Sex with Mooncup ~ yes I said it!

I have been loving sick all the blood talk we’ve been having around and about the place over the last few weeks. The Welcome to Monday’s here at feminaust have fulfilled my every desire to see menstrual blood a feature of life instead of something to hide away in shame. It’s almost as exciting as all the vagina talk that’s been happening. It’s all AMAZEVAGINAS!!!!!!!! And I love it. So I thought I’d swallow my fears and give writing for this amazing website a go. After all, founders MsElouise and IsBambi are always encouraging us readers to give it a go.

So I’m throwing in my 2c and it goes a little something like this; sex and periods are my one stumbling block when it comes to the vagina love.

As a queer woman I feel particularly sorrowful about this. See when my first serial lover and I started having sexy times, we never let a little period get in the way of our fun. We’d always try to have a fresh tampon in place, but otherwise we’re bothered by the whole thing and quite frankly, I am generally pretty horny when I’m bleeding so it’s a bloody good thing (pardon the pun). But the problem with tampons is the are absorbant, so they tend to absorb up all the lovely gooey woman juice that gets generated when you’re getting down and naked. So while the horn is on and the juices are flowing, they’re disappearing and as such the sex is just generally, not as funtimes.

I’d been using a mooncup for about six months before it occured to me that perhaps this was not just the answer to my menstrual needs but also my period pleasure options (a particularly “dry” patch so to speak, in my sex life). I’ve been wanting to try it out ever since and haven’t had an opportunity until Tuesday night this week. And can I just say… Wowzers!

See there are many joys to the mooncup, in case you weren’t aware. They’re reusable and so better for the environment, they’re made of natural rubber and so don’t cause the same problems as synthetic and even cotton tampons, there’s no worrying about where to put the used product when you visit the loos at a friend’s place or anywhere else, they’re more comfortable that tampons and they give you a real idea of what your flow is like (you get to see it all!). Basically they’re just all over fabulous. And now, I’ve discovered, they make sexy times with your favourite lady friend just so much more slippery! See, because they’re not absorbant, and because the lady juices from from all over the vaginal canal, the mooncup doesn’t absorb or collect the gooeyness (well it collects a bit of it but no where near as much). So instead of getting all excited and then discovering the evidence has been whipped away by your cotton plug, there’s nothing stopping your natural functions from functioning naturally!

Of course, I’m talking here about non-penetrative sex, so I can’t say that it’s going to fix all your menstrual vertical mambo problems, but it sure fixed the majority of mine!

Thanks for listening. And go try it now!


You can now support young Australian women with awesome ideas when purchasing a mooncup. Follow this link and mooncup will donate 20% of your purchase to feminaust’s  fund for Australian feminism.

Image taken from gaelx‘s photostream on Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

5 thoughts on “Sex with Mooncup ~ yes I said it!

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  2. No sweat, penetrative-sexytimers. Just use a cervix-covering disposable cup, a sponge tampon or–best of all in my opinion as it also prevents pregnancy– a diaphragm, when having sex on your period.

    • Hello! I was trying to find out if anyone has had penetrative sex whilst using the mooncup!? Any advice folks??? I’ve just had my second coil removed and now (age 51) need to find some nice, easy contraception – condoms – I don’t think so!

      • Hi Penny,
        I’m not sure penetrative sex and mooncups go toegether due mostly to the size, shape and little sticky out bit that helps you grab a hold when you’re removing your cup. Also, they won’t protect you from unwanted pregnancy or STIs.
        If you’re looking for an alternative contraceptive method there are hormonal methods that work well if you’re prepared, particularly the Mirena which is a hormonal implant for inside your uterus or depo is a tried a true method at all ages (3 monthly injection) or I can highly recommend the old fashioned diaphragm. It has been getting a bit of a comeback among older pre-menopausal adults who don’t need STI protection but want something a bit less invasive generally.

        Good luck!

  3. So, you “have a desire to see menstrual blood a feature of life instead of something to hide away in shame.” but you dont enjoy sex on your period without using products to soak it all up / hide it away from the action? Be proud of your blood flow and chose a partner who loves it just as much as your other juices! 🙂

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