Welcome to Monday! ~ 30th January 2012

Holy mother of Mondays! it’s already the end of January and I’m prepping this W2M on Friday morning coz I’m off to Rainbow Serpent Festival this weekend… yes I hear a variety of comments and exclamations. Most have been in surprise at my hidden hippy tendencies which got me thinking about identity and my plural images/personalities/presentations-to-the-world and so there may be a post about that laters.

In the mean time, did everyone have a fabulous Indian Republic Day on Thursday? Or maybe you were celebrating Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown Day? Or did you get down with your protesting self and party on Invasion Day? Whatever your poison was this 26th of January, at feminaust we hope it was as fabulous as ours (20 hula hooping strangers in my driveway) and that you kept it clean, and didn’t get involved in any great Australian traditions like a punch on or other booze-related violence. I nearly got involved in some booze-related acro-balance but luckily my very sensible trainer was on hand to quietly ignore me and my injured ankle as we bounced about insisting “I can do it! I can do it!”

Right! On to the linkity links. Don’t forget, we bring you these links in peace and love, not necessarily with our endorsement!

Pony Award

This weeks Pony Award goes to a dude with a mouth that says cool stuff. Spoken word poetry completely astounds and amazes me and fitting dicktatorship into this particular ditty almost made me turn straight. The bit about fighting to the death to defend her honour was a bit macho for my taste, but the sentiment was correct and in the end, if he’s referring to violence and slut shaming (as he is) then I can respect a guy who will stand up and be counted in the battle for equality. Be prepared for a little tear if you tend to get swept away by beautiful lyricism and cute dogs. xxx

Pop and Culture

Apparently Gossip Girl thinks bloggers aren’t good enough… are bloggers a second class of writer?

Occupy Valentines Day! Samhita wants to hear your thoughts on how to Occupy this heteronormative, suburban celebration with some vim and vigour. Get to it! and keep your eyes out for feminaust’s take on the day of love.

A pageant mum is sueing blogs for sexualising her daughter… I think I’m just gonna let that one marinade for a lil while.

If women would just stop with their constant nagging, fewer marriages would end in divorce says the Wall Street Journal

It’s possible for husbands to nag, kind of like it’s possible for a gorilla to learn sign language. It happens sometimes, but when it does, it’s so noteworthy that National Geographic dispatches camera crews to the scene of the miracle!

Are you ready for the next big thing in men’s hair styling? The Man Bun (shhhhhh, don’t tell them we’ve been doing it for donkeys already, you’ll ruin their sensitive man ego).

[insert your preferred title here] Day, 26th Jan 2012

The truth about the Tent Embassy “riot” and how women led the way in quiet and non-violent protest by sitting in the road.

Love the country. Hate the day. How one expat reconciles distance, absence and history.

In the 51 year history of the Australian of the Year award only nine women have ever been honoured. This year only 234 women were nominated compared to 599 men. Are Australian women really crap at doing cool stuff or are we just not noticing when they do?


Vital Voices has started a blog for women’s voices from the Arab Spring on the one year anniversary of the start of the revolution in Egypt. Anything that continues to listen to and support the voices of the women of the Arab Spring gets the feminaust tick of approval!

Good things happen when women are in charge. And sometimes they’re not the good things you were expecting!

[The study] found that teenage girls – and boys – in villages run by women come to believe that girls should stay in school longer, marry later, get jobs (that they choose themselves) and spend less time on domestic work – and the change was driven by the “role model effect,” of seeing a woman exercise power.

Photo taken from J.Clarke‘s photostream on Flickr under creative commons licence.

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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