Welcome to Monday ~ 28th May 2012

Two ladyees in matching jackets play silly-buggers on a train platform.

End of May already? Really? That seems entirely improbable. Are we sure we didn’t accidentally miss a month? Like March, I hardly remember March happening at all. Part of my reason for being so sure that the world is moving way too fast is because I just spent two weeks cycling across the UK. My old friend (not old as in old but old as in we’ve been friends for a while now) Jess and I, lugged our old (old as in old) tandem Violet up to Thurso in Northern Scotland on the train from London and subsequently spent the next two weeks trying to get her back, in one piece, via some of the most amazing scenery the British Isles have to offer. I mention this because as women on a tandem doing long distances carrying shite loads of gear (we were camping and self catering mostly) we were quite an anomaly, far more than the many men that we encountered along the way doing something similar (although invariably not on a tandem and not with shite loads of gear). The blog that we had intended on keeping religiously along the way didn’t really happen (check it out here though) so instead we’re going to a) finish it off for our own record in our own time and b) keep it as a witness to two women doing something unusual. We encountered very few other lady cyclists as we rode (so few that when we did we invariably called out “LAYDeeeee CYCLIST!!!!” to each other in the same way we called out “PUPPY!!!!!” when we saw cute dogs) and most of those we did see were clearly in some sort of cycling club/team/do-it-for-the-sport-rather-than-the-hell unlike us. I’ll cut this short now as I intend to write more later, when I’m not desperately wanting to fall asleep at 8:30pm every night, but just a shout out to any laydee cyclists out there and most especially, please keep your eyes and ears out for any other laydees who have done John O’Groats to Land’s End (or the other way around) on a tandem… specifically two ladyees on a tandem, none of this hetero, couples-being-cute on their little tandemy adventures (although let’s be honest, there is nothing cuter!) Enjoy this weeks very late round-up and don’t shoot the messenger! xxx

Pony Award

So, the first Indy 500 all women team has arrived! This isn’t getting my weekly award for great journalism but for great historic moments. If you’re a feminaust with an interest in women insport, we’d love to hear from you. feminaust would love to be showcasing amazing women sports stars, teams, etc, especially in the lead up to the Olympics. SO drop us a line at info@feminaust.org if you’re interested in doing some sports reporting for us.

More on women and sport (mostly cycling)

Apparently girls bikes suck. Not sure if I entirely agree but it’s certainly something to notice that bikes continue to be divided by gender, just like everything else on this planet. That said, I recently gave my tandem pilot a beautiful book of photos of Bicycle Chic in which many many men were riding fetching step throughs. Talking of my tandem pilot, she’s thinking of entering a comp in London which involves making a short film to encourage more Londoners to cycle, send any ideas to info@feminaust.org and we’ll credit you!

Remember Tori?! She was our friday feminaust way back near the beginning and she was awesome (and probably still is). Read her ff again! it’s about women and bikes so we like it even more now we have nappy rash! (that’s just mselouise talking by the way).

And we like this article about the road to equality at the Olympics in London.

And the lingere football league is coming to town. We’re a bit perturbed by the idea that women need to be in their underwear to be worth watching playing sport…

Women and Girls and Gender

Potty training is apparently easier for pre-school teachers when the child is in a dress….so why aren’t we encouraging little boys to be sent to school in dresses?

IN THE 19TH CENTURY, the paramount moral challenge was slavery. In the 20th century, it was totalitarianism. In this century, it is the brutality inflicted on so many women and girls around the globe: sex trafficking, acid attacks, bride burnings and mass rape.

A message to girls about religious men who fear you. Or as a lovely feminist I know would say “those damn men in frocks!” Feel the power girls! (but not in a Beyonce way).

I would not have to sit out baseball games out of respect for religious beliefs that require my subservience and call it a gift. I would not be turned away from serving God with my brothers. I would not be taught that I’m an evil temptress or the virtue keeper of boys. I would not have virginity wielded as a weapon against me and my worth determined by my womb. I would not be spat on and called a whore by men when I am eight because my arms are bare. I would not be poisoned for going to school. I would not be forced, at the age of 9, to carry twins borne of child torture. I would not have to kill myself to avoid marrying my rapist. If this were true, they would pursue my rapists instead of stoning me for their crimes. I, and thousands others, would not be killed for “honor.”

Taken from the article above because it was just so damn good. xxx


Here’s a brief description of the concept of Health at Every Size. I’m of two minds about this sort of movement, as a scientist and health professional I know that big does not equal unhealthy. However, I do know that unrestrained eating and poor food choices do. So, while I fully support the destruction of unhelpful ideas of who is and isn’t healthy purely based on weight, I don’t support the idea that you can eat anything, in any quantities, as often as you want and remain unambiguously healthy. Comments dear readers?

A French couple are facing court and a possible 15 years imprisonment for the genital mutilation of their daughters. Apparently the defence will be based on the cultural context of FGM rather than a denial that it took place or the parents knew of it. Can the French courts stand up to “cultural” pressure and recognise FGM for the assault that it is?

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday ~ 28th May 2012

  1. I’m Scottish, have just arrived in Oz and was searching for some Australian Feminists so was delighted to find this site. Unfortunately the first things I read on here was about Scotland and comes across as a complete misrepresentation. Women and men are equally present in campsites and along roads, the outdoors in Scotland being one of the few areas that is a great equaliser. I myself have had many such adventures and have enjoyed companionship and encounters with people of all genders, never once over the course of 37 years feeling like or percieved as an “anomaly”. In fact, it is my feminism that leads me to enjoy the atmosphere amongst outdoor explorers so much. Believe me, there are many things in Scotland to dismay the feminist perspective, but outdoor adventure is not one of them.
    Us feminists have enough to battle against without seeing the world as we expect it to be, and I’m disappointed that that was the only way you were able to encounter the Scottish outdoors.

    • Sorry to have offended you and your nation Sarah. I will be publishing my full account of my observations on the gender spilt of cyclists as I crossed Britain in a few days. I suspect that you won’t like the content if you didn’t like what I said in W2M but my personal experience of cycling (here and in the UK and on mainland Europe) is that women are under represented in long distance and ‘club’ cycling and then when I do see them they’re usually with their male partner.
      Please be aware that they are just observations, not a comprehensive or scientific study and that I am not suggesting that it is a Scottish or English or any nationality problem. After all, I was an Australian cycling in Scotland so I’m skewing my results already if I look at it from that perspective and include myself.
      I hope you’ll continue reading feminaust and if you’d like to write a piece about feminism and Scotland please do. Wed love to hear from you.

      • Thanks for your response and invitation Elouise, I appreciate it.

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