Welcome to Monday! ~ 9th January 2012

Another 2012 Monday! Wow, this year is flying by. What have you got planned for this fabulous year? The feminausts are pretty excited about our big 2012 excitement, a trip to Istanbul for the 12th AWID International Forum. Let us know if you’re going to be there too!

Right, on with the link love. xxx

Pony Award

This week the Pony Award is going to an entire issue, rather than just one article. If you’re interested in global feminism and particularly violence against women you will be aware of the debate and campaign to have the legal definition of rape in the USA changed from “carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly or against her will” to include some other stuff which we’ve all know is also rape for some time now… eg: the rape of men, rape that uses coercion rather than violence and rape where the victim was unable to physically repel their attacker, like when they’re unconscious. Well halleluja praise the FBI, they’ve seen the error of their ways and the 1920’s definition will be officially changed. Here’s a few articles to illustrate how fabulous/worrying it is that this has FINALLY happened.

From our lovely friends at Jezebel, which requisite dry humour.

And from the amazing peeps over at Ms.Magazine who started the campaign to have the term changed in the first place. This article also includes a link so you can write a personal message of thanks to the director of the FBI for a job well done. Probably a good idea to support people in power who support us so have at it feminausts.

And USA today has a nice comprehensive article, particularly about the importance of including the rape of men in the FBI definition.

Arab Spring

I’m excited by the number of sessions on the Arab Spring and how to keep the women’s movement within it moving that there will be at AWID this year. Here’s some articles on the fears and frustrations facing women in the MENA region. Oh and apparently Jan 21 is the Global Day to Support the Revolution in Egypt (or summit), there are supposedly events planned for Melbs and Syd so we’ll keep you posted feminausts.

The women of Tahrir’s frustration at the failures and fallbacks post-revolution.

The Huffington Post is feeling the Islamist push against freedoms for women.

And the Vancouver Sun is getting a bit sentimental about the approaching anniversary.

Bodies n’ stuff

Well, we all wanted her for a mum when she was on MasterChef and now we want her for a big sister coz Julie Goodwin’s been talking broader people on her blog. We particularly love her reason for getting her cozzie out for the cover of New Idea;

I did it for all the little teapots out there – short and stout.

And for how she loves her body;

I am grateful to my body for the three children it has given me, for its strength and ability to work long hard hours, and for its robust good health.

YAY JULIE! now can I have a cupcake please?!

The Guardian would have us believe that body image is a bigger issue for men than women. Feels a little like “poor white, middle-class man complex to me, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.

Marriage Equality

We just can’t go past a chance to show the world how utterly necessary this shit is.

And Rudd’s daughter Jessica seems to agree with us

Stuff that people have got really wrong

OH dear. More poor, white, middle-class man complex coming at you in Ms Magazine’s report on new sit-com “Work It“. Seems like the premise is that two out of work dudes, dress as men to get jobs in the hard economic times and are successful. Can I say any more?

Thanks feminausts, have a great week! xxx

Image taken from Taisau‘s photostream on Flickr under creative commons licence.

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