Welcome to Tuesday! ~ 10th July 2012

Hi lovely feminausts! Sorry about the lateness of the linkages, as IsBambi said, she’s off in the US being a tourist and I’m stuck at home keeping the fires burning hot while also preparing for a very intense 10 days in Fiji as part of a World YWCA training team for young women’s leadership in the Pacific region.

For those of you who don’t know, World YWCA is all about young women’s leadership. Not just the temporary, superficial kind either, real, meaningful and important leadership opportunities. They call it shared, intergenerational, transformative leadership…. or somesuch.

A few months ago they held a leadership triaining summit for young women from Asia YWCAs which was a massive success and now they’re preparing to host another leadership summit, this time in Fiji for Pacific young women and I’ve been asked to be a member of the training team! Kinda exciting really for a variety of reasons but mostly because I’ll get to flex my communication muscles and my circus muscles while mentoring a bunch of amazing young women from Fiji. I’ve been busy building hula hoops and juggling balls to take over there and am really excited about having the chance to show a bigger part of the world exactly how amazing circus is for building a sense of what is possible. Usually plenty of stuff that is WAY beyond anyones wildest dreams.

MsElouise teaching circus at AWID 2012, in Istanbul Turkey.

This would be a good time for me to thank in particular my circus trainer, who knows who she is, for giving me the skills to be able to do this. I’ve been watching her teach circus for nearly three years now and would never be able to do any of this without having had that opportunity. To the casual observer it looks like she’s just a gifted communicator and good at creating fun, but the reality is that everything she does is carefully planned and considered, takes into account the individual needs of all her students, builds on the skills and experiences of the participants in her classes and in my experience has never failed to make a significant difference to the life experiences of all her students. When I’m in Fiji teaching circus, I will be channeling her lessons and jokes and comments and can’t wait to come back and show her what she created.

Anyways, on to the linkity links. Sorry again for the lateness. I’m a very negligent feminaust. xxx

Pony Award

This week’s Pony Award goes to Tara Cartland’s article about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I had heard about what this kinda was but certainly didn’t have the depth of knowledge that Tara has and I give her extra kudos for linking the discovery with the recent shamozzle that was the European Commission’s attempt to encourage young women into science. When I was at my parents for Sunday dinner I mentioned to my dad how exciting it was that a woman had announced the discovery as the leader of the team and when he asked me why that was exciting and not just everyday normal (after I had hit him about the head a bit for being ignorant and stupid) I explained that in order for a woman physisist to be the leader of such a massive project she must be 6 times the scientist of any of her male contemporaries. A sad but true tale that you can read more about if you like by picking up a copy of Who’s Afraid of Marie Curie?


Last week we introduced you to Adventures in Menstruating. This week we have a link to creator Chella Quint’s TEDx talk in Sheffield. Watch it!

A couple of friends of mine has an amazing project for reusable menstrual product manufacture in PNG and they’ve entered it into Project Inspire’s competition. SO EXCITING!!!

Understanding the M word.

Challenge yourself this week to have one open, honest conversation with a woman in your life about menstruation

Masterchef and Menstruation. The hijacking of women’s fertility.

Fabulous Women looking and being Fabulous

Candy B

All the women in the 2012 Olympic team

Cordelia Fine questions the need for quotas.

Don’t forget to get your applications in for the foundation board for the feminaust fund!

What The?

The hypocrisy of women’s magazines.

Texts from Jane Eyre.

Dolly ambassador must be a model? Whathuh?

It’s National No Bra Day… and this is what they’re saying on Twitter about it.

Hope you’re having a magical Tuesday! xxx

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