Welcome To Monday ~ Monday 3rd October

Seriously how is it October already? I haven’t even gotten started on my new years resolution about world domination! Enjoy the Monday linkity-links, and remember that we link to many articles, not all we agree with, but all that we believe are worth thinking and talking about.

Panther Award

Tits and Sass’s Suzy Hooker has a really interesting and intelligent article responding to a recent article on the language used around sex work. She gets really stuck into the notion that sex workers “sell their bodies”, arguing that she employs her body; she herself as a person is not ‘up for sale’. Quote of the week: that the language employed by anti-sex work feminists “assumes I’m regularly putting myself in dangerous and degrading situations, and that I’m too stupid to make positive, conscious decisions for myself. These assumptions about my stupidity and weak character degrade me much more deeply than my work ever has.”


An exhibition in Turkey celebration 100 years of female art; basically it’s attempting to trace the progress of women in Turkish society.

Comics and women are a notoriously complex and often irritating issue; the only women in comic strips with normal sized boobs are the ‘ugly’ ones. Laura Hudson has an intelligent analysis of why the ‘sexually liberated’ action heroines are really anything but.


Slutwalk came to Baltimore, USA recently, and Jenny Gaeng has written a really interesting reflection on the phenomenon. She’s got some great quotes about the motivations of those who were involved and how totally blown away the organisers were by the turn out.

Further reflections on PETA being idiotic.

The average cash spent on an Australia wedding is 36,000 dollars. So there you go, legalize gay marriage and pump up the Aussie economy!

Women can now serve in the front line for the Aussie defense force. And I found out about this by the New York Times, oddly enough…

And then the Australian Defense Association jumps in and says “oh why, nasty, there will be more dead soldiers if this happens”, and a disproportionate number of female casualties.  Oh and there will be ‘cultural diffiuclties”. Really dudes? At least come up with a new creative way to say “women are crap fighters and their vaginas get in the way of the guns”. The Big. Manly. Guns. Not that I’m in favour of ANY soldiers dying, but really kids, can we at least talk about the real issues? The military has made some important steps but it is by and large a boys club that doesn’t easily accept women. Let not pretend that the problem is that one pulls a gun trigger with one’s penis.

Tigtogs typically intellectual response to the recent Andrew Bolt court case.

Kicking arse, just like a girl. Emily Hauser on reclaiming the phrase “like a girl” from the realms of nonsense.

Quiet Riot Girl has a post at the Good Men Project looking at the idea of rape culture and how she feels that some feminists misuse the concept to create  a status of victimhood. Provocative, but very intelligently and delicately handled.

Reflections on how language reflects the social standards of the day; for Raili Simojoki reclaiming the word “cunt” is going to take a whole social revolution.


China Daily has an article reflecting on the experiences of women in China, which investigates the problems and gaps of the sexual harassment laws in that country.

Iceland was recently declared to be the best place on earth to be a woman. Júlíana Björnsdóttir isn’t having it – if this is the best, the world is a little bit stuffed. Equality is only achieved when notions of gender actually disappear; not when women remain a ‘’special” group in society.

There’s a movement in France to eradicate the term “mademoiselle”  Kinda cool! And connects up to recent debates on this site about the centrality of language to feminism.

Foreign Policy has an article reviewing the recent changes in Saudi Arabia allowing women to vote (in 2015). They advise caution in any suggestion that this is a real step forward.


So now make-up is about inner beauty! Wait. An awesome article by Autumn guest blogging over at Sociological Images.

And then she follows it up with further reflections on her home blog.

Shit’s N Giggles

So, men broke the universe. Seriously. Some dudes think they have measured a particle moving at faster than the speed of light, which is meant to be the fastest speed in the universe (except of course for how quick I can eat camembert). Anyway, they repeated the experiment, redid their results, and are now really freaking out and have asked the scientific community to lease, please prove them wrong. Cos if they’re right then, well, physics. Kind of broken. Oh and this guy promised to eat his shorts if they are proven right. Feminist related news? Not really. A brilliant demonstration of how even the things we take the most for granted can be questioned? Darn right.

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