Welcome to Monday ~ August 29 2011

Are we really still meant to be paying for Eve's mistake?

Another Monday, another set of interesting links for our brilliant readers! Some are irritating (ye olde “can you be a feminist and sexy” debate) some are mind bendingly ridiculous (did you know the Catholic church is more feminist than the rest of us?) and, thankfully, the usual selection of intelligent thought-provoking articles. Let’s get into it!

Article of the Week!

New Panther Award!! Once a week I’m going to have an Article of the Week (pending coming up with a more awesome title), for the post or article I read that affected me the most. Hands down this week is this post on the relationship of western feminism and  Muslim women. Leila Ahmen, you are pretty awesome. Yours sincerely, Aimless Panther.

Sex and Religion (alternatively: I Can’t Believe I Can Make A Whole Section On This Topic)

How the Catholic Church respects women more than feminists. Brilliant. The only way we are ever going to defeat this kind of insane logic is to read it and understand it, though I will never ever ever ever ever understand the idea that sex should only be about procreation. Dudes, I’m saying it now, sex is fun. And if I am made in God’s image, then he’s the one that gave me a clitoris and I’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, and I promise to use your gift well.

Speaking of,  masturbation is also awesome fun. It’s not a freaking personality disorder! Yes, women look at porn, yes women experience sexual desire, and yes women own vibrators (OHMYGOD and USE THEM!!)  This is a great article investigation the anti-female-masturbation movement in the US that equates alcohol addition and  masturbation. Blaire Briody is pretty fabulous.

In the same vein, kinda, we have a great response here to the ridiculous notion that feminism has demystified sex and thus made it not as awesome. Cos Lord knows it was better when women weren’t allowed to enjoy and didn’t know how their own bodies worked.

To prove I’m not all anti-religious, here’s an interesting article on the work of Dorothee Soelle, a Menonite christian and a feminist who argues that feminism and christianity aim at the same end – the liberation of humankind.


Here’s a link to a video by Sarah Silverman, an American comic, who’s arguing that wrinkles are memories on one’s face and thus are the real mark of beauty – and of having lived.

A brilliantly funny rant against an advise columnist suggesting women should get plastic surgery to keep a man, from the brilliantly funny Captain Awkward. Towards the end of the article she writes “We can fight. We can argue. We can strive. We can win.” Which strikes me as basically the motto of feminism, no?

A size 12 model on the runway. Herald Sun declares feminism has achieved its goals.

Weight loss surgery should be a feminist issue. 80% of weight loss surgeries are performed on women; is this because women are fatter? Hell no – men are on average larger. Willingness to cut open bodies and rearrange internal organs suggests, to me at least, the effectiveness of the traditional hatred that women are encouraged to have for their bodies, and the sense that their bodies belong to society and not themselves.

But it’s not suprise that women practise violence on themselves in the name of skinnyness and beauty, is it? Take a look at the recent idiotic actions by an American Airline in which they treated Athia as if her size was a moral failing.

Barbie is pretty so she doesn’t need to know anything about finance. Jenna Clark reckons we should teach out women to be financially savvy; can we take a minute to reflect on the fact that this seems to be a revolutionary idea?!?


Taking advantage of scientific advances in childbirth and having your kid in a hospital does not make you a bad feminist.

I love thesocietypages.org. Seriously, they are my little dorky-home on the interwebs. Here’s a great article on the presentation of women, crime and race in the media. It’s based on American data, but it’s still interesting how much more crime and violence women of colour endure, but how much the media focuses on crimes against white women.

Women make groups smarter!

Want to improve the living conditions of the poorest? Empower women.

Aussie News

What is consent? How can we work to ensure that sexual encounters are the result of mutual respect and desire, and not of power?

Robert McCartney (who does indeed appear to be a man) has written a defense of slutwalks.

$40,000 for “men’s sheds”. Places for men to meet and talk as men. Cos its so hard being a man in this era, what with all us uppity women, we should definitely fund ways for them to escape. Far better idea than women’s refuges or homeless shelters…

On the other hand, family services are to get an additional $1 billion over the next three years, woo hoo! Including community based playgroups!

The Australian Law Reform Commission is writing a new report on family violence and laws, and seeking public submissions!

Men are not naturally rapists unable to control their sexual urges: the role of women is not to prevent men becoming rapists by fulfilling their marriage duties.

A report on the lifetime economic prospects of female carers in Australia. Bad news; female carers get no love, no cashola, and no respect in society. Good news; the gap is narrowing.

Women and Boards

This topic has been in the news a bit recently: here’s isbambi’s post on the subject from earlier this year and MsElouise’s from even earlier!

The Economist writes about the importance of family friendly workplaces.

Yay, Aussie women now make up 12% of board members! Wait……seriously, is 12% something to CELEBRATE?!?!


Chally has written about how her fiction writing has so often reflected the personal challenges she has faced, including her struggles over her racial identity. It’s pretty heart breaking and beautiful writing, and includes some reflections of the association of ‘whiteness’ with ‘normality’.

Disability and menstruation.

Cat calling at women on the street isn’t funny; it can be terrifying, and it totally dehumanizes that woman. Its threatening behaviour that makes women feel unsafe. It’s NOT a compliment, if it were a compliment it would treat us as human beings, not slabs of prettily arranged meat.

Yet thegoodmenproject follows that up with “I can’t be a good father because my evil ex-wife divorced me and now I have to work AND look after the kiddies”. Oh, poor man, do you have to work and look after your kids?!?? NO ONE COULD EVER EVER DO THAT!! What HORROR….oh wait….working mothers…… OH I know, women shouldn’t work; because if they work….they must not love their children!  Sometimes the goodmenproject annoys the ever-loving bejeezuz outta me.

Can one be a feminist and  a social conservative? Does feminism demand a radical social agenda? Is Sarah Palin a feminist?????

A porn star, and a mum. Quick somebody make a milf joke…

Just how important are song lyrics? An interesting post on the intersection between pop music and feminism.

Gloria Steinem thinks that feminism is born of an in-born desire for equality; we are feminists before we learn anything of gender.

A really great post by Caperton about how liking cupcakes does not mean one can’t be a feminist,and incidentally its really  insulting to call grown women “girly” and think it’s a compliment. Mmmmm, cupcakes.

Dear Marketers, pandering to notions of gender is a really good way to piss off your customers.Yup, even the blokes!


Vintage ad’s for skinny pills and such concoctions. Fun times.

A wall of vulvas. An interesting article on the symbolism of the vulva, and the problems of art.

Image taken from freestockphotos.com under the creative commons license.

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