Welcome to Monday! ~ 16th January 2012

I loved LEGO when I was a kid... and let's be honest I still do. Be sure to keep your kids LEGO away from me or I might take over!!!!!

Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEeeeeee! Happy Birthday to me. YAY! I have a birthday last week and it was nice. BUT it wasn’t the only thing that happened during the week and here’s some links to what other things happened… or at least what other things people were talking about.

Pony Award

This week I’m awarding the Pony Award to a worthy winner. Jezebel is one of the internet’s most consistently funny, correct, political, without taking itself too seriously sites and I love it dearly. Sometimes I get totally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content it publishes and I rarely get to ready everything I’d like to. But this week I had both the time and the inclination to read this fabulous article about female agression and how it’s an entirely natural and normal response to douche-baggy behaviour, and not some fatal feminine flaw. Litsa Dremousis admittedly first published her article on Nerve, however “I’m mad at you because you’re an idiot, not because I’m a woman” deserves to be published and republished until every man (and woman for that matter) on the planet has read it, so thanks Jezebel for making this a little more possible!

Health, Rights and Women

The readers of Jezebel voted Dr X, the travelling abortionist, Woman of the Year for 2011. Quite frankly, that’s awesome, and this is what she had to say about it.

Is there a link between breast implants and female genital mutilation?

In the US republican nomination race it’s a race to the bottom to see who can take away the most rights to bodily self determination of American women. Here in Australia, I’m watching with a sick kind of horror that people who hold such utter disregard for the rights of women should be held up for the highest office in the US land.

Stupid things men do sometimes (and no this isn’t a man hating opportunity, just one to bring to our attention how we can really do better, maybe next week we’ll have a stupid things women do sometimes… which will probably be entirely populated by articles about Sarah Palin, let’s be honest). Oh and here’s a fun link with all the fun people you’ll meet if you start outing sexism on the internet/in the real world.

Outoing Goveror Barbour of Mississippi likes to pardon men who murder their intimate partners

Scarlett over at Early Bird Catches the Worm has something to say about how men (as in individuals) give men (as in the whole population) a bad name.

Does it get any stupider that street harrassment? Well, yes, it probably does, but unwanted sexual comments are and always have been underappreciated for their ability to utterly chill a woman to the core. NOW STOP IT!

Super Awesome stuff men do sometimes

An Indian man has risked divorce, social isolation and accusations of black magic to develop a machine which makes cheap sanitary pads for women. Best bit of all? It wasn’t for profit, he now helps rural Indian women to purchase his machine to start their own local businesses!

Sociology and Gender

LEGO, the company that spent decades making purely boy oriented toys are going after the other 50% of the toy market by insulting girls and blaming it on science.

What we’re learning from emerging TV and films about women in power? That there’s no road map and they’re still stuck somewhere between the old world and the new. There’s no uniform, so comments on appearance and dress sense are still entirely acceptable and there’s no room for error, when a female in power fucks it up, everyone knows about it and it’s the entire female populations fault.

The sexualisation of female sports stars. Coz who’d want to watch ugly women play sport?

UK town goes gender neutral. They now have to cross with the green-non-gender-specific-humanoid (ok, I admit, they came up with a better term than that but you’ll have to read it to find out).

Ummmm….. feminism?

This might be completely self congratulatory and shamelessly self promotional but hey, what the heck. Scarlett over at Early Bird Catches the Worm has something to say about the way feminism is being portrayed in the media, specifically in the form of Melinda Tankard Reist and thinks we’re awesome into the bargain! And here’s the original article she’s referring to.

Fat Heffalump has set up a trumblr to post her troll’s comments on! It’s funny and disgusting all at the same time! Most of the trolls are male and most of them a gross, so it’s going in the feminism basket. Ok?!

Women could feed the world (and most importantly themselves and their families). If only we’d let them!

Blood, the mensutral kind

Crimson Campaign are talking menstruation and mental health. Are women experiencing depressed mood around their period given appropriate care?

Another great article on reclaiming the blood on Settle Petal.

Don’t forget we wrote about the need to bleed back in August.

And see above about the Indian dude who took on the major sanitary napkin manufacturers and is giving his invention away to rural women.

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday! ~ 16th January 2012

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting my campaign to expose misogynistic, fat loathing trolls. Sadly Tumblr shut down the blog (they’re more interested in protecting trolls than women), however I am working on some other way of exposing these douchecanoes that I have more control over. They haven’t beaten me at all.

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