And tomatoes are a vegetable NOT a fruit and other sensibleness…

“Feminism” is a “movement” financed by the the global elite in the effort to weaken western civilization by breaking up marriage and family and giving more reasons for females to not want to marry since they can easily find employment and padded salaries through affirmative action. These days, females jump from guy to guy, date several guys at once, lie to men, and dress like prositutes and use their sexuality to attract an endless supply of men. Historically, society would immediately have outcasted women such as this and branded them a “slut”. Which is why the mainstream media has branded the term “slut” to be on the same level as the “n” word. They want to make it socially acceptable for women to sleep around and jump from guy to guy. So what’s wrong with this? Afterall, shouldn’t women deserve to be like men and get to do what men do, yet enjoy all the added benefits of being a female? Shouldn’t it be their right to at a moments notice for no reason whatsoever to divorce their husbands and then dress like hookers to attract another man and however many more they want to attract in the effort of finding the next “bigger better deal”?In the long run, the end game is genocide. Yes, genocide. While women today are running around thinking they are “breaking new ground” and “turning the tides” of the past with the false beliefs that they were “oppressed” and in reality are “smarter and better than men” and “it should be ok for them to date multiple men at once and divorce whenever”, the end result is a breakdown of society where a NWO can easily takeover any society and implement any measure whatsoover by force to slow down and halt human advancement. The kind of advancement in technology and innovation that would sustain larger and larger populations as we move into the future. Instead, when the systematic collapse and true breakdown of society happens, mass deaths occur and the population is dramatically reduced. This equates to genocide. Just remember, the next time you see the “career girl” that is going “skydiving” because she wants to show how she’s “on top of the world” by thinking she can do anything and more than a man can do because she has an affirmative action job and an affirmative action degree and an affirmative action paycheck, she can now blow money and “travel the world”, just remember that she is taking part in future genocide. The female that thinks she is “all knowing” and falsely believes she has some sort of special relationship with God (because she only chooses to believe certain parts of the bible, just not that women was made for man), what she is really doing is more damage to society than one can imagine….on the scale of genocide. She’s simply playing a part in putting all the pieces in place for that to happen, even if it doesn’t happen in her lifetime. The future generations will be enslaved because of her.It’s plain and simple. The family unit is what protected society from the state. Once the family unit is broken up, it is easier for elites to gain more control over society through government and implement their own immoral values into society through the education system and mainstream media since there is no family structure around to educate children otherwise. What you end up with is people walking around breeding and acting like animals, leaving children to obtain their moral compass from government education programs and mainstream media. Environmentalism and liberal values are then branded into chidlren’s brains, which makes it easier to accept environmental and socialist laws put forth by the government through legislation. Then, a certain sized population cannot be sustained……..then at a certain trigger point, mass deaths result. What you have left are a bunch of degenerates that are easily controlled by the NWO.

Thanks feminist women! You have really done your part in killiing future generations!

Photo taken from vmarinelli‘s photostream on Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

Just in case you were wondering, we didn’t write this, one of our “greatest fans” did… thoughts dear feminausts? 

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About MsElouise

MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

6 thoughts on “And tomatoes are a vegetable NOT a fruit and other sensibleness…

    • Yup, honestly, why haven’t we all been pulled up for crimes against humanity??! The ICC has a lot to answer to letting all these feminists wander around willy nilly.

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