Welcome to Monday ~ 17 September 2012

Welcome to Monday dear feminausts. We hope you had a lovely weekend.

Don’t forget to send us your favourite Germaine Greer moment to go in the running to win a double pass to her Festival of Dangerous Ideas event ‘How many dangerous ideas can one person have?‘. Send us your entry to info@feminaust.org by Tuesday 18 September (tomorrow!) and we’ll let you know if you win by Thursday.

On to the links! Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

‘She Who Must Not Be Named’ Award

This weeks Award goes to Mary Crooks, who is the Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust. Her article in The Age yesterday, ‘Democracy in distress‘, very plainly but passionately points out all that is wrong with Australia’s current political and civic climate – essentially that it’s time for level-headed and respectful people to take back the mainstream debate and prove to vested interests that we won’t put up with the hijack any more. And, fabulously, she has a go at all the people having a go at our PM.

Pride and Prejudice

To help start the week on a dashing note, two writers go head-to-head in the adaptation battle of Pride and Prejudice – brilliant, funny and lots of photos of Colin Firth.

Gender roles & society

David Brooks discusses Hanna Rosin’s new book ‘The End of Men‘, discussing how women tend to be more adaptable in changing social contexts – “This theory has less to do with innate traits and more to do with social position.”

Damon Young discusses the consequences of gender roles on children and what they are actually teaching them (he also wrote a Friday Feminaust for us!)

Women and the law

Murder or manslaughter? NSW ponders the provocation problem.

New federal laws surrounding workplace equality, likely to be passed in Canberra soon, aim to give more men the option of becoming the primary carer when they start a family. The laws will require Australian businesses with more than 100 employees to report how many men and women they employ, and whether they pay them the same amount. The laws will also force companies to record the gender composition of their boards or trustees.

Women destroying the joint

Julia May discusses standing up to Alan Jones with humour and solidarity – the reverse troll no less!

Women ‘super-connectors’ are shaking up boardrooms in Australia in incredibly efficient and powerful ways!

Women and progress

UN Women co-hosts first of its kind training symposium on sexual and gender-based violence.

Who Needs Feminism? finally has a website! You can sign up to their mailing list.


A new view on marriage. Or at least, another view on marriage.

Someone tells it how it is at HMV covering Chris Brown’s new album with stickers stating “This Man Beats Women”

Fashion and husbands…

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