Welcome to Monday! ~ 16th July 2012

MsElouise getting her caffine hit at AWID 2012

Welcome back to an actual Monday! Last week, I was a bad sister and forgot to call my bru on his birthday [fail] so now I’m busy trying to think of something extra-super awesome to get him… let me know if you have any ideas feminausts! and a bad feminaust because I didn’t get your Welcome to Monday in until Tuesday! I came to this realisation as I was having my hair of the dog beer while making hula hoops for my up coming trip to Fiji where I’m gonna get to hang with some awesome young women leaders from the Pacific region for a week… who’s jealous?!?! Of course, it’s going to mean equally massive amounts of coffee consumption, my coffee drinking antics are becoming famous the world over with my record standing at 12 coffees in a day, of course followed by a similar number of beers to help me come back down again. Maybe there’s a better way of dealing with the joy of 10 days straight of 13 hour days followed by maximum of 5 hours sleep…. perhaps.. but I haven’t discovered it yet and be damned if I’m giving up on bar time with some of the greatest thinkers in my sector just to get a couple of extra hours of sleep.

Anyway, on to the links!

Pony Award

This week’s Pony Award comes courtesy of a long and very wet dog walk I went on, on Thursday which finally resulted in me locking the dog I’ve been looking after for six weeks in my car while me and my fellow dog walker looked in anxiously. Can I just thank the anonymous RACV man who just gave an amused chuckle when he worked out that we had done a dodgey and called him for my friends car but wanted him to open mine (not an RACV member). You’re a champion mate and if you do ever come across this website for some unknown reason let me know so I can buy you a beer.

Anyway, so the award goes to this young lady and her song about love and gender and expectations and relationships which is beautiful and results in a bit of a ‘fuck off and leave us alone to be whatever we are’ vibe which I love.


Damon Young is a friday feminaust from the early days and this week wrote a great piece about why he loathes the school run. Basically he’s scared of the mundane intra-parent-chit-chat. Just another representation of structural violence against women (coz it’s mostly women who do the school run and therefore mostly them who have to put up with this kinda crap!) Later this year there’ll be a great opportunity for you to learn more about structural violence against women when the feminausts + superstars host another Week Without Violence Event. Keep your ears and eyes out peoples!

The new path to relationship fulfilment is through giving up on orgasms! Seems like a strange idea and Jezebel is unconvinced…unsurprisingly.

Attachment parenting and feminism from The F Word!

More Blood!!!!!!!!!!

Teenagers are being truamatised by depictions of periods in pop culture. Can I just quickly reiterate HOW EFFING EXCITED I AM ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF PERIOD TALK THAT’S BEEN GOING ON RECENTLY. Ok that was nice. Thanks.

Bad taste

Comedians come out on twitter to defend the right to make rape jokes… yes.

And here’s the story of what happened in the woman’s own words. TRIGGER WARNING this account of what happened made me cold and uncomfortable despite the fact that I was sitting at my office desk surrounded by friendly colleagues and have never experienced a violent sexual assault.

I’ve been watching a few conversations unfold on twitter about this event and I feel pretty uncomfortable about some Australian commedians responses as well. In the vein of; “I wasn’t there so I don’t know if her side of the story is true”… hmmm sounds very like the way that rape victims are treated when they disclose their assault, most are treated like liars until proven otherwise. Sick Sad World.

Everyone is now weighing in, mostly with things that I agree with like this article from Blue Milk.

And this hillariously brilliant one from Jezebel.

Vestigial Tales weighs on why rape jokes are never funny.

Really, the conversation could continue for ever. So just stop with the rape jokes yes?


I just discovered this tumblr. Is This Feminist?! YAY!!

Rock Star Nunz!!!!

Media Music et al

Men, the media and body image – from MisRepresentation.

Gender bias in music.


UN Women Australia and the Australian Rugby Union are teaming up to promote women’s leadership in sport!

In response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article, Inside Story says that women can have it all, on one condition

The Washington Monthly asks, where are the women wonks??

Leadership opportunities here at feminaust!

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MsElouise is a community programs worker and feminist from Melbourne Australia. She likes to travel, write, rant and make people feel uncomfortable about their assumptions. She hopes to one day be remembered for changing the world just a little bit. Right now she does this by proving that teenage girls are a higher order of beings.

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