Welcome to Monday ~ 28th November 2011

Here’s what the feminausts have been reading this week! Hope you enjoy

Panther Award

How you can help find a cure for drug resistant malaria. Yes. Seriously. You.


Continuing reflections on how fat has become the worst thing in the world.

And then an awesome post from Fat Heffalump on the freebies she gets from being a “bolshy fat activist blogger“, which I’m pretty sure is the literary way of saying “being full of awesome”.

Life’s short, you’re wife is fat, so you’d better join this website and have an affair. Ahhh logic.


Science confirms women are crazy-arsed bitches.

Feminism and Occupy?? Walking past Occupy Melbourne I was treated to the just fantabulous sound of a protestor yelling at the police to uphold the Australian Bill of Rights, of which the First Amendment gives us the right to free speech. Since then, found it hard to take them seriously, in Australia at least. Still, its a big movement at the moment so probably at least worth investigating a bit. (Along with the quality of Australia education, because SERIOUSLY DUDE) Though I don’t hold with this writers conflation of the ‘Arab Spring’ and the Occupy movement in the USA (or just quietly, that American women are not equal under the US constitution).

November 20th was the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The role of language in the reporting of rape: apparently US newspapers have around 40 words they use to avoid the phrase “a child was raped”.

Kaylia Payne’s excellent short history of feminism and it’s waves.

Speaking of; I knew that some Americans get a little nutty about their football and baseball and such, almost as much as Melbournians and their AFL teams. Covering up child abuse seemed a bit extreme though…until I remembered the reactions of some to the rape scandals in AFL a few years ago. I guess sporting prowess surpasses the protection of the young and vulnerable in both hemispheres…..

Kyle Sandilands went on a violent, sexist rant against a female journalist who dared to report on his failing show.

Scantily clad is scantily clad; a study suggests there is little difference in how we judge scantily clad men or women. Can we all tell I am enjoying the term “scantily clad”??


Flirting is fun; work takes up much of our days; when does it move from fun to sexual harassment? And do we have to sacrifice the fun in order to stop sexual harassment? and DAMN you South Park, will I ever be able to say “sexual harassment” without then singing “panda”???

How to supervise someone you know biblically in the workplace.

The role of the customer in sex work; I’ve read quite a bit of writing that supports female sex workers, but seeks to demonize those who purchase their services. Never really made sense to me….

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I’ve just moved back to my hometown, Melbourne, after getting engaged. This means searching for a job. I’ve got a PhD in something fairly useless; some customer experience history; and a few years under my belt as a public servant all-rounder. So basically, I have no specialty, don’t qualify for entry-level roles, and am a little afraid I’m going to end up back in an outbound call center…… “Hi, this is Dr Panther. Do you have a moment to discuss your current mobile phone plan?” Given I recall job searching as second only to the pain of wisdom teeth removal, I decided I needed an area to vent and try and turn the experience into a fun story. If I let the crazy out here, then my future employers will just get the professional, awesome version of Aimless Panther, right?

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday ~ 28th November 2011

  1. Thanks for the link love! Though I wasn’t really talking about the freebies (those are an added bonus) but how Autograph are finally listening beyond just whether or not someone likes an individual garment. Taste is subjective, but good customer service, positive marketing and fat friendly business are a universal win for all fatties.

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