Welcome to Monday! ~ 27th February 2012

Fears of a teenage girl

Goizus! Has it been hot in Melbourne the last few days. Riding out for Friday night cocktails at 8pm I was sweating in ways that just shouldn’t happen at that time of night… outside of sexy activities. Yesterday I had the distinct displeasure of running around in a polyester suit and face mask without breathing holes, although it was also fun, never through I’d need to put tights on to feel more comfortable in the heat (I had lovely sweat running down the inside of my legs! yummo). Anyway, this week’s Welcome to Monday comes with a chilly kiss from me, I hope you’re all comfortable wherever you are and not desperate for the cool change to arrive like we are!

Pony Award

I’m giving this week’s Pony Award to (wait for the shock) an editorial in The Age! In an age when too often, discussion about sexism runs on a simple dichotomy, the men (and sometimes women) who defend it and the women (and sometimes men) who deride it, this editorial deals cleanly and efficiently with the issue of acceptance without getting hot under the collar. Calling on a oft’ used sporting analogy “play the ball, not the man”, Too Many Men Just Keep Playing the Woman, deals with the absurdity of the acceptance of blatant and public sexism in a widely read, traditional medium. YAY to The Age for having editors with good sense and vision (even if last week you published that drivel by Bettina Arndt about cleavage).

Men v Women

After the absolute farce of the congressional hearing on mandatory provision of contraception by ALL employers (including religious bodies that object) which saw an all male panel discussing the issue of female sexual and reproductive health and rights, we found this beauty. An all female panel discussing men’s sexual health.

Hugo Schwyzer is back on Jezebel this week talking about why the constant panic about unwed mothers is bullshit and should alternatively be celebrated. As usual, the social conservatives of this world have taken a complex question, boiled it down to it’s boney parts and then lavishly covered in assumption and tradition to arrive at a pre-conceived value judgement. Hugo’s taking a different track.

Just when we thought The Good Men Project couldn’t sink any lower into gender stereotypes and harmful anti-feminist rhetoric, they published this on their Daddy blog. What dads wish they could tell their daughters includes gems such as

Sex is like Duct Tape – Sex is meant to help one couple bond together permanently for life. Each time it is used outside of marriage, it loses some of its stickiness.


 Guys say “love” to get sex. Girls give sex to get love. Sorry girls, sex won’t buy you genuine love. It is very easy for men to have sex without love or commitment but women violate their own inner voice of sanity and femininity when they have sex without commitment. His self esteem may go up but yours will go down. Perhaps it’s not fair but that’s how it is.

Yeh…. I’m just gonna let that marinate for a while.


Why has it taken this long for us to recognise rape as a weapon of war? The Guardian is asking the question and the answer is, coz women aren’t important. Well, actually, the answer is a bit more complex than that but you get the gist.

Feminist writing n’ stuff

The Hugo Schwyzer debate gets a thorough dressing down in relation to it’s connection with feminist blogging’s tendency to demand utter compliance and to stifle alternative voices in an unhelpful way. This is a topic close to our feminaust hearts as founders IsBambi and I have had many a long and passionate debate about how to allow for a diversity of voices within this site and not demand to know who can and cannot be feminist. The essential result of this is that I have to publish articles which I sometimes violently disagree with. But I’d rather do that, than demand dictatorship over this space and shut down potentially enlightening and game changing opinions.

Rachel Hills talks about writing for the women’s pages, and what that means for both creating women’s only media spaces and gender stereotyping.

…and led us to this article by Jessica Valenti about Why the Washington Posts Lady Blog is Wrong for Women.

Enjoy feminausts and don’t forget; Don’t Shoot The Messenger! xxx

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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