Welcome to Monday ~ September 5 2011

Dear Monday, you suck. Please go away and send Saturday back in……now! Damn it, why are my time traveling powers failing me now when I need them most! Here’s some links to what the feminaust’s have been reading this week – hope you enjoy them! And remember, these links don’t necessarily reflect the views of the feminausts, in the name of objectivity I’ve included some really, really irritating links.

Article of the Week!

The good men project was on a roll this week – here’s a post by Jason Sperber about what it means to “be a man”. The radical basis of second wave feminism was the way in which the concept of what it meant to “be a woman” was investigated and analyzed (or at least, that’s what I think).  It’s great to see the same kind of analysis being applied to the masculine gender roles  in a serious way.

Aussie News

Women should be allowed to choose as much as possible how they give birth. MP Andrew Laming stands up and says so.  Good.

The Museum of Democracy in Old Parliament House is doing an exhibition on female leaders and wants suggestions and help!!

The Aussie government is reducing the childcare rebate. There’s a petition against it here. Please sign it.

New report from the Aussie government, every six months, on gender indices…indicies…..screw it, data!. From more young women studying for a degree, to more women experience psychological stress, this is an important source of basic information for gender researchers.

More money to help homeless women find employment, where that homelessness is due in part to domestic violence and/or mental illness.

A great response by Mel Campbell to two truly preposterous articles recently by Janet Albrechtsen and “nutjob for hire Bettina Arndt”.

Men and Women

Men are using moisturizer. Oh my god, masculinity and civilization must have collapsed!

A very honest post that rips apart the ridiculous argument that a woman must, or should, use her “erotic capital” to move her career forward. Getting ahead by seducing your boss is not really empowering; its short-changing yourself.

Here’s another on how the idea of “erotic capital” will only increase the divide between the sexes and entrench a sense of competition and hostility.


Discover the hilarious comics at Forever Since Breakfast.

A review of the book Granta 115: The F Word.

Chally has a great article pointing out the danger of continuing to pretend that the best, highest aim of a woman’s life is romantic love where her being is subsumed into her partner.

Speaking of, how do you teach young girls how to be grown up, liberated women? Lisa Bloom’s got some suggestions about how we can avoid teaching young girls they are nothing but their looks.

Here’s an extract from the keynote speech delivered by the rather awesome Sophie Cunningham at the Melbourne Writers Festival on the need for feminism. If you wanna see the speech as she gave it, watch the video at her website.

Another article on how slutwalk is not needed and women should understand wolf whistles as a complimentt and not an attack. Oh, and feminism is the exclusive domain of privileged white women with nothing else to do. Once again missing the point of slutwalk –that women cannot cause a man to suddenly become a rapist by wearing small amounts of clothing.  In happier news, slutwalk made it to South Africa recently, check out the photos!

How bicycles freed women.

Models may have to offer proof that they are over the age of 16 in order to participate in New York Fashion week. Well that outta solve all the eating disorders in those under the age of 16…… Anyone else feel like all this crap about larger models and no under-age models is just diversion tactics?  Seeing a size 14 model doesn’t change much, we won’t see her potbelly, we won’t see her stretch marks; the ‘reality’ is still as far away as it ever was.

A link sent through by mama-panther! Thanks, my mum, the woman who brought me The Female Eunuch when I was about 16, thus condemning me to a life of feminism. JC Penny, a  big retail shop in the US, put out a t-shirt with the motto “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me”. Bloggers and news-people around the US pointed out that this was freaking disgusting, and JC withdrew it. Which is good I suppose, but I don’t think I can cope with the fact that it was produced in the first place.

A US court knocked down some really f’d up parts of an abortion law in Texas. Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, is meant to be a small-government conservative, wanting to make government just small enough to invade a woman’s vagina…

The media misrepresents women. It’s not new, but still a really important topic.


Good sex makes life better. Duh

Growing up without a father and with two mothers will destroy society. One of those bigoted, ridiculous articles I can barely bring myself to read.

An article in Slate magazine supporting a woman’s right to be horny, and totally rejecting the right to rape her on that basis.

Canada is cool, and recently had a conference debating the future of activism around sexuality.

Becauseimawhore has a great article up on the perils of dating her clients. We’d also like to congratulate becauseimawhore, her awesome post on Australian feminism and sex work has been translated in to Croatian!

Bubbles has a great tongue-in-cheek post with a serious and important undertone on socially responsible lap dances. And organic sex toys.


This article in Scientific American starts off so good, exploring how concepts of gender shape our thinking. And then concludes that gendered thinking is inescapable. BAH.

Science does not explain the under representation of women in science and IT. Now animated!

Shit’s N Giggles

Manspalining: when superior men explain to us wee little ladies what feminism actually is. Love it.

And the latest post from feminaust reader Casey: it’s short and awesome so I’m quoting it. “I think I’ve finally figured out my sexuality. I only like sleeping with feminists. Is there a word for that?”

Alrighty that should get you started this Monday! Enjoy it!

Imaged taken from vicandwilliam‘s Flickr account under the Creative Commons License.

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