Welcome To Monday ~ 24th October 2011

My original girl crush, Ani Difranco

OH GLORIOUS MONDAY!! The first business day where the newly freed Panther does NOT have to schleep to a minimum wage call centre job in order to keep herself in voles and reindeer (that’s what Panthers eat, right?).  So you enjoy your Monday, I shall be in bed, in flannel pajamas, eating all the peanut butter and toast that’s physically possible to imbibe. Hello adulthood!

It’s been a week here at feminaust; “Feminists are better in bed” produced a bevy of compliments that have inflated our heads to the size of American high school quarterbacks. The panther has been freed. And the Occupy Melbourne protests provided HOURS of giggles when having walked past the protest on Friday, the Panther heard: “Oi you cops! defend the constitution! The Bill of Rights gives us the right to free speech!!”

But as always, we’ve managed to read a crapload of other peoples work as well. Here are the weekly links, what we’ve found interesting, irritating, bizarre, thoughtful and distracting. Don’t shoot the messenger, and let us know any links you find that you think should be included! (yes, even if you wrote them)

Panther Award

Scientific American! For this EXCELLENT article on stupid things famous people have said about science; especially Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly saying that “you can’t explain why the tide goes in”. Excellent. Dunno exactly how its feminist, but its definitely on the side of reason and science.

Shit That Keeps Us feminaust

The perfect boob shape has been discovered, and you know its real because even WOMEN agreed. FOR CRAPS SAKE.

Skepchick responds to a video that blames women for the wage gap. GARGH to the video and LOVE to skepchick!

Men and Masculinity

Sociological Images has a link to a great 4 minute youtube video on masculinity in Disney films. Required watching for those of us who consider ourselves arsekicking modern women … who wonder why sometimes we find ourselves wondering where our knight in shining amour is.

Jezebel on Wikipedia and ‘mens rights’.

Feminism goes wrong when it forgets that it aims to free both women and men from the straightjacket of gender roles.


October 19th was Love Your Body Day, and NOW has up a big list of people who blogged about it.…..lots of good posts….including one from us!

Tig Tog called up the Marie Stopes clinic to say thank you in the wake of a protest against their abortion services out the front.

An interview with Gloria Steinem, that reproduces her answers in long form. Excellent, inspiring reading as Steinem embraces aging.

Fashion advice seems to always be about hiding your imperfections. Where’s the celebrations?

Scarlett Harris loves porn, and wants you to know about its educative potential.

Already Pretty has a guest post up by Stacey on her approach to fashion, style, and body image; and how its shaped, or not, by her disability. “Women with obvious disabilities may be invisible in the culture at large, but that doesn’t mean we have to be invisible in real life”.

Blue Milk on the ‘terrifying softness of motherhood”.

Autumn has a thoughtful article up questioning the notion of “loving your body”; what does it mean? Is it really a useful goal? May it not just reenforced our culture’s preoccupation with looks? (In other words, this is the more elegant, articulate, and less red-wine influenced version of last weeks Panther Responds!)

Rachel Hills asks,  “Why say “slut” when what we really mean is “I don’t trust her and I’m scared that she might hurt me”?”


Will women get a role in the new Egyptian government?

There’s a tumblr of “hot women of occupy wall street”. Way to support the revolution, dude. He recently defended his non-biased attitude by making a joke about rape.

A crack down on those exploiting student visa’s to get sex workers to Australia. This oughta work out well….Kate Ellis also announced some money to fight illegal trafficking of labour, which seems a much better focus.

The Aussie government is looking for applications from groups that support carers; there’s 1.6 million up for grabs for those who focus on young carers, so get on to it!


Science, eyesight, and love.

Sex is fun; Holly responds to a few recent attacks on stance on sex. I would like this opportunity to extend a high-five to her and her attempts to stand up and make it clear that her sexuality is not all there is too her. Revolutionary…..

In related news, did you know masturbation makes you gay, because you are sexually attracted to yourself? Jill isn’t having it.

Raging Strumpet on current tentative moves to decriminalise sex work in South Australia.

Why cheerleading should be considered a sport.

Stats! On wealth distribution in Australia. Stop press, the rich got richer.

Girl Crushes

A young female Melbourian scientist, Dr Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat, has won a prize of $25,000 for being scientifically creative and awesome.

Catra Corbett is “kaleidoscopically tattooed” and once ran 212 miles. Hello new hero!

Sal has had a “mad-rampant girl-crush” on Pink for 10 years; here’s why.

Female inventors in history!

Alrighty, enough of this being awake nonsense. Nighty-night!

Image taken from WEBN-TV’s flickr account under the Creative Commons Liscense.

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I’ve just moved back to my hometown, Melbourne, after getting engaged. This means searching for a job. I’ve got a PhD in something fairly useless; some customer experience history; and a few years under my belt as a public servant all-rounder. So basically, I have no specialty, don’t qualify for entry-level roles, and am a little afraid I’m going to end up back in an outbound call center…… “Hi, this is Dr Panther. Do you have a moment to discuss your current mobile phone plan?” Given I recall job searching as second only to the pain of wisdom teeth removal, I decided I needed an area to vent and try and turn the experience into a fun story. If I let the crazy out here, then my future employers will just get the professional, awesome version of Aimless Panther, right?

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    • Hehehehe, I thought it was more catchy than “Scarlett Harris thinks that the educative potentials of porn need to be considered in current discourses that make assumptions of its disturbing nature”

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