Welcome to Monday ~ 31st October 2011

Jessica Mack writes that “intimacy is not a casualty of autonomy”.

Beauty Redefined on the power of misbehaviour when we are confronted by the beauty and media industries that try to co-op our kickarse for their campaigns.

Skepchick does not want to be a sexy Halloween anything; how did a night in which to celebrate the dark, the twisted, the unbeautiful become about this??

Mandolin has a really though-provoking post up about free will, determination, and how easy it is to forget that the focuses of feminism are culturally bound as well. “Choices” are politically and culturally bound and there is no universal answer (but read Mandolins writing, its much more coherant than this….)

Ileana Jiménez on how she combines feminism and teaching, to the point she identifies her job as a “feminist teacher”, not a teacher with feminist leanings. Pretty brave in a world where its more acceptanble to say “I’m not a feminist but….”

A scientific review of marriage; key concept, find someone who makes you miserable in ways you can live with. Actually good reading.

Corrine Grant on the weirdness of the Occupy Brisbane protests; perhaps one should know what they are protesting about before they grab a placard?

Jezebel has a post up ostensibly about the politics of sex-on-the-first-date; but I think its actually about the way we fantasises about our lives working out, and, how we react when those fantasies turn out to be, well. Fantasies.

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About AimlessPanther

I’ve just moved back to my hometown, Melbourne, after getting engaged. This means searching for a job. I’ve got a PhD in something fairly useless; some customer experience history; and a few years under my belt as a public servant all-rounder. So basically, I have no specialty, don’t qualify for entry-level roles, and am a little afraid I’m going to end up back in an outbound call center…… “Hi, this is Dr Panther. Do you have a moment to discuss your current mobile phone plan?” Given I recall job searching as second only to the pain of wisdom teeth removal, I decided I needed an area to vent and try and turn the experience into a fun story. If I let the crazy out here, then my future employers will just get the professional, awesome version of Aimless Panther, right?

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