Welcome to Monday ~ November 14th 2011

Apologies dear readers for the patchy Mondays for the last fortnight, things have been somewhat dramatic in Pantherland and show no signs of calming down unfortunately! Here are what the feminaughts have been reading for the last week, with somewhat less detail than usual

Panther Award

Lipmag is up and running! Get over and check them out, espeically this piece on why owning scales can be harmful to any attempt to be healthy…

Politics and Society

Matt Epling was a gay teenager in Michigan who killed himself after he was bullied. Michigan just passed an anti-bullying law that requires all schools to institute anti-bullying policies. And defends the right to bully if one has moral or religious objections. Matt’s dad is leading the chorus against such ridiculousness.

2011 awards for Equal Opportunity For Women in the Workplace have come out. In the last year I’ve worked for one of these companies, and if THAT is a good place for women to work I am going to sit down and cry.

Gay penguins at a Canadian zoo are going to be split up to encourage them to breed, as they are an endangered species.

Foreign Policy has a quick article up on what American leaders consider the biggest threat to America. Usual stuff, but interesting links. And the occasional moronic response, eg “the homosexual agenda”, (“we must choose between homosexuality and liberty, because we cannot have both”) which I ABSOLUTELY consider more threatening than crazy moralistic types who believe that wiping out a group of human beings is a great way to pursue liberty.

On average, forty eight women are raped in the Congo ever hour. 

Via Skepchick a great piece on the top ten shonky products in Oz this year. Dunno how its related to feminism, but whatever.

Sex Work

Story has written a thought provoking piece on the conflation of adult sex work and child-sex trafficking.

A Sydney escort agency is offering sex. ARGH. Wait. Huh? Oh RIGHT, its offering a woman’s virginity. Can we all spell moral outrage because virginity is our most important attribute??  Oh and obviously she’s only doing this because she needs the money desperately, so clearly she needs the Australian Family Association to speak for her….


Chally asks, how do we start to challenge the social mores the restrict our freedom? Start understanding them as a story – and one that can be changed.

This has been doing the rounds recently, a piece about how being a woman writer on the internet attracts its own kind of challenges….

Fatty Bombaness

Fruit makes you fat now. No, actually, the doctor interviewed says rather sensibly that the overconsumption of ANY food can make you fat, and with the high level of sugar in fruit it can be problematic if, say, you ate 5 apples a day along with a regular diet. But why let the sensible advise – eat a wide range of food in sensible portions – get in the way of a nice headline, eh Age? “Excess sugar is bad for you”? “Try not to overindulge”?

Attention business leaders, you can’t be a good leader if you are fat . Mmmmmm hmmmmm.

Read it to be disgusted by what is required by models to look good on the catwalk; only protein shakes for 9 days, nothing but water the two days before, and no liquid 12 hours before a show. Can’t think of any other jobs that require such abuse of ones body……health and safety inspectors??

Here’s a much more articulate response to this than mine, from Fit and Feminist, about the stupidity of the pursuit of a ‘healthy’ look through such unhealthy methods.

Weight loss surgery as a tool, not a cure for obesity. I still find weight loss surgery a deeply creepy and worrying idea, but at least this doc seems to be a bit more sensible about it!


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I’ve just moved back to my hometown, Melbourne, after getting engaged. This means searching for a job. I’ve got a PhD in something fairly useless; some customer experience history; and a few years under my belt as a public servant all-rounder. So basically, I have no specialty, don’t qualify for entry-level roles, and am a little afraid I’m going to end up back in an outbound call center…… “Hi, this is Dr Panther. Do you have a moment to discuss your current mobile phone plan?” Given I recall job searching as second only to the pain of wisdom teeth removal, I decided I needed an area to vent and try and turn the experience into a fun story. If I let the crazy out here, then my future employers will just get the professional, awesome version of Aimless Panther, right?

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