Welcome to Monday ~ 13 August 2012

Despite trying to avoid winter by going overseas for 3 weeks, IT’S STILL HERE! Am feeling very happy that we are nearly in Spring though, September is but WEEKS AWAY! Wooooo hooo.

If you are in Melbourne please join us at feminaust’s 1st birthday party on Tuesday night. It’s going to be faaabulous.

On to the links, please don’t shoot the messenger, rather send us a rant (info@feminaust.org)!

She Who Must Not Be Named Award

This week the award goes to the Melbourne University student wrote a story for Farrago reflecting on the homophobic, sexist and transphobic attitudes she encountered while interning at the Herald Sun. There have been a range of responses to her article (I’ve only gone as far as the Age), here and here – however I feel that this response to her article was  interesting in that it raised the issue of young people leaving school and uni without experiencing overt sexism (other than cultural – but it’s a bit more insidious and we largely aren’t taught to identify it) and then making it into the workforce where the different career choices for men and women (just based on genitals) become clear. Why tell young women that they can do and be whatever they put their mind to, as long as they work hard, and then scorn them when they are shocked that the ‘real world’ is completely different and no one seems to care.

Women and work

A new network will help the federal government identify female candidates for its board positions, oh how I love Penny Wong

Australian court says hotel can’t ban sex workers

A woman in New York writes about being followed home on her bike after jury duty

The New York Times discusses the rise of the stay-at-home dad

Elizabeth Banks doesn’t want to talk about her “heavy flow” to employers

Sex organs and bodies

A Brisbane judge has made what is believed to be a world-first ruling on conception – that conception happens when a fertilised egg is implanted in a woman’s womb

The Pope has signalled a historic shift in the position of the Roman Catholic Church by saying condoms can be morally justified.

Olympic Organizers Very Serious About Eliminating ‘Rogue Condoms’ From Olympic Village

Mission Australia research shows that body image is a growing concern among young people

A sixteen-year-old girl in the Dominican Republic is undergoing chemotherapy for acute leukaemia at SEMMA Hospital, in the capital, Santa Domingo. She was previously denied the treatment because she was pregnant.

Mitt Romney isn’t making it any easier for American women’s bodies


Island Magazine discusses ladies’ fiction

John Birmingham hates on trolls

Emma Stone calls out sexism in the media


This awesome video encourages young women and girls to stay in sport!

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IsBambi is an administrator for feminaust. She is also a young woman excited about all things to do with feminism, skiing, British TV, dogs called Trevor and cycling. In addition to trying to do too much at once, she enjoys empowering young people and dragging men into the feminist debate.

One thought on “Welcome to Monday ~ 13 August 2012

  1. Despite being a writer and having interned at a major publication, the whole Herald Sun thing never drew my interest… until reading the synopsis above. Clicking through to those links to read more about it as we speak.

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