Welcome to Monday ~ 6th Feburary 2012

Image by Vectorportal, taken from the Flickr creative commons

Image by Vectorportal, taken from the Flickr creative commons

Hi feminausts! How are you all? My apologies in advance but this will be a very short Welcome to Monday. There was a cross-feminaust communication failure which resulted in an 11th hour effort to get this post ready for you all. But anyway, on to the feminist news…

This week MsEloise and IsBambi were the ‘feminists of the week’ at LipMag!

LipMag discuss sexism in the workplace and how ‘women’s work’ permeates office culture.

Jezebel breaks down the recent Susan G. Komen debacle that started when Planned Parenthood announced that Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a behemoth charity that collects donations and funnels those monies to breast cancer research, would no longer be giving support to Planned Parenthood.

Excitement! The Phyrne Fisher mysteries are making it to the TV screen (Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher is the 1920′s lady sleuth of Australian author Kerry Greenwood)!! Mindy at Hoyden About Town explains and is slightly sad about the changes that took place in its adaptation.

Society and Culture

Breastfeeding and roller derby. What else can I say? Oh wait, breastfeeding and Motocross!

A fantastic rant about privilege and enemies from GenderBitch. We should ask her start contributing to our ‘Don’t leave the house’ page!!! This post contains shitloads of swearing.

More on privilege – the bearable whiteness of being gay from the perspective of an openly gay black man called Rob Smith who is also a US Army veteran.

Science and tech

The paucity of the human ova – when the 80s was being sexist with its science!

More of the science stuff, apparently a bunch of Canadian scientists have proven that left-wing thinkers are more intelligent that right-wingers! I’d like to say I told you so but that might seem simple ;o)

And, from The Guardian, is the internet harmful to young women?

Still want more? Check out other feminaust weekly round-ups here and here!

AND massive apologies from MsElouise, who as it turns out it really WAS it turn to Welcome you to Monday. She’s been spending too much time with the sexy ladies from Leggings Are Not Pants and lost her way a little…. she’ll be back on form next week. PROMISE!!! xxx

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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