Welcome to Monday ~ 27 August 2012

Welcome to Monday darling feminausts! We are totally nearly in Spring! Yipeeee! I am currently sitting in the house of my beloved, with my feet up and watching an american news program on SBS. It’s a pretty sweet day!

Here is a list of things we think you wonderful feminausts should read, discuss and write about! Any responses to this content would be happily posted on feminaust, send your stuff to us at info@feminaust.org.

And remember, don’t shoot the messenger. And I may have gone a bit crazy on Jezebel, soz.

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ Award

This week victory is spelt Leigh Sales. She interviewed Tony Abbott on the 7:30 Report on Wednesday evening and, shall I say, owned him. It was slightly torturous to watch – mainly because Abbott completely failed to answer any of Sales’ questions (despite them being straight-forward and reasonably posed) and had her close to laughter due to his non-sensicle responses. It was great to watch because that’s the Tony Abbott I know and would never vote for, however, there’s a good chance other people will vote for him and I may have to emigrate in 2013. Until then, the Vine has written a piece delightfully titled “Leigh Sales Destroys Tony Abbott – the second-by-second recap”.


Pussy Riot band members have been sentenced to 2 years in jail for performing their Punk Prayer song in a church in Moscow in February this year. Laura Snapes discusses the global impact of Pussy Riot’s music, campaign and sentencing.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco writes a song about the use of the word ‘bitch’ called ‘Bitch Bad, Woman Good, Lady Better’.

‘Hands off Crazy’ is a brilliant song, and dance, about keeping crazies away from women’s health choices. Love it, and it will be in your head for days.


Todd Akin, of ‘legitimate rape’ fame, is being sent copies of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ to teach him about how the human body works. And here’s a great video of Obama saying that ‘rape is rape’ and that a bunch of men shouldn’t be making healthcare decisions on behalf of women. And an article by Lisa Belkin encouraging male stupidity to stay away from American vaginas.

Jezebel summarises why it is a relief for some women that there’s scientific evidence of a male biological clock.

KJ Dell’Antonia discusses, in a very balanced way, evidence of women’s health improving if they return to full-time work after giving birth – and its links to the woman’s available life choices. Verryyy interesting….

Women in public life

Julia Gillard has finally called out the elephant in the room… MISOGYNY and we, including many other fabulous female leaders, are cheering her on.

The Australian National Committee for UN Women today welcomed the appointment of UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet AC as an honorary Companion of the Order of Australia.

Cos we’re sexy…

Brigid, on feministe, writes about trying to find a butch lesbian character to heart on in the mainstream media. She freaked out when David Tennant hit close to the mark, but personally, I think you would have to be made purely of dried, autumn leaves to not get a wee bit steamy over the Tenth Doctor.

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