A Love Letter to PJ Harvey

Dear PJ Harvey,

I know you’ve probably heard this from many women, and indeed from many feminists, but I feel like I have to tell you anyway – I love you. Yes, that’s right, you rock my socks lady. Literally. I saw you perform in Hobart as part of the MONA FOMA festival and you had my socks rocking like a granny in an old wicker chair. Take it as a compliment.

But, Polly Jean, I have something to confess. I only recently fell in love with you. It wasn’t until one week before your concert that I actually properly heard your music, and it wasn’t until after I’d bought your latest album post-concert that I really listened to what you were saying.

Not only is your latest album incredible because a) it won you ANOTHER mercury prize, b) it represents yet another evolution in your music, c) it is a beautifully crafted protest album, but it is protesting against the endless and needless wars that our governments enter into. It laments the loss of young male life. It laments the loss of innocence. It laments the myth of the nation that propels these young men into war and horror. I too feel distressed when I watch/read/discuss the news and see so much conflict which is a product of, and bolster to, the current international system of politics. I’m always the first to question ‘where are the women’ but in this album I don’t feel the need to – rather I relish how you give war a male identity, and describe it with melancholy and regret.

I love your strong sense of identity, fearlessness in forging your own path and speaking out against things that you feel are wrong. Women like you inspire me.

Lots of love,


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