Welcome to Monday ~ 5th December 2011

Welcome, feminausts, to the first Monday of the last month of 2011! It’s an exciting time for us at feminaust, we’re looking down the barrel of a new year, we will celebrate our 6 month anniversary of the launch of our fabulous site and over the next month we will be taking some time to reflect on the people who have made the first half year of feminaust such a success. Please enjoy this weeks round-up. We certainly enjoy bringing them to you. And don’t forget not to shoot the messenger, just talk about it! (preferably in the comments)

Extra Special Girl Love Award

Please check out this little beauty from Dream, Delight, Inspire (via Girls are made from Pepsi) about intra-girl-blog-love something I’ve found to be a really beautiful part of editing this website. We all heard about #mencallmethings. Well after reading this I almost feel like starting a #womencallmethings with all the amazing, supportive, positive, beautiful things that fellow women bloggers, webbery peeps and writers-on-the-interwebs have said and posted.

You know who you are ladies and you know we love you! xxxxx

Pony Award

Eve Ensler gets angry and tells everyone she’s Over Rape, in this article in the Huffington Post. I love an angry woman demonstrating her absolute fed-up-ness (yes, that is a word) with something that is just so normal but yet so abominable. Ensler does a great job of reminding us that while gender based and sexual violence is commonplace, that does not make it acceptable and if we’re going to prevent violence against women we need to rise up and demand something better.

Sport ~ It’s kinda ironic that we have such a big sports section of the round-up this week as I’m currently spending most of my time sitting on my couch at home with my leg in the air after a very nasty sprain at my circus class on Monday. We can all let out a big cheer that it’s not broken as was suspected and just three times its normal size instead!

A Melbourne woman has made history by becoming the first female coach in the VFL. I’m particularly excited about this story as I was canteen lady for the Darebin Falcons for a season, the team that Peta coached to 5 consecutive premierships in the Victorian Women’s Football League.

Check out this website Sporting Sheilas about women in sport in Australia. Some good commentary, discussion and articles.

In October the Victorian Rollery Derby League won the Women’s Health Magazine, I Support Women in Sport, Team of the Year award! Congratulations and keep up the awesome work.

There are No women on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.

Movies and TV

Deconstruction: The Bechdel Test, when it’s useful and when it’s not and how Breaking Dawn can pass the test but still fail at life.

Breaking Dawn, anti-sex, anti-choice, pro-IPV. Sounds like a feminist hell dimension. Thanks to Scarlett Harris for doing the dirty work and seeing the film and then writing about it so I don’t have to. xxx

Oh and xojane had this to offer on the messages about virginity in the film.


How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science…? (Hint, it doesn’t) A funny little slide show demonstrating how biological determinists are once again, WRONG! :O)

How the Economist got it right on crying babies on planes. Yes, it’s ear splittingly annoying when the kid next to you won’t shut up but guess what!? We need babies to keep the world going and parents shouldn’t be forced into house arrest just coz they reproduced.

The amazing Anne Summers responds to the awful Andrew Bolt’s blast in her direction in response to this article in The Monthly.

Forbes on Careers and Marriage. Left column = Fury ~ Right column = Hooray!

Some husbands pay their wives for sex. I know a lot of people who were really shocked by this article and disgusted by what it said about the state of relationships, but my attitude is that it’s actually more normal than we think. Until second wave feminism and greater female autonomy what was marriage but an agreement between a man and a woman that he would protect and provide for her in return for a kept home, sex and procreation? At least with the transfer of cash the wife can choose how she benefits from the arrangement. Do I detect a bit of anti-sex-work-sentiment in the outrage stirred by this article???

The porn wars continue and today it’s all about whether watching porn makes boys into bad, bad men. The Archives of Sexual Behaviour says NO!

Just when you thought it was safe to be a woman in Ohio, another ridiculous law to prevent women accessing safe abortions is introduced. While we’re all happy the personhood bullocks was defeated do we now have another fight on our hands to protect a woman’s right to control the number and spacing of her children safely? Because we know this won’t stop abortions, it will just make them illegal and unsafe.

People think that atheists are as untrustworthy as rapists…. I’m just gonna let that one sit there.

White Ribbon Day

Emerging writer Simone de Beaver writes about her disbelief that a White Ribbon Day ambassador could also indorse a political candidate who believes women who drink are partly to blame if they are assaulted.

MsElouise and isBambi went to the Amnesty International Stop Violence Against Women film festival and saw Cairo 678, a film about street harassment in Egypt. Read the review here.

The intersection of Domestic Violence and guns in the home and in the world. An article at Gender Across Borders as a part of the 16 days of activism against violence campaign.

If you haven’t heard about the 16 days of activism campaign, you should have and you can swot up here. If you’re in Melbourne you can go to this great event, 16 songs for 16 days, on Friday at Federation Square.

And here’s a favourite for you, kicking violence against women’s butt by teaching comprehensive sexuality education. My kinda thinking!

Labour National Conference

Young people tell PM Gillard what-for in regards to marriage equality. 93% of submissions gathered by youth mental health organisation Headspace were in support of lifting the ban on same sex marriage. Of those that did not support marriage equality, over half supported civil unions for same sex partners. Now thinking about THAT Ms Gillard!

Deputy Chief Minister Andrew Barr discusses his disgust with the lack of marriage equality in Australia in the lead up to the National Conference.

Last of all the Fourty Third Down Under Feminist Carnival is ON! Check it out. Now. 

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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  1. Thank you very much for spreading the girl love message with my Support Her Manifesto. I am so glad the word is getting out there! I hope that it makes a little dent in all the bitchiness that happens between women both online and in the “real world”. We are so much stronger together. Thanks again. x

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