The Uprising, Our Untold Warning ~ Poem by Amy Van Den Berg

Guided steps willingly taken,

path of deceit, of hate,

lost words travel, no longer needed.

Blindly they follow each other.

Not why but how,

they drift on the breeze

Simply floating along until a cease is ordered.

Momentarily all is calm.

Thoughts begin to brew.

Now she guides her own steps,

takes her own path through the sadness,

through the dark,


Pause in thoughts are no aid when ideas flow so freely.

She can never suppress her fire.

She is strong,


And able.


She will rise from under,

and the ranks fly past.


Not to queen but a guide,

noble, quick clever and to be feared.


Amy Van Den Berg is a poet, with this poem coming from her soon to be published book The Pursuit of Angels. For more information on Amy’s work visit here and to read feminaust’s e-interview of Amy visit here. Amy is also the Director of Melbourne Rainbow Grrls & Guys, for more information visit here.

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