Welcome to Monday ~ 20 February 2012

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Welcome to Monday feminausts! I hope you’ve had a splendiferous weekend. The ladies at feminaust have been enjoying the start of the Victorian Roller Derby League – welcome to the new Victorian team the ‘Rock Mobsters’!!!! Also, I went skating on Friday and wow – that shit is hard!! Definitely need to invest in some butt-pads before I do that again.

But anyway, on to the feminist news. Please don’t get cross with us if you don’t like it (we’re just the messenger), suck it up, be an adult and start a conversation instead.

She who must not be named Award

AARGGHHH Bettina Arndt opened her mouth again and the Age caught what dropped out. Luckily Jezebel was there to disinfect it with some good ‘ol feminist wisdom – take that BA, irrefutable evidence that you have let everyone down. Therefore, Jezebel have received the She Who Must Not Be Named Award for this week.

What I LOVE about this response is that sometimes it can be very hard to know what words to use to dismiss an argument like BA’s, but also to understand exactly why it makes our blood boil. Jezebel has easily deconstructed it, pointed out why it’s so very terrible and given us food for thought for our lovely feminist little brains. It is really so hard to expect those few men to act in a respectful way to other people like most men and women are able to do day-to-day? Really, we should be giving ourselves this award just for not abusing people around us within the last 24 hours.

Women being held back by society

Rachel Hills occupied Valentines Day and reminded us that being in a relationship is not the key to happiness, rather the optional extra. She was also our very fabulous Friday feminust!

Emma Rush and Caroline Norma discuss corporate pedophilia in the new Witchery ‘tween’ line.

Jill Sheffield, of Women Deliver, explains why the Girl Effect is pretty bloody important: “The “Girl Effect” is an amalgamation of exactly these three components: security, health, and power”.

Warning, heartbreaking content alert. Young teens ask YouTube if they’re ugly and YouTube tells them they are.

Mothers in Australia who work want to have more work, paid work, that is. It’s not that surprising that women with skills want to be able to use them so that they can have a fulfilling career and worklife, AS WELL AS raise future tax payers.

Intellectualising feminist news

bell hooks writes about Madonna’s envy of black culture, and black culture’s rejection of Madonna. Ah-mazing.

The myth of female strength (as part of an exploration of african-american women’s identities) – new post by blue milk.

Chris Brown is an awful, awful man.

Fuck you Chris Brown. That’s all I have to say. Some people agree with me, see Roxane Gay for an example of not understanding why young women would want to be abused by that man (or any!). And see HelloGiggles reminding us why Chris Brown shouldn’t have performed at the Grammys.

American-based feminist news

Rick Santorum and his wife can’t stop offending women by encouraging them not to choose what they want to do, rather they should stay in unhappy marriages and not work for the sake of their community. Oh and definitely don’t go into the Army.

Samantha Bee, on the Daily Show, gives us a very funny response to the women in the military debate-y thing.

For those of you who watch Glee, here is the Early Bird Catches the Worm’s take on the latest episode Yes/No: SHAMEFUL!

Hugo Schwyzer (the guy who wrote the amazing Jezebel article awarded above) has sparked controversy: “Hugo Schwyzer was a passionate advocate for women’s rights. But when he revealed his personal history of addiction, violence, and sex with students, he sparked outrage — and raised questions about a man’s role in the feminist movement.”

A young lady in the US offends a few people by wearing normal clothes. Seriously. Clothes! The cheek of it.

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

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