Welcome to Monday ~ 2 January 2012

The Spire on Fire - bring on 2012 (Photo: Michelle Griffin)

Oh. My. God. It’s 2012! Welcome to the new year feminausts, we hope you had a great NYE and are looking forward to a fulfilling year ahead.

She who must not be named Award

I love any post that makes it obvious that in most mainstream discussions about gender equality it is men who are absent from the discussion – and that is a major factor for why we aren’t going towards the Feminist Mecca very quickly. While men are absent in these conversations in many ways, the most damaging way is when they are not discussed as solutions/agents for change to solve the gender inbalance. It puts the emphasis on solving this gender equality thing on women. I.e., how do we fix gender equality in boardrooms? Quotas for women (not caps for men), or, make it easier for women to work longer hours through childcare, flexi time (not ask men to provide equal support in the domestic sphere), or my favourite – maternity leave (not paternity leave).

And the Award goes to News With Nipples who points out that “she who must not be named” is actually a “he”. (And no, she doesn’t just mean Voldermort, though he could start cleaning up after himself once in a while).

Weird, weird world

H&M puts real models heads on fake bodies… creepy or what? At least it’s clear now: real women are not perfect enough to wear clothes. We really should all be naked instead. With our muffs out.

Why not having sex in America is bad for you: you will end up on a crappy reality TV show called the Virgin Diaries.

Women reclaiming the power!

Jamaica has it’s first female Prime-Minister reelected. Woohoo. 2012 is when women take over the world (or something)!

Elena Jeffreys on sex work, discusses some of the history of sex work in Australia.

Feminist lessons from Zombie Marie Curie

A child in Florida has two mums, LEGALLY! Cos one is the birth mother and one is the donor. So cool.

Israel’s growing ultra-orthodox (or extremist) class

Leslie Cannold discusses the increased push in Israel for segregation of the sexes by religious extremists and asks everyone to find some balls.

Ultra-orthodox Jews protest for their right to segregate the sexes – with Holocaust yellow stars.

A Panda voted the top 10 Douchebags of 2011… A Panda!!!

Other stuffs

Random but interesting… Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault talking to each other: In ’71, at the height of the Vietnam War, the American linguist and French historian/social theorist appeared on Dutch TV to debate a fundamental question: Is there such a thing as innate human nature? Or are we shaped by experiences and the power of cultural and social institutions around us? Or is it possible to have this entire conversation without any mention of women? Of course it is.

New Year’s resolutions, in my opinion, are stupid. But this will be mine

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