Upcoming event to raise money for a fund that combats violence against women in the Pacific

Bula! A Night Out in the Pacific - raising funds for women in the Pacific

There’s an event being held in Melbourne on Friday 30 September to raise money for the UN Women Pacific Facility Fund to Combat Violence Against Women. It’s a cocktail evening called “Bula! A Night Out in the Pacific”. It will be held at Tiki Bar (327 Swan St, Richmond). Click on the image for more deets.

The event is being organised and run by Young UN Women Australia – Melbourne Committee, of which I am Chair. It’s going to be a great opportunity to support a good cause and have a good night, and all of our volunteers have been working themselves silly to get it all ready in time!! Don’t hesitate or you’ll miss out on early bird tickets ($35)!

If you want to know why this is an important cause, read on!

Pacific women experience some of the highest levels of violence against women in the world. Approximately two in three Pacific women have reported experiencing physical and/or sexual violence from their spouse or partner.

Many studies suggest that Pacific women and men believe that men are justified in perpetrating violence against their intimate partners.

UN Women’s Pacific Facility Fund to End Violence against Women (Pacific Fund to End VAW) was established in March 2009 to provide much needed funding, development and learning opportunities for individual women and grassroots organisations working to end violence against women in the Pacific. Currently government departments and NGOs in Fiji, Kiribati, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Nauru receive support with the fund set to expand to cover programs in other countries.

Ending violence against women in the Pacific is necessary to enhance gender equality, end poverty and foster human rights, peace and development. By supporting the Pacific Fund to End VAW you will be providing much needed training and resources to women’s organisations across the Pacific working tirelessly to end violence against women in their homes and communities.

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