Welcome to Tuesday! ~ 8th November 2011

Welcome to Tuesday! Due to an unexpected fold in the space time continuum, otherwise known as, ‘a bit of a bugger of a week’, the feminausts sorta forgot about our Welcome to Monday roundup. So we’re making up for it with a bumper Welcome to Tuesday!

Please enjoy our handpicked links and lovings and feel free to comment, discuss and generally enjoy (but don’t shoot the messenger).

Pony Award

You may have noticed this week’s round-up is coming from feminaust founder MsElouise, instead of our usual insightful Aimless Panther. Those people who know MsElouise are usually a bit confused at the name as it has no recognisable connection with the author and yet is a “normal” name (sorry Panther, you too can be “normal” if you want). The story is, that Miss Elouise is my horse’s name, a fine Arabian mare so MsElouise is her feminist alter-ego and so this weeks Pony Award goes to (and please excuse the narcissism here) the new and fabulous young feminist website SettlePetal. Brought to you by the Young Women’s Advisory Group (YWAG) of the Equality Rights Alliance (and edited by MsElouise). SettlePetal is a new space for young Australian men and women to have their voices heard on gender equality, feminism and related topics. Speaking of the YWAG, they’re currently recruiting two new members so if you’re aged 16-30, female and living in Australia, you should totally consider applying! It’s fun, you get to have your voice heard, attend meetings and events and occasionally fly to meet the rest of the group, plus you can be a key contributor to SettlePetal and make a difference to Australian women around the country.

International Men of Misogyny.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is such a d-bag his pursuit and violation of women with less power than him is being made into a porn film

Why the failure of Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden is NOT a failure of society.

James Bond of the internet or Paranoid Chauvinist Pig? asks Comment is Free.

The Interwebs

#MenCallMeThings is trending away on twitter and causing quite the storm. Tiger Beatdown tells us why over here

Sexist abuse on the internet is vile, well no arguments here and the more that is said about the way that individuals abuse their anonymity online the better!

A woman’s opinion is the mini-skirt of the internet, how men continue to find excuses to degrade and debase women in every area of life.

You’re Beautiful and he’s a Twat responds to the standard “don’t be so sensitive comments” with some firepower of her own.

Emanix explains the tweet-athon I’m Not Here for your Entertainment and you can buy the t-shirt’s here! And read this great article about the first encounter with the male gaze here (via Girls are Made from Pepsi)

Trolling, we all know what it is and how gross it feels. Vanessa Thorpe and Richard Rogers bring it up in all seriousness on Comment is Free (via Australian Booty)

Facebook needs to get onboard with the whole, rape isn’t cool, thing. NOW

And Australia certainly isn’t immune from the troll disease. #mencallmethings is now a worldwide trending topic based on the horrid things feminist writes are sent in response to having opinions.

Print Media

Marie Claire gives positive body image another crack, with mixed results

How to rewrite a chauvinist approach to career parity.

Sorta kinda fits here. Girls are made from pepsi gets her teeth into GWADT and H&M fashion

International Feminism and Feminist Happenings!

Chinese women have a secret language to allow communication that the men folk couldn’t understand!

Believe it or not, feminism in the global south has not been a donation from the north!

Crimson Campaign take a proper look at menstruation and HIV, once again a sensible approach to that thing that happens to all women for half their life.

Stuff n Nonsense

A few weeks ago we got all googley eyed over this post about girl love from Girls are Made from Pepsi. Now the lady herself has gotten us onto some more girl love/hate rhetoric thanks to Good Morning Midnight, specifically about Kreayshawn and Lana Del Ray. We think this is a topic worth continuing and Early Bird Catches the Worm certainly seems to agree since she wrote this awesomness, saying

“I’m so sick of this “boys will be boys” and “girls are made from sugar and spice” (but struggle to be nice to one another) bullshit!”

so if you have anything more to say about the way women can love each other better in a totally awesome way, talk to us! info@feminaust.org

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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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