Welcome to Monday ~ September 12 2011

Welcome to Monday fellow feminausts!  Hope the weekend treated you as well as it did me, aside from the inevitable Melbourne-Spring-Drenching I experienced on Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. But no matter! There was beer and St Kilda losing a final and mates and tasty, tasty pub parma. What else could one ask for? Well aside for Monday sodding off for a few more days. Still, lets get into it! Here’s what the gang here has been reading this week, and remember that the opinions contained here do not necessarily reflect our views.

Panther Award

Obviously, this article on mselouise’s dad, who was in the running to be the mentally sexy dad of the year but sadly didn’t quite make it. Top 5 will have to do.

And then this one from Scientific American on the origins of the idea of the “menstrual toxin”, thought to be found in the sweat of menstruating women. Yeah, you read that right.

Australian News.

The brilliant Kate Ellis gave a speech to the UN Woman’s Summit in Sydney.

This gave me a freaking heart attack. Yeah, head of a gossip magazine, increasing female senses of self worth. That makes sense.

Jenny Macklin gave a speech on Fathers Day last weekend, and used the opportunity to talk about Dad and Partner Pay.

So. This got written. And published. OH WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! You know what all the arguments against gay marriage remind me of?? The arguments made against interracial marriage. Thank God for this follow-up – denying gay marriage actually hurts the children. Thank God we’re all THINKING OF THE CHILDREN.

Never been a fan of Jeff Kennett. Closed a crap load of the state schools near where I lived. Introduced pokies to Victoria. But his work with beyond blue has been pretty awesome. And then the TOSSPOT comes out with – for the mental health of children, they should be in a heterosexual household.

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have third world standards of health; here’s a piece from Hexy on the impact and spread of HIV/AIDS in remote communities.

Becauseimawhore has a typically intelligent article on a) why people should mind their own darned business and b) how other people’s discriminatory attitudes (LOOKING AT YOU, KENNETT) would be more harmful to her children than her sex work. Need proof? Look at the wanker who left the first comment. Now, who do I want bringing up a child? The intelligent, funny, thoughtful becauseimawhore? Or anonymous anti-female commenters who supposedly hate sex workers, yet are reading their blogs? Can someone say repressed sexual desires?

Here’s an article about the deep violence and harm done by porn, concluding that academia today has a “a studied indifference to the harm enacted in and by the sexual subordination and cruelty that defines modern pornography”. God, really? I mean, really? Are we still at the point where we treat all pornography like it is studied violence against women? BAH.


I don’t have a problem with strippers, and I don’t have a problem with people I know going to see a strip show, so long as they are respectful of the women that work there. Here’s some advise for women visiting strip clubs; you have to be respectful as well.

So did you guys know that feminism is evil? Because it redefined the home as the location of male violence? Wait….we what? Oh yeah, how DARE anyone pay attention to domestic violence! It’s the THINKING about it that made domestic violence bad.

Disposable menstrual products create a lot of garbage; there’s some interesting analysis here on why these products are  now disposable.

Is marriage for white people? Declining numbers of African-Americans are getting married, and some scholars are concerned that this reflects the decline of close relations in the community.

There’s been some debate around blogs recently about Pretty Woman, and how it is harmful to sex workers, or, in the case of this article, why the movie is awesome; it acknowledges a sex workers right to say no, and it distrusts rich people.

Sinead O’Connor’s challenging beauty.

After all that, America gay and lesbians still want to serve their country; how they are pushing to be readmitted after the end of don’t ask  don’t tell.

The gender wage gap remains huge, but popular perception is that it’s basically on par.

When did women start harvesting their body hair?

Liptember!! The Ladies equivalent of movember!

“Not all women are feminists”. This article initially is really irritating because lets face it, I don’t know many women who long for a return to no birth control, the inability to own property and not being allowed to work. BUT this is actually an interesting argument about how feminism has to aim at allowing each woman to pursue her own understanding of her own path in life, rather than telling women who they have to resist, and how they have to do that. Interesting.

For example, this woman made a book shop take down a display of books “for women”. Awesome.

In the UK, a gender studies course is being sued for being gender biased. Here’s a defense of the existence of such courses.

Science and Medicine

In matriarchal societies, men and women perform equally in science and maths tests. HOLY CRAP

There’s a great post over at the good men project about the harm of the popular perception that women are crap at maths, particularly how it restricts young women, but also freaks out grown up women who suddenly encounter maths in the workplace.

One woman’s account of having been told for years that her painful sex was the result of a mental imbalance, culminating in the discovery that it was actually a physical condition.

LGBTQ  individuals often don’t seek medical treatment early enough because of the discrimination the face and fear. Here’s how some physicians are starting to challenge that.

Here’s a revelation – beauty is not an objective measurement. Men are more likely to think I’m hot if they think their mates think I am.

Them’s the links, kids! Hope you enjoy. And don’t forget to “like” feminaust on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

Photo taken from Flickr user fifikin’s under the Creative Commons license.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday ~ September 12 2011

  1. Thank you for reading, and for the link. Thanks also for considering further than your initial irritation with my argument that not every woman is or ought to be a feminist, and for being able to consider my broader thesis. I very much appreciate your thoughtful reading of the piece, and your gracious reaction to such a polarizing issue, even among feminists.

    — Anna, author of the “Not all women are feminists” link above

    • Glad to hear the Panther is remaining respectful! Make sure you forward any articles you think our readers would enjoy onto info@feminaust.org. We do try to maintain an open, discursive site although of course we all have our own strongly held opinions so this can be hard sometimes!

      – MsElouise, feminaust editor

    • Cheers Anna, I really enjoyed your writing! I learnt long ago its often worth disregarding my knee jerk reactions and reading on further! Glad I did

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