Welcome to Monday ~ 19th September 2011

No women, no peace

Ah a spring Monday in Melbourne. How many kinds of weather shall we get today? Seven? Ten? SOCK IT TO ME I can take it.

Here’s our Monday round up of interesting, perplexing, and annoying links from the previous week.  Art in India, the danger of women in leadership, and the utterly terrifying changes occurring in Mississippi; its all here! Enjoy reading, and remember these links do not necessary reflect our views, arguments strengthen us all etc etc.

Panther Award

So here’s something interesting; you can change your gender on your Aussie passport without having to undergo surgery, which seems to be a pretty important symbol of the increasing acceptance of what Rudd call’s “sex and gender diverse people”. Actually awesome. Go Australia!

Kickarse Awesomeness

You know how you sometimes read what someone’s written, and it makes you want to go out and conquer the world? The Rocky theme song gets stuck in your head and you just wanna go out and beat up some Soviet giants, or whatever the heck it was that was going on in Rocky IV? Well Sleepy Dumpling has written one of them about how she resists the stupid emails she gets from trolls. Which seems to refer to nasty people who comment on her blog rather than actual bridge-dwelling creatures.

Here’s another one, starting with a poem to remind us how much we loved ourselves at the age of five, and how we should strive to rediscover that awesomness.


Penny Williams is Australia’s new Global Ambassador for Women and Girls. Lets see if she gets any actual power and influence, eh? This is the kind of thing that can end up just being a public relations exercise….

Here’s Chally on the problems of using the term “solution” when talking about vulnerable people. It’s a great reflection on how the language we use around vulnerable people, or disadvantaged groups – such as indigenous Australians, or asylum seekers – shapes our reactions to them.

Only 12% of the senior scientists at the CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, are women. Which is precisely the same percentage of women that make up board members in Australia. Depressing, but at least we’re consistent! Wait…

Do you guys have your five year plan for you mothering yet?? This is hardly an interesting or important article on how women should not feel bad about not having it all. It’s the usual crap – its ok to feel overwhelmed (OHMYGOD thanks for the permission!) and basically arguing that you should approach motherhood as if it is a career ladder you are trying to climb. You know, make sure you are maintaining a network, outsource (YES THEY USE THAT WORD) whatever you can.  And always, “make the job work for you”. Yay for supporting women struggling with work and being mums and etc etc. But utter boo for  equating family life with the corporate ladder.

Can I confess something? I really like Kevin Rudd. Still. For many reasons, but the most relevant for this blog has to be that Therese Rein is a fabulous, powerful woman and the Ruddster seems to love that. Oh and here’s what he wrote on how women are key to solving poverty and strife around the world or something.

Agreeing with Janet Albrechtsen on Julia Gillard’s challanges freaks me out. Luckily, she then blames Gillard for playing up her womanhood by wearing pink and having a house or something. Thank God. Where I do agree is that I don’t think Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s problem is sexism among the Australian population or media, but her lack of authoritative leadership. I miss the old arsekicking Gillard. Please can I have her back now?


So. Mississippi is about to vote on the, cough, “Personhood Amendment”. It would make abortion illegal, and potentially outlaw some kinds of birth control, in virto fertilization, and stem cell research. Yeah, this could make the Pill illegal. Oh and if you get raped, no morning after pill for you. Oh and are you pregnant? And is that pregnancy putting your life at risk? Sorry. NO SCIENCE OR MODERN MEDICINE FOR YOU.  Here are some links about this story about how women’s bodies are everybody’s business but their own.


No professional models,  and women over the age of 25??? Hey I wanna buy this make up!

Autumn’s written a piece on her experience as an English teacher in Prague, reflecting on the current discussion of the concept of ‘erotic capital’. She argues that whilst we should not let ‘beauty’ be the be all and end all, we can’t pretend that its not powerful. The key, perhaps, is to understand beauty as more than the surface; about being kind and loving and a ‘beautiful person’ (don’t worry she puts it much less stupidly than me).

Here’s some reflections from Emma on being a tattooed woman, and the judgement that seems to invite; seems its ok to be tattooed so long as you are still clearly feminine.

Culture and Society

More stupid tshirts withdrawn, in the UK this time. One of them included, “I’m so sorry but you provoked me & I was drunk”. Are you kidding me? I mean… are you KIDDING ME? ACTUALLY choking on my rage.

And now choking on tears. There’s a newish website called “Queer Secrets”. Need your heart broken today? Its based on a very popular “Post Secret” website where people could mail in postcards with secrets written on them.

Transphobia is bad; a wonderful article by Ray Filar. And related to that is this post from Avery Dame at Sociological  Images on the treatment of trans people in the media, and how still their existence is reduced to their bodies. The comments section contains some really interesting discussion on the role of the body to the transsexual experience.

Modern dating rules from Jill at Feministe.

Women have to have a phd to earn as much as men with bachelor’s degrees, according to a Georgetown study.

A review of a female artist in India, Gogi Saroj Pal,  with some photos of her great work.

Reflections on the word “feminism” from Scarlett Harris over at the Early Bird, and how caring about the role of women in society should be celebrated, not considered dorky.

Advertisers are lazy. Yep, still.

Feminist podcasts! Get into em.

Science and Medicine.

Why do women have orgasms? Biologically speaking, I mean, not why do they have sex or masturbate in the pursuit of one. Scientific approaches to the question are a bit stuffed up.

More on how the assumption that women are bad at maths contributes to low levels of female engagement in maths. Sun rise, sun set.


It would be unhealthy for men if women were pastors. Because the bible says so. Have fun with this one. Wanna feel better? Read some of the comments, looks like a lot of people disagree with this whilst considering themselves good Christians.

Marriage is good and forever and cheating is bad! Divorce is against God! Oh unless your wife gets sick. Then go for it. Chuck her in ‘custodial care’ and get out there and spread thy seed!

There’s a bunch to keep you busy! Enjoy your reading while I got and pack a swimsuit, umbrella and lifejacket for a day in Melbourne.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday ~ 19th September 2011

  1. Thank you so much for the linkage! I am quite honoured.

    I love when I get pingbacks from people linking me up – it introduces me to a new blog to read… and here you are having introduced me to even more.

    • We also invented a totally new section, “Kickarse Awesomeness” for you, Sleepy Dumpling! Perhaps not the most grown up of titles, but summed it up rather nicely, I thought. Cheers for reading!

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