Welcome to Monday ~ 22nd August 2011

Welcome to Monday! Its been a busy week here at feminaust, with some very important debates about the basic tenet of feminism – respecting the unique experiences of all women and understanding them as valid. Sometimes its difficult and challenging, but darn its worth it. Have a quick read over the last few posts if you haven’t already, and I’d like to take this chance to thank becauseimawhore for writing her wonderful article for us.

But the time has come to share the love and take a look at some great writing from feminists around the world. So here’s what we’ve been reading this week. Unfortunately the list isn’t as extensive as normal due to my macbook dying in the arse at the age of 8 months. Regular service should be established next week (not for my mac, which will apparently take up to two months to fix). Sigh. Still enjoy the links, and remember none of these articles necessarily reflect the views of the feminausts!

Sex Work
As a follow-up to the feminaust discussions about sex work and feminism, here’s an American article on being both a feminist and a sex worker, or supportive of sex workers.

Read here for an account of the discrimination faced by sex workers in Australia; discrimination that puts such workers at high risk of exposure to disease and prosecution.

70 years since women began to serve in the Australian military.

The Aussie government has responded to the UN resolution recognising the major impact of war on women and children by starting calls for contributions to a draft report on Women, Security and Peace.  An interesting follow-up to this is Foreign Affairs on the challenges of measuring violence and rape during war-time.

Also looks like the government will be providing more money for women’s sports. Still way less than men’s sports funding of course, but its a start, right?? Maybe??

Is marriage a human right? A perspective from The Australian.

A short, hauntingly beautiful piece by Shoshie on the radical nature of love.

Sarah on the challenge of loving in a world in which love is treated as a financial transaction. This one is a brilliantly written article.

Gloria Steinem continues to rock. She’s arguing that the new frontier might be to teach me that its ok to be as nurturing and loving as women. Revolutionary. Here’s a love letter to her from Ms blog as well.

Speaking of bringing the men folk along, here’s a great piece on the role for blokes in ending violence against women.

An amazing piece by Evil Fizz on her experience of a traumatic child-birth, and the desire she had for a beautiful, “blissed out” experience. . She wrote in response to Jessica Valenti’s amazing article on how scared she was to love her premature, sick baby.

Why sex is best learnt-by-doing, and not from a magazine out to sell issues by making you feel crap in bed.

And an article reflecting on an academic study about the internet and sexuality. It’s an interesting article that suggests that the internet allows us greater access to hardcore pictures of sex (mainly women) without having to reflect on it. I’m not sure about the article myself – its seems to be warning women that the web is extra dangerous for us so we should avoid it – but nonetheless, its interesting and an important debate.

Beauty and Fashion

Feeling like a good rant? Read this piece from the Daily Mail on how if you are a woman but aren’t considered attractive, then you are actually a total failure as a human being. But good news! “Attractiveness is a skill”, and you, too, can learn the ancient art of lipstick application or some such nonsense. After all, even though the feminists get their knickers in a twist, we all know that discrimination against fat and ugly women should be allowed because it means they are unhealthy. I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP. Here’s an article pointing out the idiocy of this.

Scientific proof that the mirror is not reality; it can be manipulated. Don’t believe me??!!? I don’t blame you – my mental health tends to be somewhat dictated by what I look like in the morning mirror! Go through these experiments in Scientific American, and feel a bit freer.

The be all and end all of womanhood is not being pretty. One of my earliest experiences of a ‘feminist awakening’, i suppose one would call it, was listening to Ani Difranco’s “I am Not A Pretty Girl” which includes the lyrics “I am not a pretty girl, I ain’t no damsel in distress” and other things that made me realise how powerful language is. The term pretty can be used to suggest weakness and passivity. Alexa S has written an article that brought tears to my eyes (yes I’m a sook), about the term pretty and the pressure to be pretty, or to strive to be. Alexa writes her own blog at. Get into it immediately!

An interesting follow-up to this ‘freedom from pretty’ is Stephanie’s post on the questions she would ask “perfect-looking women”. I didn’t know whether to include it because in my experience, the women who seem to be the closest to perfection are also those who feel its pressures the most. Being so close to “perfect”, but unable to reach it, comes to define their existence more than it does mine, with my happy, huge gap from Pantherness to perfectness. But feel free to make up your own mind!

Cleavage wrinkles are not a “thing”.

How the fashion and beauty industries can sometimes use the language of ‘healthy’ to suck us in. There’s an interesting article over at Jezebel about weight and health as well, talking about the line between “getting healthy” and “losing weight”.

Read this article on sexy women breastfeeding, if only for the amazing photograph of a beautiful, graceful woman breastfeeding. Radical.

Geena Davis
Darn right she gets a category of her own. A post from Ms. on her current work on gender in children‘s programming.

So after all that, the feminausts and I seem to have rounded up a pretty good amount of links! Enjoy the links and please feel free to send us any response you have.

Image taken from freestockphotos.biz under the Creative Commons License.

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