Welcome to Monday afternoon! ~ 26th March 2012

This weekend was supposed to be relaxing and an opportunity to catch up on all my unfinished house cleaning, book reading and cat snuggling business. But, best laid plans and all that and here I am on Monday morning with a messy house, neurotic cat and no Welcome to Monday. So, it’s especially important that you don’t shoot the messenger this week and it’s possible I haven’t read the articles I will now link to with any depth.


PS: Check out Beerzilla in the photo! He is one of the reasons my W2M post is late this week xx

Pony Award

Maintaining the spirit of wasted weekend and not having read enough this week I’m going with an established rather than brand new article this time. For those of you who are not regular Scarleteen readers, CHANGE! Scarleteen is possibly the best resource for teen sexuality education in existance (and adults can learn plenty also). For example, apparently lots of young women have concerns about the size and appearance of their labia… yes, body image issues have gone THAT far. So the Pony Award goes to Vagzilla! (Or All Genitals Great and Small) for successfully making big vulva’s sexy and comparing vagina’s to the author’s Pug.

More Body Image Stuff

Many celebrities like to talk about the ridiculousness of photo retouching but few actually walk the talk. Cate Blanchett has done a good job appearing on the cover of The Economist’s Intelligent Life, without photoshopping.

And the art of not looking good. The anti-beauty regime.

Julia Gazdag just can’t believe that body image is still a thing! Not the most subtle or sensitive of posts but good point really.

Ethics and Society

Should meat be off the menu? From Early Bird Catches the Worm, an attempt to struggle through the conflicting arguments around veganism, vegetarianism and ecological ethics in food choices.

Jezebel wants to know why Terry Rirchardson isn’t being held accountable by the media for his fucked up behaviour towards women

Wanda Sykes rips into a 16-year-old-boy-with-cheesy-moustache! YAY!

Can you call yourself a feminist and still wear lipstick? Well I think we all know the answer to that. The real question is, can you write about it in a clever and critical way which actually contributes something to the conversation? I think in this case the answer is yes, particularly as it draws on the thoughts of feminaust contributor Tara who wrote about being told to smile on the street, possibly because she’s a feminine looking lady. What Gala calls “beauty privilege”

“when we put on make-up & fancy clothes & high heels & go out into society, we are rewarded for that behaviour. This is called “beauty privilege”. Beauty privilege presents itself in all manner of forms — your barista might give you a free coffee, you might be more likely to get a raise in salary at work, or it could be as simple as someone holding the door open for you as you walk through it. We receive perks for toeing this line, & for displaying ourselves in a manner that society is comfortable with”

Culture n’ stuff

Why The Secret Garden is the awesomest allegory for overcoming depression. Need I say more?

I LOVE this aticle about writers, mostly because I am one and I see SO much of myself in this.

The women from Community talk about EVERYTHING. Woop!

And a great article from Ms Magazine about the future of feminism via the interwebs! I’ve been meaning to write an article about how feminist blogs are the new feminist zines. And I probably will… eventually.

Girls Are Made From Pepsi has a think about the sexism involved in fear of men. An interesting point to which I agree almost wholeheartedly (we know that stranger danger isn’t the big danger in our lives). Although I’m still unwilling to step entirely away from the fact that men’s violence against women is the biggest cause of morbidity for Australia women… it’s just kinda too big a thing to forget.

Why the Hunger Games isn’t Twilight and why that’s a good thing.

Thanks Kids! You’ve been great and apologies for the lateness. I’ll be a better blogger next week… I’m sure! xxx

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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