Amy Van Den Berg ~ e-interview

Amy Van Den Berg

Name: Amy Van Den Berg

Date: 25/7/11

Title: Director, Melbourne Rainbow Grrls & Guys


How did you come across feminaust?

Feminaust contacted me via email asking if I would like to be interviewed. They had found one of my business cards at Hares and Hyenas, which is a gay book shop / café

What does feminism mean to you? Is it different from your mum’s?

For me feminism means a woman’s freedom to express herself without being bullied or stifled and her freedom to love what ever person she chooses as well as equal rights in the workplace.

To be honest, I don’t know what my mother’s view on feminism is, we have never talked about it.

What are the 21st century challenges feminism needs to meet?

Winning the battle that we are on the cusp of achieving; equal marriage rights for gays and equality between gay, straight people; for example the right to do something as minor as give your girlfriend a kiss on the cheek and not be stared at or ostracized by strangers or family members.

Boys and feminism, what d’ya reckon?

Boys can be feminists, there are quite a few of them who share the same view as woman who are feminists. I think that we need to stop all this ‘you must fit into this box!’ between genders, races and sexualities.(For a start.)

Your goals for the present and future:

My short term goals are to: publish my poetry book, expand my company across Victoria. My long term goals include publishing my novel, settling down with someone, having kids and taking MRG Australia wide.

Inspirational feminaust moment, aka shit that keeps you feminist:

When ever I host a meet up and one of the new girls come and give me a huge hug and thank me with their whole heart for creating a safe space where they can be their selves.

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