Welcome to Monday ~ 10th October 2011

Monday links! Here’s our round up of the most interesting and important pieces published in the last week; none of which necessarily reflect our view etc etc. We’ve got cooking, slutwalk and world peace in this weeks mix, so lets get to it!

Panther Award

Slutwalk has generated a lot of discussion in feminist and sociological circles in the last year; and feminaust has linked to many posts in favour of the movement and its message. Slutwalk has attracted criticisms from many sources, some full of crap but some important and interesting as well. Here’s Autumn’s take on why she finds it hard to connect to slutwalk:

I have to question a movement that seems to draw a good part of its power from being looked at. I have to question a movement whose markers uncomfortably resemble objectification; I have to question a movement that, in attempting to steer the conversation about sexual assault away from women’s bodies, invites the gaze right back onto them”

Its powerfully written, deeply persuasive, and above all, a fan-damn-tabulous example of the kind of sophisticated and penetrating intellectual thought in contemporary feminism. Hoyden About Town has a few reflections on the issue as well.

Women on the Front Line

A rebuttal to Clive Hamilton and his arguments against women serving in the military; “I didn’t come out of the womb with a political view, I formed that all by myself, clever little girlie that I am”.

A good summation of that face-smacking moment when ‘we’ women realize that our equality can still be questioned.

Van Badham (God I hope that’s her real name) has a great round up of articles on this issue, plus a hilarious and sarcastic attack on the role that gender stereotypes are playing in this debate.


A judge ruled that two Australian transsexuals in Western Australia are allowed to change their gender on their birth certificates from ‘female’ to ‘male’ even without genital surgery.

Food is awesome; but professional kitchens are rarely the most welcoming place for women. Here’s a group in the US set up in the 1980s that makes it their mission to support female chefs.

And a group set up to help women in media!

Women’s peace = world peace.

Chally has spent the last two weeks or so writing a few posts on Alice Mitchell, an American ‘society woman’ who murdered another  woman out of love. Read all five articles, Chally gets really stuck in to how the case revealed the falsity of many of the assumptions of the USA in the 1890s.

There’s a new program in Victoria aimed at helping sex workers to move out of sex work and into other employment. As a warning, the article repeats many stereotypes of sex workers – feminaust would love to hear the reactions to the article or the program from any of our readers who work in the industry.

The Aussie Labor federal government may have a debate on legalizing gay marriage.


I’ve avoided responding to the current debate about “erotic capital”  because i find it so asinine. So I was really happy to read this post by Scarlett Harris who used the idea to jump into a discussion of how she resists the relentless pressure on women to look perfect; by very calmly, and very deliberately, embracing what she’s got, no matter how its defined as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

The glass ceiling; not caused by women’s desire for cute babies and booties over career achievement. Go, scientific proof!

A great video at Think Progress taking aim at the correlation between “feminist” and “crazy” in popular culture

Men in ‘pin up’ poses. Hot.

“Sam Barrett has dug trenches three-feet deep and been propped up in a titty bar on Sunset Strip. He still wonders what it means to be a man”. It’s a beautifully written piece, but I’m still not sure what in his definition of ‘manhood’ excludes women, or more accurately is specific to men. Which, reflecting on it, may be the point…..

“Fat” as an identity.

A really interesting post on the conflicting reactions to being whistled at on the street – is it always harassment and threatening? And is one a bad feminist for enjoying the attention? (via The Beheld).



Sikh  feminists meet up in Toronto. Since I’ve been doing these round-ups, I’ve noticed that Canada is pretty awesome, aside from the occasional hockey-induced riot.

A  church in Kenya has been sheltering several Massai girls escaping the practice of female circumcision, which is still legal in Kenya. Though you do now go to jail if you circumcise someone and they die. The article surveys many of the problems of female circumcision, including death, disability etc and recognizes all that as human rights abuses but manages to completely fail to mention that the practice almost universally robs women of sexual enjoyment before they’ve had a chance to explore it.

Alrighty there’s a wee wrap up to get your week off to a good start! Have a great one XOXO

Image taken from feminausts photos of the Melbourne Slut Walk.

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