubricated and just wanting to get it over with rather than treating it as a fun, wonderful experience. So if you’re worried about pain, make sure you’re first time is with someone you find super sexy, someone you can laugh with and be confident naked with and someone who makes you practically wet your pants you’re so turned on.

      • Hey ! I was just wondering if you could offer any advice regarding my moon cup experience .

        I recently bought a moon cup from my local pharmacy because I think it’s an awesome idea and much healthier. I’m 18 years old and I got the smaller cup so Size B.
        I’m finding it extremely hard to get used to it and I’m not sure if I’m inserting it wrong . I’ve been using the punch down method as it seems to be the only way the cup is going in. Sometimes it can be quite sore to insert.

        When I do manage to get it in I don’t think the cup is fully open because I have been getting leakage! I am unsure how to check if the cup is fully open or not while inserted.

        Also I find it does migrate upwards during the day or the few hours I wear it. Is there anything I can do to stop these issues !? I really want to enjoy using my moon cup.
        Any advice would be much appreciated ! Thank you so much 🙂 ,

      • Hi Colleen,
        Unfortunately most of my advice is going to be along the lines of “persevere!”
        Keep fiddling and fumbling and seeing what works, it’s certainly not always an easy or quick process to learn.
        I would say that I like mine to migrate north, the norther the better for me!


  36. Just bought one and tried it- trying to get this HUGE thing in reminds me of my struggles getting to grips with tampons when I was 14… I may or may not want to cry. Well it ain’t going in so I’m calling it a day!

  37. I love the idea about moon cups. But, the few times I’ve used it my vagina wall feels so beat up and weary that if I take it out I can’t put it back in until the next day. What could I do to remedy this insertion pain?

  38. I have yet to be able to form a suction. I have tried everything, watched every video, tried every fold, every position, you name it I have tried it. I cant form a seal. I leak every single time 😦 Any help is so greatly appreciated. I am trying to persevere, but the cup seems to be winning so far lol

  39. I love reading everyone’s experiences. i would say by my third period I have the hang of insertion and removal. I have a seriously heavy period, so I still have to change it every 3-4 hours the first couple of days and i wear a pad just in case I let it go too long. This was an improvement to wearing super plus tampons and pads and having to change every 1.5 hours. I don’t miss those days. I’ve only had it leak once and that was during my 2nd cycle with it. I didn’t make sure that the seal was made.

    My first cycle using it was like a massacre happened every time it was time to empty my cup. It was hard to get it in and hard to get it out. It was as if I had been having sex all day for a week. My vaginal opening was sore for a week. The worst part was, i was a way in Vegas and it took me 20 minutes to remove and replace. It was hard! I really got to know my vagina…every ridge, every curve and every bit of menstrual flow. Was it hard at first. YES! I was determined because I love the idea of treating the environment better and saving $$$$$.

    Now I have the insertion and removal down to a science. I have to site on the toilet and I use the weight of my body to kind of sit on my fingers to get up there break the seal and grasp the bottom of the cup. The rest is easy. As for insertion, I have to use the fold in one side rather than the doubled approach. Once its mostly in, I release and then press on the bubbly bottom to make sure it unfolds…push it in a little and then I’m done. I find it adjusts itself while it’s in there. I had to cut the stem all the way off because it irritated me that first month. I wonder if that would be the case now.

    I know this was graphic, but if i can struggle through that first cycle, anyone can do it. 7 months later I would use nothing else.

  40. Ok so i used mine for the first time..
    It is literally a two hand job 😱
    I had a full blown anxiety attack
    Breaking the seal is harder than it sounds &the blood 😩 so much blood.. However i will keeping going as it will be a cheaper option in the long run & im assuming it will get easier the more i use

  41. Hi their
    Ive just heard about the moon cup and im hearing very much good views all around about this product (i wish they told young people in sex education!) i have a few questions that i cant seem to find answers for so here i ask:
    1. How do you know when the mooncup if full and ready to empty when its already been inserted without it being removed? Or do you just refequantly check? long can you reuse the mooncup for? as it says that its reusable, but im not sure how long.
    3. What if the mooncup is too large to fit internally? And does the tightness of your vagina (as everyone is different) make it uncomfortable when inserted or will you be able to feel it inside if you expierence alot of tightness? And one more:
    Will this product effect anyone with ovarie problems?

  42. Hi

    I bought mine last week, started a day later 🙂 I’m so glad I finally got it.

    I’ve had some issues, spotting etc, but I will persevere because like you said I don’t wan to back down from a challenge either.

    It can take 3 cycles to get used to it but I just wanted to know if anyone had any problems?
    Like: did you have to take it out to pee?? Spotting?? Swimming??



    • Hi there,
      No issues with swimming or peeing. Sometimes get a leak but I wouldn’t call it spotting, if it’s leaking it’s because it is FULL so it overflows and leaks properly!

  43. Hi i am surprised no one really mentions how much sexier sex is while using the cup. I myself used the softcups from the usa. I push the softcup together so its much smaller then it opens up to be a cup. No blood during sex!!!!!

    The softcup is limited to 12 hours and is not reusable. I did trouble with leaks after a year or so probably due to it being a soft shell cup.

  44. I just can’t believe that it has taken me 42 years to realize that this product exists! I saw JuJu cups on Facebook a year ago and had been thinking about it and finally thought it was worth the $$ just to give it a chance. I’m only on my second period and SO glad I did. I only last a few days but have a heavy flow and the amount of embarrassing moments; ruined sheets and underwear thank goodness are all behind me now. There is one thing I am still struggling with though – I have short arms and fingers and no amount of bearing down helps shift the rotten thing when I am trying to get it out! Seriously, it takes about 5 minutes each time and a lot of cussing! Does anyone else have this drama and what have you done? I was thinking maybe of buying a small plastic pair of tongs that might help but not sure?

  45. I tried Mooncup when I was starting high school and am one of those who did not have that good of an experience with it. I was a virgin but was also familiar with my vagina, so I decided to try the smallest cup they had. The first time inserting it was somewhat painful, but the next few times were better. I really did feel like it was quite comfortable once it was in place and suffered no leakages.

    However, the problem for me was getting it out since it hurt a lot after the first few times using it. I tried it again during parts of my next periods, but the intense pain at my opening during removal only intensified with each try despite breaks between the latter attempts to allow my ladybits some rest and I eventually gave up.

    Since then, the back wall of my vagina, especially the opening, has been painful to touch, a problem that I did not have before trying the cup. It’s now been almost eight years (still a virgin) and the pain has not gone away. Is it possible to get permanent damage from abrasions or streching or something? Or could it be something already existing that got triggered by the stretching and friction?

    • Pain that lasts for eight years is not normal and should be investigated by a medical professional. It could have been some trauma caused by inserting or removing the mooncup but you should definitely investigate.

  46. Glad to finally find a post about moon cup, I have used it for many years, only problem is on my last 2 periods, I have had massive problems with my mooncup. It’s really sore inside… very sore ! I have been thinking about going to see a doctor or someone about it, but I feel uncomfortable talking to someone I don’t really know about a very in depth woman problem. Also because it does not seem it’s healing. Plus my Fiancé is annoyed about it as well. As it is that sore … any advice would be awesome. I will have to stick to towels as it’s too sore, did not want to go back to damaging the environment, but what else can I do ?

    • Hi Emily,
      My main advice would be to ensure that the cup is WELL up inside you. Soreness would only come from pressure or friction against some part of you, most likely to be the vaginal walls as there are very few nerve endings further up. If your mooncup is hurting your vaginal walls then it is too low, it needs to be much higher up where the vagina opens up to connect to the cervix. I hope this helps

  47. Hi, I want to share my experience too! I love the fact that with the Moon cup I am helping the environment an I do agree it is much more natural to me than tampons or smelly towels but I feel they still need to be improved. Moon cups do leak , they are hard to take out, somehow the tail is hard to reach and I always end up pinching my skin. The shape seems big at first but it is actually easy to put in, the thing is that is a bit annoying to put it in and out several times a day, it leaves the zone a bit sensitive from too much manipulation and it is a bit of a hustle if you are in a not in a private toilet. I still believe in it, and I don’t want to go back to tampons, less towels. I am hoping I will get use to it, it’s only my 2 period using it but I have to recognize I jumped one period because it seamed like such a hustle, I couldn’t deal with it.

  48. I recommend you try the tulip fold if you havent already 🙂 I had my very first try on the moon cup today, and it was a piece of cake with the tulip fold. Periods are gonna be (almost) fun after this 😃

  49. I love the mooncup. I’ve used it for 3 years now and never looked back. I was initially concerned about the size but i trusted the process and after a few goes i got the hang of it. I remember being scared to lose it, gosh this cup has given me the opportunity to properly explore the whole zone, it’s quite a large space in there! I always prepare for it to leak a little bit as it really depends how perfectly it’s sitting and for me it tends to move around a bit, so i wear a thin rad pad for extra protection. Haven’t bought pads or tampons for years and so so happy about that! 🙂

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