Welcome to Monday ~ 26th September 2011

The latest fashion accessory?

Well kids the age old question has been answered, that question that has perplex human beings since God first sneezed and brought us into existence. Panthers can, indeed, have hangovers. Due to some older-getteringness last week, there were some small celebrations Sunday evening (must apologize for the conga-line that formed on Swanson street).  So I shall post this and crawl off to work and no doubt completely destroy something very expensive and crucial to the company.

Enjoy it all, and don’t forget we welcome your responses to anything we’ve posted! Remember not to shoot the messenger though, we don’t necessarily support the views of any of these articles, just trying to bring you what’s out there.

The Panther Award

This week it has to go to Camilla at Girls Are Made From Pepsi, on “Girl Love”, mainly because I recognized myself WAY too much in the little dialogue at the beginning. How to bring the love to your relationships with women, when we live in a culture that teaches us to compete and hate one another.


The US policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell“, has officially ended. Such a great change, makes me sad about ….

What’s going on in Mississippi, with a new law that assigns ‘personhood’ to an egg from the second it is fertalised. Here’s a great article from Ms. Blog on how this bill defies all medical science.

An Indonesia politician suggested that women wearing miniskirts invite rape. Indonesian women, it seems, did not take this well and have mounted protests along the lines of  slutwalk, and forced an apology from the politician. Most excellent.

Great article at the Huffington Post by Dr Pamela Haag on the increasing distance between US liberals and feminists (remembering that in the US, liberal means lefty social liberals).

Are quota’s sexists? A tricky discussion, here’s a view from Kenya. Waga Odongo is hesitant to proscribe the gender of any elected official. Sad that he trots out the old line – women are too busy running the lives of everyone else to get involved in politics. But a really interesting article nonetheless.


Australia commits 2.2 million to microfinancing aimed at women.

Closing the gender gap would help to boost growth and reduce poverty. HOLY CRAP ON A STICK FOR REALS?!?!  Who’d have thunk.

From the Economist, here’s an article arguing that economic growth in-and-of-itself has very little effect on the wage gap between the genders; it takes a larger social effort to reform everything from laws to social attitudes.


Did ya’ll know porn is bad and is the opposite of freedom and feminism? Anyone else notice that these stories are always lament the fate of women in porn? Are the men in porn not effected by the badness? Or is this a moral judgment on women, disguised as concern for them?

Here’s coverage of a protest in the UK, against the porn industry again, because of the “violence it does to women and children”. The assumptions about the women and men involved in this industry blow my mind….

It is of course possible I have been corrupted by the EXCELLENT podcast, Having Sex with Katie Morgan and Cassie Young, two porn actresses in the US who love their job. And given the level of awesomeness they attain, I’m just putting it out there; these are not oppressed, downtrodden, exploited women. I’ve linked to this before, but I must support it again as I’ve been listening to an episode every morning on my way to work and scaring the crap outta everyone else on the train laughing my arse off.

Here however, is a very well thought through and intelligent article from Terre Spencer at the Good Men Project on why she, personally. doesn’t like porn or polygamous relationships. Such conversations seem much more interesting when they avoid the sweeping moral judgements, no?

What they don’t teach you in sex ed classes, but really should, by Clarisse Thorn

Society and Culture

Hot people do better in the world.

Seriously, isn’t pregnancy enough without it becoming fashionable as well?

You’re so emotional”, “you’re overreacting” “are you on your period?”. Here’s a great post from The Good Men Project exploring how these attitudes condition women to act emotionally unstable, and make men expect it; both things that continue the cycle. God I wish they hadn’t gone with that headline though!

Sociological Images has a copy of a new jeans ad about “jeans for every size” which includes five models. So far as I can tell, they are size 1,2,3,4 and 5. Yay diversity!

How one woman saved her course on literature and feminism with one simple call: “Looking for hot sex?”. Actually a really interesting article on the challenges of teaching feminism and literature in a society that looks askance at any men who are interested in either.

Ampersand has a great round up of links discussing abortion – some interesting readings.

Salon’s got an article on how contemporary TV shows like Mad Men seem to display a rather concerning level of nostalgia for sexism.

Seven lessons to be learnt from romantic comedies. Warning, sarcasm ahoy!

As a tall lass myself, this post about the crap we face from the world –  ESPECIALLY if we are romantically involved with a shorter person – made me feel better. And a little arse-kicky. (Found from the fabulous Autumn at The Beheld)


Good Men Project has a really interesting post on women, beauty, and if some women can be considered to have an ‘addiction’ to beauty. Its an interesting exploration, though my first reaction to it was to get a bit pissed off. Not sure why (stay tuned for a Panther Responds!)

Autumn at The Beheld has a very interesting post up in response to the advise given to beautiful women to ‘just enjoy’ it. It’s a great reminder that the ‘beauty standards’ of the day can have a negative effect on all people – those who are judged beautiful, and those of us who, perhaps, do not fit into that mold due to excessive height/beer bellies/glasses.

They followed it up with this post about beauty and the Miss Representation campaign on Twitter which is trying to change how women are viewed and presented in the media.

Alright, the Panther has an appointment with a vat of coffee and a elephant sized doughnut, the official breakfast of queens. Have a great week dudes!

Image taken from Flickr user davhor under the Creative Commons License.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday ~ 26th September 2011

  1. Hi. Lili here. First, I just wanted to mention that in HER article, Terre Spencer clearly states in her bio that she’s a, well, female.

    Also, please feel free to check out my interview with Dr. Robert Jensen on sex positive movement/ porn/ patriarchy and more…ENJOY!!! And keep up the good work….

    http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/is-sex-positive-ever-negative/ Part One

    http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/erotica-patriarchy-and-pornography/ Part Two

  2. Thanks so much Panther! I LOVE Feminaust! It is all kinds of awesomesauce. Can’t wait to read through some of these links!
    I have an ex boyfriend who lives in Scotland, and he was actually the person to make me start thinking about gender equality (a feminist man! A real life one!). Anyways, he had no idea I was writing Girls Are Made From Pepsi, and he is actually a regular reader of Feminaust. So he started reading my blog, and then found out I was the author. Small world, huh!

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